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Police chief proposes selling department guns - Chicago

By Catholic Online (NEWS CONSORTIUM)
December 6th, 2012
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Police in Tinley Park want to raise money by doing something unusual. Police Chief Steve Neubauer is suggesting the department auction off their supply of surplus weapons including Tommy guns and M-16 rifles.

CHICAGO, IL (Catholic Online) - Neubauer thinks the weapons, which are obsolete by modern standards, could fetch up to $70,000 if sold to collectors.

The weapons have been in the department since the 1960's when they were obtained from Army surplus. The Tommy guns do not date from the gangster era, but are still considered to be of vintage stock.

The weapons, including the Tommy guns are fully automatic.

There are some legal hurdles to clear, but once done it is expected they can be sent to an auction house and sold to interested collectors who will appreciate owning them.

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