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Dog thrown in trash to die is rescued - Orlando

By Catholic Online (NEWS CONSORTIUM)
December 5th, 2012
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God's creatures do not belong in the trash. So one community is learning after the heart-wrenching story of a caged Chihuahua that was found on a trash pile.

ORLANDO, FL (Catholic Online) - The Chihuahua, a 12-year-old critter with a tumor and missing teeth, was found, alive, in a cage atop a trash pile in Pine Lakes.

A passing bicycle rider rescued the dog before the garbage truck came through. The notion that anyone would discard a live animal in such a callous fashion is disturbing.

The passer-by bathed the dog and contacted animal control who retrieved the animal. At the same time, word began to spread virally about the rescued dog.

Animal control would normally euthanize an older dog with health issues, but the Chihuahua, dubbed "Hope" by her rescuers, received such an outpouring of support that Elfie's Refuge, a Brooksville dog hospice, asked to adopt the animal.

The hospice plans to remove the Hope's tumor and possibly perform some dental work.

Once those procedures are completed, Hope may be adopted by a qualified, loving family.

Meanwhile, an agriculture deputy is investigating the case as an animal cruelty incident. Anyone with information is urged to contact the authorities.

Article brought to you by: Catholic Online (