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Murder case against Tennis umpire tossed - Los Angeles

By Catholic Online (NEWS CONSORTIUM)
November 30th, 2012
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Murder charges against professional tennis umpire Lois Goodman have been thrown out of court. The 70-year-old Goodman maintains that she found her 80-year-old husband Alan dead in their home, where a trail of blood had led her to discover him lying in bed, deceased.

LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) - A Los Angeles County Superior Court judge dismissed the case. A prosecutor told Judge Jessica Silvers the Los Angeles County district attorney's office was "unable to proceed" at this time. The case was then dismissed without prejudice.

It's not yet known if or when prosecutors might re-file charges. Experts have been reportedly retained by authorities.

Goodman told authorities she came home and found a bloody trail up the stairs to their bedroom on April 17. She believed he had fallen and then had made his way to bed.

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