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Woman kidnaps...herself

By Catholic Online (NEWS CONSORTIUM)
November 29th, 2012
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A missing mom is home after her disappearance last November sparked a statewide search. Debra Miller, 38, wasn't kidnapped or taken against her will however, instead she kidnapped herself, so to speak.

PHILADELPHIA, PA (Catholic Online) - The mother from Tinicum Township told authorities she just needed to "get away."

Prior to her disappearance, she was seen bringing home groceries to her family. That was the last time anyone who knew her saw her, until now.

Miller missed her daughter's 14th birthday and Thanksgiving.

The family said the behavior was unusual since she normally kept them informed of her doings.

Where was she the whole time? Miller says she went on a trip to Florida. It does not appear that any crime has been committed, so police have no further comment except that anyone planning to leave home on a spontaneous trip should inform someone about their departure.

Article brought to you by: Catholic Online (