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Man skydives without using parachute - Philadelphia

By Catholic Online (NEWS CONSORTIUM)
November 27th, 2012
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Authorities are wondering why a Bala Cynwyd man skydived without opening his parachute.The victim, Lawrence Morozin, 62, leapt to his death last Wednesday in an apparent skydiving accident.

PHILADELPHIA, PA (Catholic Online) - Morozin was known to have medical conditions that should have prevented him from jumping at his age, including hypertension. However, Morozin was a certified skydiver with more than 3,500 jumps to his credit.

Investigators have ruled his death an accident, however suspicion remains because he never attempted to open either chute and both his main and reserve chutes were properly packed and operational.

Now, friends and colleagues are left to wonder if Morozin lost consciousness during the dive, or if he simply chose an elaborate form of suicide.

However, without a corroborating motive for suicide, an accident remains the most likely scenario.

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