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Activist arrested third time for challenging China's 'one child' law

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November 9th, 2012
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Chinese dissident Mao Hengfeng has been sentenced to hard labor for once again clanging China's one child law. Hengfeng is among China's most well-known dissidents, has been sentenced to 18 months of "re-education through labor," Hengfeng's husband, Wu Xuewei has explained to authorities that "she disappeared on 20 September and I just got news of her now." The sentence issued on the sidelines of the Communist Congress, ready to elect the new leadership.

LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) - Xuewei has denounced this latest arrest and says that his wife was kidnapped by public security agents last September 20 in the capital, where she went to seek justice for abuses suffered during her second imprisonment. Hengfeng is now confined to a wheelchair as a result of police brutality. 

Authorities have sentenced her to 18 months of "re-education through labor" for having "disturbed social order." The judgment arrived on the eve of the opening of the 18th Communist Party Congress, which is preparing to crown the "fifth generation" of Communist leaders.

"She is not guilty and has never violated any law. They fabricated allegations and evidence to imprison innocent people," Xuewei says. At the moment, her place of detention is unknown. She served her last sentence in the detention centre of Yangpu district, near Shanghai, where she lives with her husband.

Mao Hengfeng has long campaigned against the one-child law. She was fired from job at a Soap factory in 1988 after she became pregnant for the second time and refused to have an abortion, in defiance of the law that forbids additional children.

She was sentenced to 18 months of re-education-through-labor in March 2010, without a trial and without legal counsel. In Christmas of 2009, she had shouted protest slogans against the trial of Liu Xiaobo in front of the intermediate people's Court No. 1 in Beijing.

She was released in February of last year due to her poor medical condition, but was arrested again two days later on suspicion of having committed unspecified "illegal activities." Wu complained that in those two days, they were under constant police control.

China, which is preparing for the new Communist Government, is still debating the birth control law, opposed by virtually the entire population. A foundation close to the Government has presented a paper to the Congress calling for the abolition of the law.

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