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Apple founder's luxury yacht, 'Venus' unveiled

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October 29th, 2012
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When Apple founder Steve Jobs passed away from pancreatic cancer, there were many things about his remarkable life that had yet to be completed. In his posthumously published biography, a yacht, designed by noted minimalist designer Philippe Starck was described. Said yacht has been finally unveiled to the public in a ceremony in the Netherlands.

LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) - Jobs' yacht was unveiled in a Dutch shipyard this past weekend. Christened "Venus," after the Roman goddess of love, beauty, sex, fertility, prosperity and victory, the finished ship was launched at shipbuilder Koninklijke De Vries in Aalsmeer, The Netherlands.

Jobs' widow Laurene and three of their children, Reed, Erin and Eve, were present at the ceremony.

Jobs' survivors gave each of the members of the shipbuilding staff an elegant thank-you note, along with a token gift of their appreciation; an iPod Shuffle with the name "Venus" inscribed on the back.

In the Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson, Jobs showed Isaacson models and architectural drawings of the yacht, which were described as "sleek and minimalist."

According to the report, the enormous yacht is between 230 and 260 feet long. It's precisely what was described in  the Jobs biography. Sporting teak decks and large panes of ceiling-to-floor glass throughout, the boat is said to have seven 27-inch iMacs on board. A photo showed six of them lined up on a single counter.

Jobs was very much aware he might not live to see the boat launched due to his failing health. He continued to tinker with its design. The yacht's christening, more than a year after his death, Jobs' quotes about the ship take on an added poignancy.

In the biography, Jobs said, "I know that it's possible I will die and leave Laurene with a half-built boat. But I have to keep going on it. If I don't, it's an admission that I'm about to die."


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