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Human Rights Commission calls for punishment of US, Israel

By Catholic Online (NEWS CONSORTIUM)
October 26th, 2012
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An Islamic bloc has seized power in the UN by means of political manipulation and is now calling for legal warfare against the US and Israel. The Human Rights Council, dominated by Islamic states, has issued a report that criticized American companies that do business with Israel, effectively hijacking the Council. 

NEW YORK, NY (Catholic Online) - The purpose of the Human Rights Council (HRC) is to advocate human rights concerns among the greater UN membership. However, the makeup of the council is heavily Islamic, including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, and Libya. Other members include China and Cuba. Each of these countries has an infamous record on human rights.

The US connection to the HRC isn't much better either. The Obama administration has appointed American college professor Richard Faulk, who us a self-professed 9-11 "truther." He believes the 9-11 attacks on the US were orchestrated conspiracies coming from within the government. Faulk has also posted an anti-Semitic cartoon on his personal blog page. 

All this facilitates an anti-Israel, anti-US agenda. In effect, thanks to Obama's appointment of Faulk, the US is participating in the subversion of its own foreign policy with Israel. 

The report calls upon world leaders to initiate financial warfare against several US companies that have ties to Israel. Several European companies are also mentioned as worthy targets, including Volvo, Group 4 Security, Veolia Environment, and Dexia Group. 

According to the report, by working with Israel, these companies also participate in human rights abuses, particularly the Palestinians who are demanding their own separate state and international recognition.

If nations choose to act on this report, then Americans employed by the companies listed in the report can be targeted with financial, and even legal consequences. Employees could be arrested and face criminal prosecution. 

The report also calls upon other nations to, at a minimum, boycott the companies listed within. 

The Obama administration previously pledged to make the HRC an effective promoter of human rights. It appears this is just another promise broken by the administration.

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