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Nobody likes a loser, Romney now leads

By Catholic Online (NEWS CONSORTIUM)
October 10th, 2012
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Despite what many quietly told themselves a week ago, on the eve of the Presidential debate, the election is far from over. New polls indicate Romney now holds a small, but discernible lead over President Obama. The Obama campaign has been rocked to its foundation. 

LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) - A week ago, most people, even Republicans, seemed resigned to another four years of Obama. Pundits and analysts explained that the debates often did very little by this point in the race. Even a Mobile Politics pulse indicated that few voters would be influenced by the debates. 

However, Mitt Romney's performance, and Obama's fumble were so stunning that even President Obama has had to explain himself, saying he was having an "off night."

Obama picked a bad day to have a bad day. 

Looking down at his podium, and appearing generally weak, many now ask if that's also how he portrays America on the international stage. 

Meanwhile, Romney gave a stellar performance. He did make some eyebrow-raising statements, including his comment about Big Bird, but overall viewers found him to be tough and capable, and an excellent presenter. Despite the flap over the big yellow bird, his question is sound - what programs are worth borrowing from China to pay for?

For the record, Sesame Street might be worth it, but certainly there are other programs which aren't. 

Obama appeared limp and lifeless in the face of Romney's argumentation. 

Now many people are taking a second, harder look at both candidates and reconsidering their options. Obama has long been criticized as weak, ineffectual, and indecisive. These are not qualities most Americans want in the Oval Office. Romney, while untested as a president, is seen as decisive and at critical times, aggressive. His record as a venture capitalist proves that he can make tough decisions and unsavory ones at that. These are qualities that every successful president has. 

And while many may find it easy to label Romney as a heartless venture capitalist, the reality is, this is the label slapped on him by Obama's relentless attack ads. It may not be the label he deserves. Rather, Romney has shown himself to be a well-informed investor with a solid grasp of economics and business, most likely the very thing America needs. 

Obama's weak response in the face of Romney's arguments has breathed new life into the Romney campaign. In another week there will be another debate. Undoubtedly Romney will once again work hard to finish strong. Nobody likes a looser. If Obama falls again, it will likely be the end of his presidency. 

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