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UN can only feed half of the nearly 2 million starving in Syria

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September 27th, 2012
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Catholic Online has been covering the humanitarian disaster in Syria and predicting a tremendous shortage of food aid. This shortage has now arrived. Meanwhile, the UN reports that the number of people in need of emergency food aid has risen five-fold since April to 1.5 million souls.

BEIRUT, LEBANON (Catholic Online) - The latest UN report says the situation is "extremely bad and getting worse." For the UN, these are unusual terms since the agency is typically reserved and refrains from hyperbole. 

Meanwhile, both sides appear to be locked in a stalemate, which is exacerbating the situation. Neither side can achieve decisive victory, and this is prolonging the conflict. As the conflict is drawn out, more and more victims are created. The death toll is now over 30,000 and several millions of people are said to be displaced. The UN is attempting to provide aid for nearly 2 million. 

Airplanes belonging to al-Assad's regime are conducting indiscriminate bombing raids of civilian centers as a means of terrorizing the populace from supporting the rebels. This has led to civilian casualties which include women and children. 

The UN's World Food Program, an agency that typically responds to crises in Africa and Southeast Asia, has been working in the region since the start of the conflict. The agency says it has raised $78 million for food aid so far, but still needs another $60 million to sustain the people through the coming winter. At this rate, the agency can only feed about half of the starving people. 

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The UN is calling upon member nations to send donations of money or food aid and is also asking them to apply diplomatic pressure to resolve the conflict in Syria. 

On the cyber front, anti-Assad hacktivists managed to gain access to the state-run Facebook page and posted information about the country's ambassador to Lebanon, saying he was dismissed on Monday. The state information ministry denies this claim. If true the dismissal would be another sign of the unraveling of al-Assad's government. 


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