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Introducing the New Catholic Online

By Catholic Online (NEWS CONSORTIUM)
September 13th, 2012
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Catholic Online's exciting new look is set to be a win-win for everyone. Very soon, you will get to experience the new Catholic Online. The new Catholic Online has an infinite scroll on the homepage to create a seamless experience for users and more organic placement for advertisers. The new layout will generate more interaction with the site and sponsors.

LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) - Users of the popular social network, Pinterest, will be familiar with the new layout and its infinite scrolling feature. The design is catching on in the news industry as well with several news sites already developing their own version of the scroll. 

Catholic Online is an old website by internet standards, having been live since 1994. The company has a reputation for being on the cutting edge of development, although most innovations are on the "back end" of the website where visitors do not see the improvements. The introduction of the new look on the front page will be the first update users have seen in a few years.

The infinite scroll is expected to encourage visitors to interact with Catholic Online for longer periods. Presently, users are offered the top 9 stories of the moment on the front page of Catholic Online. To delve deeper into other content, readers must scroll down and click on tabs that take them to the Latest News or the Editor's Choice sections. 

While this was acceptable architecture a few years ago, the internet has changed and viewer expectations have become more sophisticated. The new look will appeal to more readers who want to see more images and headlines before deciding what to read. 

The experience will also benefit advertisers. Since Catholic Online is supported by advertising revenues, the new design allows larger ad sizes that are more likely to engage visitors. Presently, ads on Catholic Online are displayed on the sides of pages where they can get lost; most savvy internet users know to more or less ignore what's posted in the margins. However, the infinite scroll method will serve ads in the main body of the webpage, giving the ad more opportunity to engage visitors. 

Advertisers will also start seeing new and improved ad service as the new design is rolled out. 
For those who don't want to see the traditional Catholic Online layout go, there is some consolation. Pages within the stories will remain the same as they are now, with the Editor's Choice at the bottom of each. 

To see the new look, you have only to visit the main page of Catholic Online. The new look should be rolled out in the next day or so. 


Article brought to you by: Catholic Online (