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Planned Parenthood plans retaliation against NC women

By Catholic Online (NEWS CONSORTIUM)
July 9th, 2012
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Planned Parenthood plans to retaliate against North Carolina women after state legislators affirmed their decision to strip the infamous private abortion provider of state funding. Claiming that an estimated $200,000 isn't used to finance abortions, North Carolina's Planned Parenthood abortion mills have threatened to cut cancer screenings and other services - but not abortions.

RALEIGH, NC (Catholic Online) - The vote was taken to override the state's Democratic Governor's veto of a new budget that would prohibit money from going to private providers of "family planning services," effectively meaning Planned Parenthood. 

Governor Bev Perdue originally vetoed the budget. Now overridden by her legislature, the new budget is in effect as of July 1. Although not mentioning the term, Planned Parenthood clearly plans retaliation. 

Planned Parenthood claims that state funds are never used for abortions. This ignores the reality that money is a fungible resource and funds spent in one area free other monies to be spent on abortions. However, Planned Parenthood has already announced they will make cuts to cancer screenings and other health care services they provide, but not abortions. 

Fortunately, some of those threatened cuts do include contraceptives and abortifacients. 

However, the fixation on abortions, even when money is scarce, should reveal even that Planned Parenthood's agenda isn't life-affirming and women's health has never been a goal of the organization. 

The new law cuts $200,000 from Planned Parenthood and redirects at least $343,000 back to the state. 

Agencies that offer services to truly protect women's health will now receive the money. County health departments will use the funds to provide affordable care to women and children that do not include services with a 50 percent mortality rate. 

Planned Parenthood still plans to fight for their money and is considering legal action against the state - as if the state has a requirement to fund private organizations such as Planned Parenthood. They still might win their money back if an activist judge can be found to hear the case. 


Article brought to you by: Catholic Online (