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Fort Worth LE - School staff forced third-grader to shower

By Catholic Online (NEWS CONSORTIUM)
June 18th, 2012
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Two Texas school employees are being sued by the parents of a third-grade boy, stating that they forced their son to strip and shower in from of them due to him "smelling bad, dirty, and had bad hygiene."

FORT WORTH, TX (Catholic Online) - Last November, the eight-year-old student was taken to the nurse's office at Peaster Elementary School, and forced to remove his clothes. The two school officials then "began violently washing his body with a washcloth, scrubbing him over a large portion of his body, stuck cotton balls in his ears, all while ridiculing and harassing him about being 'dirty,'" according to the claim.

Amber and Michael Tilley, the child's parents, filed a police report; however, no charges were laid. On Thursday, the Tilleys filed their lawsuit against Peaster Independent School District, as well as Peaster Elementary School staff employees Julie West and Debbie Van Rite in federal court.

The incident left the boy "visibly and severely distraught," and had to see a therapist after, according to the lawsuit.

"He just kept on and on, wanting to take baths," Amber Tilley said. "You know, he just felt so disgusting."

She added that her son did not have a problem with body odor or hygiene.

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