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College students fall prey to blackouts after binge drinking

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August 3rd, 2011
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Young people, away from home and taking control of their lives fro the very first time fall into many pitfalls involving drug and alcohol abuse. Binge drinking, where the student guzzles beer, wine and liquor until passing out, is a constant problem of college life - and one that can have dire consequences for the student.

LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) -  The large amount of alcohol consumed by these students, usually at parties can result in blackouts causing them to have memory loss. Blackouts often leave the student unable to remember certain events pertaining to situations involving their excessive drinking.

According to an online report by Injury Prevention, the greater the number of blackouts, which are fueled by drinking, the greater their chances of having an injury in the future when under the effects of alcohol. These blackouts do not necessarily cause them to lose consciousness, but research does show damage to areas of the nerve cells relating to memory recollection.

About one out of every three college students have admitted a blackout causing memory loss in the last year and of that amount, one of about 20 report periods of amnesia due to excessive drinking in the past week. The study also showed that women may drink less than men, but are just as likely to have the same drinking blackouts as their male counterparts.

Almost 600,000 students around college campuses reported injuries in 2001 due to drinking excessive amounts in the United States. Just five years ago nearly 2,000 students were killed due to alcohol related injuries fueled by accidental drinking problems.

In addition, the drinking behaviors of college students result in morning after hangovers that interfere with work and school.

A recent study conducted by researchers at the University of Washington provides evidence that negative consequences are much less likely to be paired with heavy drinking in the mind of students than positive consequences.

The study may help explain why so many people experience negative consequences of drinking but continue to drink heavily again and again. The results showed that students identified more with the positive effects of alcohol, such as boosts of courage and "chattiness."

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