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Ghost Trees of Pescadero Point doomed to extinction

By Catholic Online
December 27th, 2010
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White and gnarly cypress trees that call to mind ghosts or witches - or Tim Burton movies are found in Pescadero Point. The Ghost Tree, as it is more commonly known will soon truly become ghosts of their former selves. Foresters predict that due to a blight of beetles, much of the cypress and pine in California face destruction over the next 20 years.

LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) - A local legend tells of a particular spooky tree that graces the coastline of swanky Pebble Beach. Supposedly the image of a "Lady in Lace" has often been seen nights near the famed Ghost Tree, terrifying drivers who are said to have seen her walking down the center of the 17 Mile Drive.

One theory suggests that the ghostly figure is Dona Maria, who once owned much of what is now Pebble Beach. As more sightings are made, others continue to speculate about the lady's true identity.

Some people who have seen the Lady in Lace think she is wearing a wedding dress. Her sadness leads people to speculate that she is a jilted bride moping for all eternity. A far less supernatural explanation is that these are optical illusions created by fog and refracted light.

More recently, a legendary surfer drowned near the Ghost Tree while attempting to paddle into the massive waves. The infamous wave and the entire surfing area has now become known as Ghost Tree. When locals catch a good wave there, they often remark, "The Ghost Tree is with us today."

It should be stressed that the Ghost Tree is not to be confused with possibly the most photographed tree in the world, the Lone Cypress, which is located a few paces down the road. The Lone Cypress is mostly made of cement today. Pebble Beach has put up wooden markers to designate which is which and you get a guide book when you enter Pebble Beach that calls out all points of interest.

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