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World's last hand-woven bridge is in Peru

By Catholic Online
August 13th, 2010
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The world's last hand-woven bridge, the keshwa chaca spans 118 feet, and hangs 220 feet above a canyon's rushing river. It's the last remaining example of Incan hand-woven bridges on earth.

LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) - Made of woven grass, Incan women braided small thin ropes which were then braided again by the men into large support cables, in the manner of a modern suspension bridge. Hand-woven bridges had longevity of as long as 500 years and were held in very high regard by the Inca. The punishment for tampering with such a bridge was often death.

The hand-woven bridges decayed over time, or were removed, leaving keshwa chaca as the last single testament to Incan engineering. The previously sagging bridge was repaired in 2003, christened with a traditional Incan ceremonial bridge blessing, and is now in extremely good condition. The bridge offers the tourist an excellent opportunity to indulge in their Indiana Jones-type fantasies.

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