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New Kong ride puts visitors in center of action

By Catholic Online
July 16th, 2010
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Universal Studios' Hollywood Tour puts visitors' front-row-center with its new King Kong attraction. It's a vast improvement over the old animatronics giant gorilla that used to greet visitors to the amusement park, which was lost in a devastating studio fire two years ago.

LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) In the past, tourists would get on trams and go to various soundstages depicting how movies were made. The old King Kong attraction would begin with a helicopter crash, with tourist guides asking visitors, "Now, what caused that calamity?"

The tram would then go across a suspension bridge, where a giant animated robot ape would shake the roadway, breathing banana-scented breath over visitors.

Universal Studios has since revamped the Kong portion of their tour that capitalizes on the public's recent fascination with 3-dimensional movies.

Now, the tram pulls into the Skull Island entrance and director Peter Jackson appears on a movie screen to set up the action. He puts on his 3-D glasses to let the tourists know it is time for them to do so as well.

Then, the action begins. Suddenly the tram is on Skull island right in the middle of the fight between Kong and several T-Rex. The tram is right in the middle of it, and visitors feel the weight of the dinosaurs as they fall on the roof of the tram.

"Guests must have their head on a swivel as the action happens all around. If you are on one side of the tram, don't think you can catch everything by looking out your side. If you do that, you will miss half the battle. And you don't want to miss anything if you can help it," columnist Levi Devian says.
"This animation is truly like nothing you have experienced. I suspect this will start a trend of attractions at other theme parks around the world," Levi writes. "Because what the 3D and 4D shows out there are lacking is the show completely surrounding those experiencing it. You see pretty quickly what they mean when they add the '360' to the title."

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