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Make Samoa your place for a tropical getaway

By Greg Goodsell
May 25th, 2010
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The island of Samoa is synonymous with verdant, tropical beauty. A tiny island situated between Hawaii and new Zealand, it attract thousands of visitors a year who come to breathe in fresh, ocean-scented air and absorb its radiant sunshine.

LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic online) - Made up of ten islands overall; the vast majority of Samoa is divided between the two islands of Savaii and Upolu. The capital and only major town is Apia, located on the north side of Upolu. The two main islands very mountainous and have only narrow coastal plains. The two islands are covered in lush vegetation, much of which is cultivated forest or plantations. The population of Samoa is around 200,000.

Samoa's history can be traced back to around 1500 B.C. The island's original inhabitants had close ties with the Fijians and Tongans, which exist to this day. European settlers began to arrive in the late 18th century and converted many of the indigenous population to Christianity.

The islands passed through the hands of various western nations until Samoa became the first of the pacific island nations to gain independence in 1962.

Samoa is an ideal destination for those seeking a tropical island holiday. Beautiful, warm throughout the year, Samoa is very laid back and friendly. Samoa also has some of the best surf breaks in the Pacific, free of the usual crowds.

The islands have beautiful white beaches with sparkling blue water and are often fringed by coral. The volcanic islands also offer numerous opportunities to explore cascading waterfalls, lush rain forest valleys and rugged mountains.

The Samoan people are friendly, gentle and warm and enjoy talking and laughing. Life moves at a far gentler pace in Samoa, and Samoa is now home to many visitors who came for a holiday - and never left.

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