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'Letter to the Editor' from Scientology Representative

November 30th, 2009
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'The article on forced abortions in Scientology is tantamount to bearing false witness. It is absolutely a gross lie'.

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Catholic Online) - We present the full text of the letter which was sent to the Editor of Catholic Online to which the Associate editor responded above:


Dear Editor,

The article on forced abortions in Scientology is tantamount to bearing false witness. It is absolutely a gross lie fabricated by a very few disgruntled former members that are using the Catholic On Line site to forward their scurrilous lies and bitterness in an attempt to tarnish the Church and it's members.

Mr Sly should have done his research on this subject matter. A cursory look in the book Dianetics utterly recognizes the sentience of an unborn child in the Chapter entitled "Prenatal Experience and Birth" where Mr. Hubbard refers to the recording of incidents by the child while in the womb. In addition he writes quite succinctly about abortion in the book "Science of Survival" under the chapter of "Sexual Behavior" and "Attitude towards Children". Anyone reading these chapters would understand that abortion is a harmful and highly destructive act.

In addition there is very specific policy written by Mr Hubbard (in 1967) to staff’s of every organization in regards to the subject of one’s decisions on personal relationships, marriage and/or the rearing of children. It has always been steadfast and clear-cut policy that the Church does not and will not regulate or attempt to regulate those affairs for anyone.

Scientology is the study and handling of the human spirit in relation to itself, universes and other life. It is predicated upon achieving optimum survival with immortality as its highest goal and death as the most severe departure from that goal. As with any religious philosophy it recognizes an existence that extends beyond the material. In Christianity this is represented with the Kingdom of Heaven. As L Ron Hubbard wrote it: "By seeking truth and living a life of helping others, by being honest and decent you will be strong and achieve your power and immortality."

The church also recognizes the importance of Religious Freedom and how important and precious this right is for anyone of any faith. For this reason the church believes that religious influence should be encouraged and supported and has fought to preserve this freedom for itself and other religions.

It is the decency I was taught in the Catholic Faith to be kind to my fellows and harbor not hostilities toward our fellow man, but to help each other and offer love and compassion. It is a lesson worth emulating and I would hope that Mr Sly would not fall prey to those who, with scurrilous rumors seek to fill his heart with hate and thus villify another unjustly.

Mike Klagenberg
Public Affairs Church of Scientology, Sacramento

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