Virtual Prayer Candle for Lillian Martinez

Lillian Martinez

Please keep my grandson Gabriel’s Nana “Lillian Martinez” in your prayers; she suffered a stroke yesterday Sunday April 6, 2014. She survived the surgery and is awake “thank you God,” cannot speak and the family or doctors do not know what her healing progress will be…PRAYERS ARE STRONG PLEASE PASS ON FOR MORE PRAYER TO HEAL HER!
Thank you Lord for all the blessings you have bestowed on me and my family. Oh Merciful God, I ask that you heal Lillian Martinez. Mother Mary please intercedes on our behalf. Be with Lillian who I know must be. Mary Mother of God you know the sorrow in hearts of those close to her; for this mother, grandmother, daughter, and sister. Oh sweet loving Jesus, please I ask you to heal her completely. I ask this all in Christ\'s name. Amen.