Virtual Prayer Candle for Agr


I want to thank the Heavenly Father for the gifts and blessings He continues to give me. This prayer request is to ask Him to please ease my anxiety concerning my lack of love life. I have been praying for a particular guy to be the one God is giving to me. Right now I am losing hope and feels as though I was only living in a fantasy world, thinking that he was made just for me. I still feel strongly about this person and want to continue to hope and hold on to the faith that the day will come for our paths to meet again. At the same time, I am afraid of the unknown...the what if's...what if he doesn't feel the same. I am such a mess. I need a lot of prayers. All of my life, I've prayed for a special man to come to me. Only to meet men who ended up breaking my heart, hurting my feelings, and destroying my confidence. This time, I would like to have the gift of discernment, so that I'll know when the man from God comes into my life. Please include this prayer request as you make your own requests. I'll be adding your prayers with mine as well. I need a miracle. Thank you.