Virtual Prayer Candle for Catherine's Love

Catherine's Love

I ask that Jesus in his love and mercy provides me quick and visible assistance with my relationship with Catherine and her relationship with me. I ask that Jesus guides Catherine back to me. I ask that He gives us the help we need to rebuild our relationship. I ask that I am given the help I need to love her how she needs to be loved, to make her feel that love, and to spend the rest of my life with her. I ask that she is given the help she needs to open her heart to my love and to love me, the courage and willingness to give our relationship another chance, the understanding forgiveness to get passed her disappointment, and the support of Jesus in all other things she needs for us to be restored to one another. I know I have sinner against our relationship, against love and faith, and against God's giving nature. I ask that I am forgiven for these sins and that I am given a chance to make things right with Catherine. I ask that the lord sees my love for her and through his compassion and pity grants me a new life with her by my side. I ask that my prayers are heard and answered despite my weak faith and difficulty trusting in Him.