Virtual Prayer Candle for William Curtis Bonam, 3rd (nickname: TRAE)

William Curtis Bonam, 3rd (nickname: TRAE)

Prayer to Arch Angels St. Michael and Arch Angel St. Gabriel on behalf of William Curtis Bonam, 3rd for healing & restoration in every area of his life. May he keep himself pure, clean and undefiled from all ungodly substances. May he despise the sight, taste, and presences of drugs and alcohol. May the taste of drugs and alcohol make him extremely ill from this moment forward. Bless him with an extra ordinary career that exceeds his expectations and may he have a burning desire to get back in college and be on the fast track to successfully completing college. God bless William to be a faithfully committed man of God, husband and father. May he find a Godly woman worthy of marriage and may they have Godly children. Get William on a successful Christian life path in Jesus name.