Virtual Prayer Candle for #SM


to ask for ask for a 2nd chance.PLEASE help make my prayer a reality.Please let it be so by the end of this month.I am so grateful for the help you have given me in the past in relation to others I have prayed for.i feel it is my turn now.i am so lost.sad.empty.dark.full of despair.i beg you.please.i will help others as i have promised.let my family be brought together again in my mothers name-in the name of god-in your name-send those who have come into L&G lives away-let us be happy&peaceful again-i am so tired,desperate.i cant strength or desire to to keep going like this.i BEG YOU.HELP ME.SAVE ME.BLESS ME WITH ALL THAT I HAVE ASKED YOUAM ASKING OF YOU BY THE END OF THIS MONTH..ETERNALLY.. I WILL BE GRATEFUL.APPRECIATIVE.I WILL LET ALL KNOW OF YOUR POWER TO SAVE .TO INTERCEDE. thank you for listening.for saving me.for a 2nd chance. let this be true. let it be real. i am scared.anxious.but believe that you can and will save me with this prayer. you will grant me this miracle it will just allow all to fall into place for my remaining days...for my fathers...remaining days. ST JUDE I BELIEVE YOU CAN HELP ME ST JUDE I TRUST YOU TO BLESS ME WITH A 2ND CHANCE BY BLESSING ME WITH THE MIRACLE I AM PRAYING FOR ST JUDE I WILL ALWAYS BE THANKFUL ...please...i am waiting...please...let it happen now... amen.xx