Virtual Prayer Candle for My love Jungho and for myself

My love Jungho and for myself

I light this candle for you to hear my prayer intentions. I am currently engaged and in a long distance relationship with Jungho Choi. Our fiancÚ visa petition is approve and we are waiting for to be interviewed and be reunited with my fiancÚ's move to America. I pray that our relationship continues to remain strong despite being currently separated many miles from each other. I pray that the Lord bless us and strengthen our relationship and our love for each other and continue show our love and appreciation to each other and have no misunderstandings. I ask for the Lord let the time go by fast so I can be with my Jungho as soon as possible and never be separated from each other. Also I light this candle for prayers about my job, I am currently working at a negative place, my manager treats me horribly, she belittles me and curses at me. She doesn't appreciate the hard work I do for the company and my co-workers are negative and not supportive and push me under the bus and seek every opportunity to blame me. I really work hard and the negative environment is taking it's toll on me. I recently interview at another company and I am hoping good news and word from it. I am looking for an opportunity with this new company and the company seems to be a positive environment that I desire and seek. So I pray that I get this new job and let the Lord leave me to a positive environment, where I am appreciated and protected from all evil and harm. I pray for mercy and the Lord's blessing, please all Saints, Mother Mary, Lord Jesus Christ and my heavenly Father please hear my cries, my prayers and my true prayer intentions. I pray in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit ... Amen.