Tuesday, April 15 - Wednesday, April 16 - Thursday, April 17
Friday, April 18 - Saturday, April 19 - Sunday, April 20


Here are the venues Pope Benedict XVI will visit during his trip to the United States. Click on the thumbnails to scroll through images which are in order of itinerary.

Tuesday, April 15 - Washington D.C.
Greeting the Holy Father as he arrives at Andrews AFB will be President Bush and the First Lady, the pope's ambassador to the U.S. and local dignitaries. (USCCB photo)

Wednesday, April 16 - The White House
President Bush and the First Lady will meet the Holy Father on the south lawn of the White House. This is only the second time in history that a pontiff has visited the White House. (USCCB photo)

Wednesday, April 16 - The Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception
The pope will lead a private prayer service and meeting with the 350 bishops of the United States. Before the prayer service, there will be outdoor photo opportunities of the public welcoming the pope to this national church. (CNS photo)

Thursday, April 17 - Nationals Park in Washington
The pope will offer Mass at the new Nationals Park in Washington. This will be the first non-baseball event in the park, and Catholics from around the country are making plans to attend. (Nationals Illustration)

Thursday, April 17 - The Catholic University of America
The heads of the more than 200 Catholic colleges and universities in the United States and school superintendents from the 195 Catholic dioceses have been invited to an address by Pope Benedict XVI on the importance of Catholic education. (CUA photo)

Thursday, April 17 - Pope John Paull II Cultural Center
Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus, Jews and representatives of other religions will meet with the Holy Father. (CNS photo)

Friday, April 18 - United Nations
Pope Benedict XVI will address the United Nations General Assembly after an early morning flight to New York. (UN Logo)

Friday, April 18 - St. Joseph's Church
Pope Benedict will lead a prayer service with leaders from other Christian denominations at St. Joseph's Church, founded by German Catholics, in Manhattan. (CNS photo)

Saturday, April 19 - St. Patrick's Cathedral
The pope will celebrate a Mass for priests, deacons and members of religious orders at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in the heart of New York City. (CNS photo)

Saturday, April 19 - St. Joseph Seminary
The Holy Father will meet with young Catholics, including 50 youngsters with a range of disabilities, at St. Joseph Seminary in Yonkers. Thousands of young people, including hundreds of seminarians, are expected to be there to participate in a rally/prayer service and to hear the pope speak. (CNS photo)

Sunday, April 20 - Ground Zero
The Holy Father will visit Ground Zero, the site of the 2001 disaster at the World Trade Center. (CNS photo)

Sunday, April 20 - Yankee Stadium
A Mass at Yankee Stadium will celbrate the 200th anniversary of the Baltimore Archdiocese’s designation as an archdiocese, as well as the birth of four dioceses – Boston, New York, Louisville and Philadelphia.

Sunday, April 20 - JFK Airport
Pope Benedict flies back to Rome after a brief farewell ceremony. (CNS photo)

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