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Viva Papa! Pope Benedict the Pastor

By • Catholic Online • 4/19/2008

When Pope Benedict landed in Washington, D.C. last Tuesday afternoon he was greeted by President Bush at Andrews Air Force Base as the head of the Roman Catholic Church and the Head of State for the Vatican. Four days later the Holy Father has already left an indelible mark on America - primarily ...

Catholic Online

Go Forth as Heralds of Hope

By • Catholic Online • 4/19/2008

Pope Benedict XVI celebrated the first Papal Mass in the already glorious history of the Cathedral of Saint Patrick. During his homily, the Pope spoke of the incarnational message that the building proclaims to the city. NEW YORK (Catholic Online) - On May 25, 1879 the doors of the Cathedral of ...

Joined by the Archbishop of New York, Edward Cardinal Egan, (red hat, standing), Pope Benedict XVI prays at the altar dedicated to Saint Louis IX behind the main altar, before the Blessed Sacrament at Saint Patrick's Cathedral in New York April 19, 2008.

Heaven Touches Earth: Papal Liturgy at Saint Patrick’s

By • Catholic Online • 4/19/2008

The Pope used the structure of the great Cathedral as the symbolic framework for addressing the interior meaning of the Christian vocation and mission. NEW YORK, NY (Catholic Online) - Pope Benedict arrived at the historic Cathedral of St. Patrick’s, in the heart of New York, City, greeted by ...

Pope Benedict XVI has won the hearts and minds of Americans from every walk of life. His diminutive manner has captured the nation. His message 'Christ our Hope' has struck a chord in a Nation in need of renewal.

Benedict the Gentle Giant

By • Catholic Online • 4/19/2008

In a great time of need, the US has been blessed from heaven. Our collective prayer and yearning has been heard.Benedict the gentle giant has come to proclaim Good News. LOS ANGELES (Catholic Online) - America has given its heart- and its mind- to the message of this Pope. One can see it so ...

Catholic Online

Pope's Impassioned Call for Christian Unity

USCC Office of Media Relations • 4/19/2008

"The contribution of Christians in the United States to the ecumenical movement is felt throughout the world", Proclaimed the Pope," ...the unity of the Church flows from the perfect oneness of the Trinitarian God." NEW YORK, NY (USCCB) - The following remarks were given by the Holy Father to an ...

One of the many fruits of the apostolic visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the United States has been the extraordinary way in which the American people have been open to and received his message. Notably, President George Bush has been deeply moved by that message and expressed that Friday at a Catholic Prayer breakfast.

President Honors Pope at Catholic Prayer Breakfast

White House Press Office • 4/19/2008

"One of the blessings of being the President is I get to see firsthand how people are motivated by the fundamental truths articulated by the Holy Father." WASHINGTON, DC (White House Press Office) - It's not every day you get to be the warm-up act to the Holy Father. (Laughter.) I'm honored to be ...

Catholic Online

President Bush expresses Deep Respect for Pope

By • LifeSiteNews • 4/19/2008

"He is a humble servant of God. He is a brilliant professor. He is a warm and generous soul." WASHINGTON (LifeSiteNews) - President George W. Bush addressed the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast just after 8:30 this morning, in speech filled with glowing references to Pope Benedict XVI. "It's ...

Catholic Online

Pope Decries Separation between Faith and Life

By • LifeSiteNews • 4/19/2008

"We have seen this emerge in an acute way in the scandal given by Catholics who promote an alleged right to abortion," he lamented. WASHINGTON, DC (LifeSiteNews) - At a Q&A session following Pope Benedict XVI's Wednesday address to the Bishops of the United States, he addressed the "particular ...

Catholic Online

Bishops express hope after meeting with Pope

By • Catholic News Service • 4/19/2008

The pope's message of hope grounded in deeper prayer, renewal and strong leadership is one which they can take back to their home dioceses. WASHINGTON (CNS) - Bishops from across the country left their April 16 meeting with Pope Benedict XVI feeling more hopeful and optimistic about their work and ...

Catholic Online

Abuse Victims Grateful for Pope's Prayers

Zenit News Agency • 4/19/2008

Since the beginning of the trip to the United States, the Pontiff has given attention to the sexual abuse scandal. WASHINGTON, D.C. (Zenit) - Benedict XVI's meeting with victims of sexual abuse by priests can help the Church in the United States move toward hope, purification and reconciliation, ...

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