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This is an Abortion! - Warning Very Graphic Comments

From the inception of his pro-life work, Fr. Frank Pavone of Priest for Life has been urging the mass media to show the American people what an abortion is. Abortion is a reality which is so horrific that words alone can never convey its meaning. Warning - This video is very graphic. Continue Reading

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  1. Holly
    2 years ago

    abortion is wrong. i am 16 years old and my friend is trying to have an abortion now and luckly i talked her out of it. she relized there are people around her that will support her and help her. and thats what other people need to see. abortion is murder. and you will go to HELL if u kill. and i agree with some of the other people on here. i dont see how shooting and stabing is agaist the law but killing a child isnt. just think people......that couldve ben you and you wouldnt be here right now with your wonderful children and fact/opinion is it takes too and if u can make one u sure as hell shoud be able to take the freakn responsabilty of taking care of one....children arnt mastakes.....if you are having sex and u dont want a kid. rap it before u tap it or get on the pill...its as simple as that and the sad thang is people are sitting here saying they cant afford the pill.. IT'S FREEEE!!!!!!!!!! so come on people show some respect. abortion=murder. and the person above says its their choice. and to stay out of there buzzness. well dude hate to tell you but god created us and we are all related some how or another and its our freackn buzzness if they are killing a child that cant fight back or who doesnt have a saying in it. you need help dude for real....not to be mean but ur prob going to hell........but anyways im 100% against it as u can tell and whoever supports it shall go to hell.....

  2. Veronica
    2 years ago

    Although abortion is a very disheartening event, I believe it should be completely the mother's choice, under certain limits. If she was impregnated under unprotected consensual sex , then I think she should be allowed only one abortion. If, lets say, the condom broke, perhaps the same thing. However, if she becomes impregnated by rape, she should be allowed as many abortions equal to the amount of times she gets pregnant that way in her whole life. Why force her to keep that baby? That child would always be a memento of a traumatizing event to the mother. Not only that, she might even become mentally disturbed, risking physical/ emotional abuse to the child. Now, for those that feel that she should just give the child up for adoption, you have to take into account that already millions of children are in foster homes with the odds of having a real home against them. Putting that child in foster care would just increase those odds for them and other children.

  3. Madie
    2 years ago

    I aM in the middle of abortion there are good and bad sides to it im not trying to start an argument but if a woman has sex with condoms and what if the condom breaks what if she forgot her pill and she becomes pregnate and she cantraise it because she cant afford it or what if she has a disease and its passed on to her baby and she dosnt want it to suffer i know this is contriversial but you have to think of both sides to the story yes a child should be able to live but it should be the parents choice if they should have an abortion and saying to kill yourself if u belive in abortion isnt that a self preformed abortion? So none of you have anyroom to talk unless you know the pros and cons of abortion...thank you

  4. marishka springer
    2 years ago

    Abortion is murder. it can be prevented by better adoption policy. Procedure of adoption is too complicated and too long, to complicated... Many children could be saved if we could improove this procedure...

  5. jessica
    2 years ago

    Abortions is so wrong.Why do pple go to jail for shottings stabings and drugs but not for abortion.Abortion is murder.Its like this awoman goes to the dr.Shes pregnant and has a 2 year old on her lap.She tells the dr she cant have 2 babies. So he waits afew min and answer so which one do you want me to kill the one one your lap or the one in your stomach.Samething a baby is ababy period.No matter if shes outside of the womb or inside.Its a humanbeing.An innocent child who did ask to be in this world and shouldnt get punshed for it.

    2 years ago

    Look, if, when, you should of ; have. Could of ; have. There's just no more room for 'hoars' womb transaction. So keep score and get rid of the pink cowards. Every penny counts.

  7. jeff
    2 years ago

    This is wrong. you people that get second thoughts on abortion being maybe legal. you should just go kill yourself. who are you to play GOD in deciding that HUMEN beings life. why have sex when u know something like this could occur. think long and hard what that baby could of been in years to come. for you know. it could of been you that was aborted. come on world, Were only humans, Gods greatest gift is US. Meaning everything that once,now and later that stood on this earth. ONE LOVE

  8. Nekrogoblikon
    2 years ago

    I don't think the background music was very suitable. It made it seem like the images shown were a good thing with the cheerful baby music.

    I'm 100% against abortions though. Children should live so they can grow up to be weak, unwanted, and unimportant people.

  9. Chanty
    2 years ago

    I dont think its a good decision in any situation to have an abortion,why do most teenagers wait for the baby to grow?they should take the pill if they not ready for a baby are they just doing this to feel what it feels like to be pregnant come on man!!!

  10. asasd
    2 years ago

    so many people want achild maybe we could ahve baby transplants you know adopt the fetus. i'm jewish and jews are evry against it unless the moms life is at stake so many lives sad

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