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This is an Abortion! - Warning Very Graphic Comments

From the inception of his pro-life work, Fr. Frank Pavone of Priest for Life has been urging the mass media to show the American people what an abortion is. Abortion is a reality which is so horrific that words alone can never convey its meaning. Warning - This video is very graphic. Continue Reading

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  1. Fita
    2 years ago

    I was laughing the whole video! Great skills making lies up! I guess that when you make up an entire religion upon lies (actually Saint Paul had ephylepsia and was having a seizure when he thought he saw God), it's really easy to make short videos full of lies. Everybody knows that this isn't an abortion. There's no one who performes an abortion at that stage of the pregnancy.
    But this is harmful to people who believe this bulls*** and think abortions are wrong. Even the body itself aborts the fetus when it's not viable...
    If you don't want abortions to exist you should make anticonceptives free (studies show that abortions numbers are reduced drastically when you have easier access to them) or find a way to take the fetus from the uterus and to put it into someone who wants to be pregnant.
    Mind your own bodies and let women take their own choices.

  2. Mr. Sandy Novelli
    2 years ago

    As difficult as it is to watch, I wish that videos like this abortion could be shown in schools , churches and especially television. I'm sure that many babies would be saved if women would have to watch something like this before getting an abortion. It also may help to spread the chastity movement.You can not watch this and ever think that these babies do not feel this pain. I think Drs. that perform abortions are the lowest form of mankind.They punished the Nazis for this kind of thing, yet here in our own country, it happens daily and people like Planned Parenthood make millions of dollars from this gruesome, murderous act, Unbelievable.

  3. Michele
    2 years ago

    In this day and age, there are so many ways to not get pregnant, and there are so many people who can not have children of their own. They would love to adopt a child. Of course that would require the woman or under age girls to be brave enough to carry the child full term then give the child away. That is a scary thought but if you were willing, there are so many people and organisations to help you. We live in a world now where there is very little concern about the sanctity of life, among many other things many people do not care about or give a second thought to. People have posted that the babies you have shown, those abortions are not done that way in America. Abortion clinics still use a vacuum, and the baby's head and limbs are torn from the body. And they use another method that induces the baby,taken out of the mother's body,laid on a table and left to die. Sometimes the child dies a horrible painful death in 30 minutes but sometimes it takes hours. I pray to God everyday to use me somehow to make the abortion deaths and child abuse stop.

  4. Elaine Shelly
    2 years ago

    Life begins at conception. That itself is a miracle of God. A child begins to grow. If you stop the growth, you kill the child. Plain and simple. Those who choose not to believe this, do not want to feel guilty. Let us pray for these unwanted children.

  5. watchman
    2 years ago

    how on earth can a baby be alowed to be ripped apart through no fault of its own, the doctor who performs this act of murder should be tried for murder as with the parent as well, you would get less killings that way after all it is murder and not the fault of the baby in any way shape or form, its disgusting the catholic religion are a credit to mankind for speaking out about this sadistic killing of live babies, lets get it stopped and save the little lives.

    2 years ago

    after seeing the video and the babies little legs and arms torn apart, i think its sadistic and very cruel and more than disgusting, if it was not so easy for women to murder yes murder there own children the doctors abort for the slightest reason as though pulling a tooth out if i was a doctor sure to god i could not take part in this cruel sadistic act, the living baby was not to blame for not being planned, technically the doctor has commited murder in the most cruel way he has ripped apart, the baby and he should face a murder charge if he was made responsable of which he his there would be less abortions, and people would be more carefull not just willy nilly sex, knowing how easy it is to have it aborted, its a scandel. i really admire the catholic religion for bringing this cruel murderous abortion act into the nations minds, please be heard and stop these awfull murders.

  7. Dana
    2 years ago

    This is pretty sick. I'm glad I watched it though. There are so many ways in our country to prevent pregnancy that abortion shouldn't happen as much as it does. However, accidents happen even to those who are responsible. I DO NOT believe that it is murder if you have the procedure done early enough, as in the moment you find out. Of course it will take a few days to get things complete but I don't think it's a bad thing to do. I once knew a couple who had a child. The child suffered from FAS. Fedal alcohol syndrome. The parents never stoppped drinking and one night in a drunken rage they broke the baby's arms and legs. The baby lived but had an awful time. Everyone has different opinions on abortion but this child to me would have been better off not brought into that kind of life. Think about whether you really can care for a child. Don't let this video be your guide, this doesn't happen in clinics today, 2012.

  8. I Vote PRO-LIFE
    2 years ago

    Dear Gina, You are not alone in your well-intentioned, but totally uneducated ideas!
    YES--This murder of babies is happening in USA!! In the most "civilized" country in the world, we rip these beautiful children from the wombs of the poor women who feel that they have no "choice". This is not just in "poor" country--this is what we have actually have promoted in "poor" countries--and our current President is in full support of this abomination.

    A child is fully formed from 12 weeks on--just gets bigger and more distinct-looking in features and body fat/skin durability--the baby does look like what you see in the video.

    I know, because I witnessed my nephew, at 20 weeks gestation, being born terribly prematurely, yet fully human, fully developed, and capable of pain.

    Our Lord Jesus Christ--in His Fullness and Glory, chose to come to us as a single-celled embryo in the zygote stage--in the womb of an unmarried, teenage girl--Mary. He lived every single stage of life in the womb--yet while so "unformed" and vulnerable--He was and is God's Own Son.

    If Mary were a teen today, would we, as Catholic Christians, shuttle Her off to the nearest abortuary, or would we lift Her up and support Her and Her unborn Son?

    This (Abortion) is the SINGLE GREATEST HUMAN RIGHTS ABOMINATION the world has ever seen--Slavery, while evil and terrible, said that slaves were "subhuman". Abortion states that the unborn innocent child in the womb is "nonhuman:.

    There will be no TRUE Social Justice in America, until we get the issue of the Right to Life squared away.

    Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, Pray for Us.

  9. woman of God
    2 years ago

    this is so sad many people who cant have children would take any of these babies, keep your legs closed the poor babies never asked for any of this why do they have to be the ones who suffer i hope that anyone who has an abortion feels the same pain the rest of there life that this innocent child felt plus i also pray you are never able to concieve in your life you dont deserve to have a child its not pick and choose ladies i dont care the circumstances no matter what i would never abort.

  10. Gina
    2 years ago

    I can tell from the size of the baby that this is way pass the legal period for abortion. They look to be 5 months or more. A legal abortion that took place in a clinic doesn't look like this.

    Here is proof:

    A fetus only recognizes pain in the 6th month of gestation. And a legal abortion is perform way before that time.

    But of course, I expect religious people to exaggerate what abortions are really like. No abortion in the United States is performed like this. Where did you get such graphic material? From a poor country obviously.

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