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St. Philomena Comments

Little is known of her life, and the information was received by private revelation from her. Martyred at about age 14 in the early days of the Church. In 1802 the remains of a young woman were found in the catacomb of Saint Priscilla on the Via Salaria. It was covered by stones, the symbols on which indicated that the body was a martyr named Saint Philomena. The bones were exhumed, cataloged, and effectively forgotten since there was so ... Continue Reading

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  1. Pat
    3 years ago

    I ask prayer for daughter and family, for sons to come back to Jesus and The Catholic Church, for plan to begin as soon as possible, for us to believe and follow Jesus and His mother Mary always. Thank you. God bless you all.

  2. christopher iworah
    3 years ago

    My wife found you , st philomena, and told me about you. I thank GOD. St philomena please intercede for me and my family in our endeavours, AMEN.

  3. Nicole
    3 years ago

    The story of how I know Saint. Philomena is a good one. My family and I went to a special mass and there was a foundation called" Treasures of the Church" which brought relics of different saints that included bone particles, pieces of flesh... And when I came to St. Philomena. When I touched it, I felt this small buzzing that soon extended to my spine and when I let go, it stopped. St. Philomena inspired me to live a holy life. I hope that when I die, I can meet you in heaven. God bless you,Saint. Philomena.

  4. Agustina Fe Cabidog
    3 years ago

    Sweet Saint Philomena, Please heal my sister as she goes her hard times having diagnosed of end stage renal disease, please restore her body to full health and make miracles for her. I'm praying for you blessed Saint Philomena. Amen!

  5. Bob G
    3 years ago

    St. Philomena, please intercede on my behalf, for I desperately need to find employment.

  6. Mary
    3 years ago

    I've been praying your novena for a while now with no change. I'm determined to continue but it is difficult. Years ago you answered my prayers with a miracle and I believe in my heart it will happen again. Please take my petitions to God and intercede for me sweet St. Philomena. Please restore my faith, I need you. Please bless all on this forum.

  7. Donna
    3 years ago

    St. Philomena, powerful with God, pray for us! Stat with Kate M., heal her and comfort her family. Bless me in my trials. Thank you for your comforting presence in my life.

  8. Minna
    3 years ago

    THANK YOU St. Philomena!!! Thank you for answering my prayers and being by my side. For years I was praying to a St. Vilhelmina, only to find out she didn't exist. In stead I found YOU and since that discovery you truly have worked miracles in my life!

  9. wasike pauledwin
    3 years ago

    dear st Philomena help all who are hopeless so that faith in God the Almighty is not lost but continuously discovered. help me provide for my family of 4 including myself by getting to do something that can enable earn I ask you to intercede for me this request to God the Father through Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit Amen.

  10. bill maruszczak
    3 years ago

    Dear St. Philomena, I am happy to be introduced to you after 57 years. Recently, a friend of mine told me how you interceded for him, between himself and his estranged daughter. He says that YOUR INTERCESSION was truly a MIRACLE!!!! I am working on a difficult project right now and would certainly appreciate your help. May GOD Keep YOU and BLESS YOU FOREVER!!!!!!

  11. tina
    3 years ago

    Dear St. Philomena, thank you for welcoming me to your parish everytime i came to visit Carson. You' ve always kept me at peace especially in the Adoration Chapel. Please continue to bless my family and protect us always, especially my brother who is always in danger due to his job. Thank you for your prayers and intercession. I love you, St. Philomena.

  12. Minna
    3 years ago

    St. Philomena, please help my husband to return to us and be a father to our children and a husband again. Help him accept the guidance of the Holy Spirit and Our Lord Jesus Christ, and let go of all the evil in his life distracting him from being a good husband. Help my family, please St. Philomena.

  13. Jenni
    3 years ago

    Thank you St Philomena for interceding for me through my difficult time. It is a miracle that my prayers were answered and I truly feel blessed. Thank you for helping me. I love you.

  14. vicky borneo
    3 years ago

    I was told about saint philomena a few days ago and i started praying to her i felt her presence. Since then i have such peace in me and everyday i wake up first ting in the morning i shower and go to her in pray. I feel so blessed after i do each day my husband and i have been trying for a baby over 10 years now and it is putting strained in our marriage and since i have been praying to saint philomena. I have been feeling so calm i am hopeing and praying that she answers my prays soon for a blessed and healthy baby and for my marriage to be stronger again. Thank you blessed saint philomena.

  15. Shandy Philomena
    3 years ago

    i heard of St Philomena way back in 1992. i was to be baptised on easter and did not want to have a christian name. my fren gave me a leaflet of St. Philomena feast day and convinced me to take this name cos St. Philo's feast falls on the day my son was killed by a crazy driver in front of our home. With pain and thinking that there must be a reason for this, i adopted this name & have not used it. Everyone calls me by my fist name & philo is only known to my hubby & daughters & the church registry. On my son's 1st anniversary of passing, my hubby, hurt & dejected, visited SFX church in Petaling Jaya during the charismatic prayer.There a member said that someone had requested a prayer to St. Philomena & had sent flowers. Surprised, he listened & returned home. To-day, curiosity has brought me back to seek St. Philomena's story & am happy that there are so many prayers answered thru' her. She must be Great. :)

  16. Duff
    3 years ago

    Thank You St Philomena For Answering my prayers and refreshing my faith. I will continue to pray to you and let my family and friends know about you and your special Grace from Jesus our Lord. Thank You For My New Job

  17. mia
    3 years ago

    Dear St. Philomena, i have been your devotee since childhood, and your prayers have been my prayers before going to sleep..please continue to pray for me, and intercede for me, that God may allow me in passing the Bar exams..please help me pray St. Philomena..

  18. Norman
    3 years ago

    please help me pray for my family to be reunited and bless me as a father to my babies and as a husband to my wife and brother to everyone, help me to get a good paying job

  19. Mary
    3 years ago

    Please pray with me to ask St. Philomena to intercede for my brother who has a re-occurance of cancer that he be cured if it is God's will. He has a daughter the age of St. Philomena and 2 young sons. I ask this on this young Saint's birthday. Amen.

  20. Dawn
    3 years ago

    Happy Birthday St. Philomena!!!
    Please continue to intercede for me...I pray that C's heart will be open and see what he is doing to our family. Please help me St. Philomena..... I have never lost faith that you will help us. I know that sometimes situations get worse before they get better. Touch C. Speak to him. Thank you my friend!!

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