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St. Paul, the indefatigable Apostle of the Gentiles, was converted from Judaism on the road to Damascus. He remained some days in Damascus after his Baptism, and then went to Arabia, possibly for a year or two to prepare himself for his future missionary activity. Having returned to Damascus, he stayed there for a time, preaching in the synagogues that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God. For this he incurred the hatred of the Jews and had to ... Continue Reading

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  1. Venerable Dr. Kunle Adeniji
    1 year ago

    I enjoy reading this piece. More grease to your elbows in Jesus name.

  2. Alicia
    1 year ago

    I was raised a catholic and will die a catholic . I loved the catholic faith. I attended a prayer group last night and we saw a movie about St. Paul . I left hungry to know more about Saint Paul. I read this site and went and got my bible and researched some of the chapters .Oh how much i love St. Paul I am really in love with him.I read that women should be quiet ,I was sad about this .But then I read about Priscilla and Aquila and Romans 16 and felt better.Women were among the major supporters of Christian movement. In our church i have noticed that during our services and Mass the majority of attendance are women.

    Dear God, please enlighten me with the HOLY SPIRIT ,so I can follow the true way of your sons teachings ,Jesus Christ, and be like your Saints to deliver your word. That I may be patient, and wise like King Solomon.

    Thank you Lord for giving wonderful husband who is also a devout Catholic and a patient man. Thank you for this site.

  3. Robert
    1 year ago

    "...except a man be born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God."

  4. Geri Featherby
    2 years ago

    Please take a look at the comment left by "Paul" 2 months ago ...#2 of 176. It is most inappropriate and should be removed.
    St. Paul rocks!

  5. ME
    2 years ago

    Hey. Thanks for uploading this page, however i believe that you could make it easier to follow. Im doing a project on this and it was very hard to understand. Thanks!

  6. Paul
    2 years ago

    Hello! I am St. Paul. I commend you to death! Peace Out MFs

  7. Liam
    2 years ago

    Hey thanks for that stuuuff and stuff and umm yeah so umm thanks

  8. ghislain tresor adam
    2 years ago

    bonjour je suis ghislain tresor adam je cherche le pere gystave endrade qui a vecue au librerie saint de lubumbashi en republique democratique du congo qui est mexiquin vraiment je le cherche svp aide moi a le trouve il est de la missionnaire saint paul

  9. Martina
    2 years ago

    Iplease dear St Paul Intercede for all my family and friends and children. We need a few Pauline Conversions here! Thanks!

  10. Martina
    2 years ago

    Please pray to St Paul today for the healing of a very sick man named Paul who I was coincidentally a asked to pray for last night

    He is only 40 with a wife and four children and has lost his job

    Thanks Martina

  11. Josie
    2 years ago

    St Michael introduced st Paul in my dreams, today 29 june, st michael said to me you can sleep little bit more beacause i want to show you someone want to meet you. then i dream a mann which preapering a drinks. then i wake upp. and st michael told me that he is st. Paul . St Paul just want to know you and want to be a friend of you, and st Michael told me, I just want to remind you that today 29 june is St Paul. feast day.Then i search in internett about St Paul, then i saw the face which appear in my dreams a dream the picture of not long hair, but the nose in picture is too much long, and in my dreams is just a normal long, and its true 29 june is his day. I dont know St Paul history before just now from this day.
    This is very true from me , we will pray for St. Paul and remmeber his feast day.
    Im not a clearvoyant and not a healer i dont know what is happpening to me.

  12. Christopher Ekwunife
    2 years ago

    I was really touched by Paul's tenacity in the face of difficulties. I resolve to apply same to my difficult moments

  13. Ben
    2 years ago

    After Reading a bit about st paul i have decided to have him in my my names for confirmation :) i only read the first bit not the wikipedia bit ;)

    P.S My Dads names paul so =D

  14. CARSON
    3 years ago


  15. Cathy
    3 years ago

    My spiritual guide, and my beloved Saint Paul.. U are a real warrior chosen by god for his ministry... How brave you should be to talk for the rights of gentiles..amidst of Apostles who lived with Jesus and who were all jews..Please help to speak what is gods will and help me also to live by an example rather than only speaking.. Give me the courage which you had to spread the good news with the help of the Spirit.. Help us also to be strong in faith and never be shaken by the wordly affairs.. Be my guide.. Thanks a lot my dear Saint.. I just got my problem solved when I am writing this.. Thanks for your intercessions.. Strengthen me and guide me in all stages of my life..Please pray for me..Amen

  16. michael varger
    3 years ago

    My Dear Apostle Paul, I dare say that if Christ had not chosen you to be his right hand man, at the time and manner as He did, today the infant church of Jesus would be some insignificant religious sect. I take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your presence and power in my life. I look forward sharing my life and times with you for as many more years to come. We've faced some testing times together and by grace of God you and I overcame them all one by one, and we had just as many fantastic times together which are unforgettable. My life is a living testimony to your incredible power of intercession and I do not recall you ever having disappointed me. This is understandable in light of your place in history and particularly in the story of Salvation. This time I appeal to you for URGENT help to save my friend from commiting suicide. Timmy was born on Sunday, 4th April 1976, to a Finnish family who immigrated to Sysney, Australia in 1970. Timmy's father was a hopeless alcoholic who drank his wages away in pubs and his mother a sober and hardworking mother desperately trying to feed her family of six on a small salary. Life was a every day srruggle for Timmy and his three elder brothers and two sisters but they managed to get by somehow. Timmy was 16 years old when his elder brother, a helpless haroin addict, talked him into smoking heroin telling him that it wasn't addicitve as it was same as smoking marijuana. Well, it didn't take long for Timmy to be a $300 a day heroin addict. In 2004 we funded his heroin treatment and Timmy lived a clean life with a well paid job, played sport and for hobby he restored 1962-1965 BMW with great success. And than 13 months ago Timmy met and fell madly in love with a young stunning lady who swept him off his feet. She was a heroin addict and now Timmy is back on the park benches of Sydney living like an animal and without hope of being rescued form his HELL. Apostle Paul, where there is life there is hope so please storm Heaven and plead Timmy's case before the Throne of Christ to rescue him and restore him to us, his terrified and torn family. AMEN

  17. Allan Stairs
    3 years ago

    I consider this article on saint Paul as absolutely extraordinary : where would I find in my situation such information on this life as our model in the apostolate ?

  18. Jennifer Vo
    3 years ago

    Cute message....I loved it and I truly hope God will bless me and all of you

  19. St. Paul Lover 98
    3 years ago

    Oh wow! this site is so amazing, I'm doing my school project on him. He is so cool, i just wish that everybody in the world could be as awesome as him. He makes my friends and I want to be like him :D We love him so much. He is an inspiration to us all.
    I made my moms, brothers, uncles, cousins, grandmas, best friends, aunties, father call his new dog Paul because that way when i see him i can be reminded of the great things St. Paul did.

    - St. Paul Lover 98

  20. hamish
    3 years ago

    this was so inspiring i want to be just liek him

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