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St. Patrick of Ireland is one of the world's most popular saints. Apostle of Ireland, born at Kilpatrick, near Dumbarton, in Scotland, in the year 387; died at Saul, Downpatrick, Ireland, 17 March, 461. Along with St. Nicholas and St. Valentine, the secular world shares our love of these saints. This is also a day when everyone's Irish. There are many legends and stories of St. Patrick, but this is his story. Patrick was born ... Continue Reading

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  1. s healy
    3 years ago

    very helpfull

  2. Gareth
    3 years ago

    Hi all.

    St patrick wwas Welsh. Welsh in Anglo Saxon means "Roman" - they used similar terms for the belgians, Italians and others.

    The Welsh [Celts-Britons] were converted by the Romans and kept the Faith.

    The Welsh stretched from all over Britain except for the Scottish Highlands [where the pagan picts lived]. Even when the Saxons came, much of Southern Scotland remained Welsh [the Kingdom of Strathclyde etc.] Glasow comes from the Welsh for Blue Field - means good grazing/fertile land. The Scottish name Wallace means "Welshman" hence William Wallace was a decsendent of the Welsh of Strathclyde. The Scots were an Irish tribe who settled Southern Scotland centuries later.

    So wehether from West Wales or Southern Scotland, the slave Patrick would have been and spoken Welsh.

    |I am so happy the Welsh took Our Catholic Faith to Ireland, as a Welsh Catholic it provides the continuum from Rome, to Wales, to Ireland.

    Patrick's monasticism [taken from Wales] later gave hope to Europe after the collapse of the Roma Empire.

    St Patrick - Ora Pro Nobis
    St David - Ora Pro Nobis

  3. sharmi
    3 years ago

    working ssssssssssssssoooooooooo hard, everyone give me your luck and help me get A+++++++++++++ that = me to be super :] !

  4. brad
    3 years ago

    good info

  5. Taylor age 12
    3 years ago

    This website is a perfect prime source for anyone doing a project on saints. Saint Patrick and Saint Maria Gorretti are the best :)

  6. Catherine
    3 years ago

    I'm an Irish Catholic and I love St. Patrick but I don't like it when everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day. It's not a day to go drink green beer its a day to go to church and thank St. Patrick for bringing Christianity to Ireland.

  7. jayden
    3 years ago

    st patrick is a great saint

  8. bob
    3 years ago

    wow! this saint is great!
    i wonder about ur facts though...... some jst dont seem right! well, thx anywaY!

  9. Robert Tanner
    3 years ago

    Speling Error. St.ILLTUD should be St.ILLTYD. can you correct this for me!

  10. Robert Tanner
    3 years ago

    St.Patrick was born in South Wales. Since my first comment (20/03/2011) I have done a lot of resarch into St.Patrick, and I have found out the following.
    Calphurnius Sucatt and his wife Conchessa. Did have a son Maewyn Sucatt 385AD. As a child he was not religous, in fact he was an atheist. (His own words from one of his two letters)
    Irish Pirates did carry out raids in South and West Wales, but they did not raid the area around Banna Venta Bernia (His other possile birth place) which was a long way East of Carlisle a very long way from the sea!
    Calphurnius Sucatt was a roman officall (A Deacon) at one of two forts at Coelbren, one of them was very close to Bannwen at the top of the Dulais Valley (apx 20 miles from Neath). By the old Sarn Helen road. A stone still stands beside the Sarn Helen road in Bannwen, and commemorates his birth place 385AD.
    Maewyn was kiddnapped at the age of 16 from the villa in Bannwen 401AD, and sold as a slave in Ireland. He turned to GOD for help while a slave. He escaped after 6 years, and returned to his parents in Wales. He then took up religous studies and was tutored by St. ILLTUD (Then Patron St. of Wales) at Llantwit Fawr (Lantwit Major, South Wales) who also tutored St. David in the same place.
    Maewyh was consecrated in Rome with the name Patrick, and was sent back to Ireland and became ST.PATRICK!!!

  11. Michael
    3 years ago

    Please forgive my clan O Dubhda (O dowd) for kidnapping you as a young man. Im sorry

  12. A Patrick fan
    3 years ago

    Patrick was such an amazing man, but much of the info in this article is based on later, unreliable sources. Some of the rest of it is just wrong. For example, we don't know exactly when or where he was born, though it was probably during the late 4th century or early 5th along the western coast of Roman Britain. The two short letters Patrick left behind are the best and really the only reliable sources we have about him. They are the CONFESSION and LETTER TO THE SOLDIERS OF COROTICUS, available in bookstores or on-line. Three interesting facts from the letters: (1) He got in big trouble with the Church authorities for his unusual methods, (2) He never mentions Druids, and (3) Though raised in a Christian family, he became an atheist as a teenager, then turned again to God as a slave in Ireland.

  13. Wendy Laycox
    3 years ago

    Looking for Yvon Parade. I believe he is a member of St Patrick's Church. If possible could you give him my email address. This concerns a woman he knew in Ottawa, ON in 1974 by the name of Theresa Miron.

  14. Liam
    4 years ago

    I was always taught in school back in the old sod that Patrick was kidnapped by Irish Pirates and that he was living in Wales at the time. Strategically, that would make more sense as the distance to the East Coast of Ireland from the Welsh Coast was just a short distance. In those Days, proably took about 5 or 6 hours as opposed to the Scottish Coast

  15. Empala
    4 years ago

    why do we pray to st. patrick? Like 4 example we pray to st. anthony if we loose something.

  16. Shiz
    4 years ago


  17. Robert Tanner
    4 years ago

    Was St.Patrick born in Scotland ??? The Dulais Valley Heritage Trail, Clams he was born in Banwen. Dulais Valley, South Wales. 385AD. and to this day a stone now stands to commemorates the place where he was born. His Welsh name was said to be Maewyn Succat, and his farther Caiphurnius was a Roman official based at the fort at Coelbren. Maewyn was kidnapped at the age of 16, ad taken to Ireland as a slave.
    A Roman Tombstone from the same fort is now in the Swansea Museum. Legend says that it stood in a circle where fairies danced,

  18. Lori
    4 years ago

    In his book, St. Patrick of Ireland, Philip Freeman, claims that Patrick didn't use the shamrock to explain the Trinity. He calls this one of the "fictions created centuries later by well-meaning monks."

  19. BriAndria
    4 years ago

    learn to spell when you comment people, :)

  20. Joanie Peterson
    4 years ago

    Thank you St. Patrick and all the other Saints. God gave all of you to us to help us learn and keep your word and faith true. Although I am not perfect, I will try hard every day to live as you want me to live, blessing you and praising you. Thank you God for giving me life. I remain your humble servant in Christ's name.

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