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St. Bernardine of Siena Comments

In the year 1400, a young man came to the door of the largest hospital in Siena. A plague was raging through the city so horrible that as many as twenty people died each day just in the hospital alone. And many of the people who died were those who were needed to tend the ill. It was a desperate situation -- more and more people were falling ill and fewer and fewer people were there to help them. The twenty-year-old man who stood there had ... Continue Reading

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  1. Yvette
    10 months ago

    St. Bernadine, please pray for my mother Karen, who is suffering with pulmonary fibrosis. Pray for her body, mind and soul to be healed if all afflictions. Help her to live longer and deal with her condition, and to be reconciled to all who have become estranged, and give her the grace of conversion. Amen.

  2. Samia
    1 year ago

    Dear St Bernadine of sienna, please intercede and pray for my mother Mary chalouhi who is suffering with breathing problems & lack of oxygen. Please heal her as we speak so she can return home from hospital a healthy person.

  3. Helene
    1 year ago

    Please St. Bernadino pray for the healing of my Sister Carmene's lungs as recently she has been told that she has Bronchecstasis and non-tuberculosis mycobacteria - the doctors say that they cannot heal her of these diseases - please intercept and heal her as she is a great sister, mother, wife and now grandmother - we desperately need your help and miracles to happen for her and all others who suffer from sicknesses. I pray to you and Jesus and the almighty God for help. Thank you for everything you are doing in God's name we pray!

  4. Joseph Mathew
    1 year ago

    St. Bernardine of Sienna, please pray for us to remain steadfast and loyal to our faith.

  5. Raj Ambrose
    1 year ago

    Dear Saint,

    Kindly endow the priests with the zeal to preach the Gospel and enable the laity to do their part, to live the Gospel. Help me to love Jesus with my whole heart and mind and to feel his grace working through me in spite of me. Drive away the evil spirit of lust for flesh from me so that I may devote all my energies in loving God for the sake of God. Amen.

  6. Patty
    1 year ago

    Dear St. Bernadine,
    Please intercede for my mother who had spinal surgery and will have more today because she is leaking spinal fluid. I pray that you guide the surgeons and help her to heal.

  7. Trinbagonian
    1 year ago

    Good St. Bernardine, I am trying to control my tongue more and more these last couple of months. The Holy Spirit has shown me that I need to. I also want to help others (in quiet and humble servitude to God) increase their understanding of God's Word through my proclamation of It.
    Help me to unite my words to God's Word more and more so that His work is done through what I speak and do. May I not be tempted into idle or unsacred talk. May I not want to listen to anything profane or against God in any way. Protect me from the media. May my words be always prayerful. If anyone comes at my side with loose talk, may you help me escape.
    Please help my family too St. Bernardine, especially my husband and son. Protect them from all blasphemy against the Holy Name of Jesus. Ask Mary to help them.
    I pray for your intercession in this. It is on my heart. Please help. Amen.

  8. christopher antony
    1 year ago

    St.Bernardine of siena please pray for me and my family
    I ask for your help in my work
    God Bless us all

  9. Melanie H.
    1 year ago

    Dear St. Bernardine ... I have been recently told I have 3 nodules in my lung. I will be getting a PET scan soon to determine what these nodules are . . . please intercede for me, St. Bernardine, that I do not have cancer. I have 4 young grandbabies, with two more on the way in the Fall. They mean the world to me. Please heal my lung so that I may praise and adore Jesus more fully. In this, I pray.

  10. Jessica P
    1 year ago

    Dearest St. Bernardino,
    My sister has asked for you to pray for my father, who has been in the ICU with ARDS for 49 days. Two days ago we were given the great news that his lungs are showing signs of clearing. I pray that you help to continue this miracle and heal his lungs everyday. He is a spiritual man who finds moments of comfort while in the ICU when we pray with him. Please lift him up and help his lungs to recover. Thank you for helping to work miracles. I ask this through Christ our lord. Amen.

    1 year ago

    Dearest St. Bernardino, my father Dennis was admitted to the hospital six weeks ago tomorrow due to pneumonia and sepsis. He was intubated within one hour of admission and sedated immediately due to poor oxygenation. The sepsis was miraculously resolved with antibiotics however the pneumonia caused complications including two pnuemothorax and now is Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome. My father was sedated and paralyzed for fourteen days at a local hospital in our town, before both lungs collapsed and caused him to nearly lose his life. Our family was given information that a hospital 100 miles away had a technology called ECMO that could save his life on the day in which the doctors and nurses told us that my father would not make it through the night. We made the decision to transfer him via critical care ambulance (the doctors said that his lungs were too weak to be transported flight for life) and with GOD's grace, my father made it safely to the hospital. My father has been on the ECMO machine for 28 days tomorrow.He has been in intensive care for 42 days. His lungs are still very sick, however the doctor says that his condition has improved somewhat (due to the fact that he is now awake and responding to the staff and family). My father is in need of a miracle. I pray to you St. Bernardino that you intervene and heal my father's sick lungs. Our faith in GOD is eternal, and I ask you for your help. My father has a young son and baby grandchildren. He is only 56 years old and has lots of life to live. I believe that you can help him. I found a beautiful medal with a card with you on it which I had blessed by my priest at church today. I am bringing it to his room tomorrow. Lord, I ask this in the name of you. I praise you St. Bernardino for your intercession.

  12. chris blair
    2 years ago

    ST.Bernardino of Siena, please intervene and help my husband Gary Blair he was exposed to toxic black mold which is now in his lungs.He is on oxygen 24/7 he struggles to breathe w/o any relief. He has bad infections on going-his DR. says there not much they can do- just rest and take antbotic.He is getting weaker everyday, I KNOW THIS MOLD IS KILLING HIM. Please help Gary overcome all his lung issues, pray for him , restore his health, I PRAY for your healing to help GARY. This mold did kill my poor dog. Please intercede for me with a healing miracle to cure my loving husband of these lung ailments. For you are the physician of lungs and I have faith in you and Jesus Christ. HOLY,HOLY,HOLY IS THE KING OF ALL LORDS. AMEN THANK YOU, and God bless you for all you do to those in need. amen chris blair

  13. Rosie
    2 years ago

    Dear Saint Bernardino of Siena,
    You are known to help persons with breathing problems, please heal the scarred lungs of our friend & brother Dave. At this time he is very fearful, that he may have cancer. Please intercede on his behalf to replace his fears with trust in God's Mercy. His wife, 2 young daughters and mother-in-law rely on him fully after the untimely & very painful death of his father-in-law, due to complications from surgery this past summer. Please heal Dave in Jesus' Name. Amen.

  14. Philip
    2 years ago

    St. Bernadine, I ask for your intercession. That you may pray for my brother Michael. He has had asthma since he was a child and through the years of potent medications, he's health worsens. Pray that his lungs may be healed, so that he may finally take a full breath. Help him to heal his body and revitalize his spirit. Thank you for your love and compassion for the sick.

  15. Sheryl B
    2 years ago

    Dear St. Bernardino, please bless my sister-in-law, Maxine and heal her from asthma. Give her doctors wisdom in treating her case. Hold fast to her as she struggles to breathe. Cover her in your love. Thank you, in Jesus' name. Amen

  16. gerri
    2 years ago

    Please pray for my Father John, he cannot breathe and is on oxygen. He is suffering very bad please help him.. Thank you

  17. Baiataake
    2 years ago

    my saint please help my brothers and sisters ad also my mother who are not recognized this church i mean the catholic.they are believe in protestant.please help them.including my husband who his always drunk and also not go prayer during the sabbath day...etc.please my saint help us.i believe and trust u .

  18. Tracey Pritchett
    2 years ago

    Dearest St. Bernardino of Siena, I have just learned that I have reduced lung capacity and COPD. Please intervene on my behalf, praying that my lungs be healed, and that my lung capacity be increased, and not only for me but for all those requesting your intervention, in the Holy Name of Jesus.

  19. Louise R.
    2 years ago

    Dearest St. Bernardino, I am just learning of your wonderful work, I humbly ask if you would pray for my complete recovery from lung and bone cancer, I know my lord loves me and heals all......thank you kindly, Louise R.

  20. Jeanette
    2 years ago

    St. Bernadine, please pray for my sister-in-law Michelle. She is good, holy, and righteous and I know that Jesus loves her very much. Please pray with us that her recurrent pneumonia will go away and that she will be returned to good health. Thank you for blessing us with your prayers.

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