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St. Cyril of Alexandria Comments

St. Cyril of Alexandria, Bishop and Doctor of the Church (June 27) Cyril was born at Alexandria, Egypt. He was nephew of the patriarch of that city, Theophilus. Cyril received a classical and theological education at Alexandria and was ordained by his uncle. He accompanied Theophilus to Constantinople in 403 and was present at the Synod of the Oak that deposed John Chrysostom, whom he believed guilty of the charges against him. He succeeded his ... Continue Reading

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  1. christopher antony
    1 year ago

    st.cyril of Alexandria please pray 2 jesus for me
    God bless us all

  2. Joseph Mathew
    1 year ago

    St. Cyril of Alexandria, please continue to pray and intercede for me.

  3. John
    1 year ago

    Cyril was a Monster and no saint if you read the bible you will realize that.
    I cant believe that modern day people would still think he a saint.
    I'm a Christian and i love My father in Heaven and Cyril twisted scripture and used it out of context to Murder and Kill
    Does not the bible tell us to Forgive and to love one another as we love ourselves. and to proclaim the Gospel with love and gentleness not Smash people over the head with it! Cyril s actions make me VERY ANGRY!

  4. Goku
    2 years ago

    Science and learning were often identified by this early Christian church as having ties to paganism. This fear of pagan culture and a need to consolidate Christian influence is what led a mob of Cyril's followers to attack Hypatia on her way to work. They stripped her, tied her to the back of a chariot, flayed her flesh from her bones, and burned her remains.

  5. Goku
    2 years ago

    Hypatia was an astronomer, physicist, a mathmatician, and the head of the school of neo platonic philosophy. She was targeted and murdered partly due to her close ties with the roman governor but was in reality killed due to what she was symbolic of. She symbolized free thought, experimentation, and discovery. This is truly the reason Ceril despised her. They also did not only dismember her body but first flayed the flesh from her bones and destroyed all of her works.

  6. Cyril Gutierrz
    2 years ago

    My name is Cyril. I am doing a report on Saint Cyril and went here.

  7. Joseph Mathew
    2 years ago

    St. Cyril of Alexandria, please intercede and pray for me to cling to the Lord under all adverse circumstances.

  8. Mona
    2 years ago

    Dear Saint Cyril of Alexandria, please pray for Jacob that he finds the right path and for his parents that they find the strenght and wisdom to guide him. Thank you.

  9. christie
    2 years ago

    St. Cyril of Alexandria, we bless you and thank you. Mother of God, in your womb, was conceived the Son of God. Pray for us your weak and weary children. We are indeed daughters of Eve, silly, vainglorious and curious. Protect us from idolizing foolish film stars and imitating their lifestyles. Keep our eyes focused on your Beloved Son. Amen.

  10. Passing through
    2 years ago

    The only thing i know about St. Cyril is through this article. From what i can gather, what's certain is the mans writings. Clearly he is a saint, some of his allies/followers may have been a little more sinner than saint, through their doomsday passion kind of thinking/actions. Even Peter sliced an ear off, though his intent may have been to chop the guy in half. Jesus healed the mans ear, just as St. Cyril brings healing and direction through his writing. To the other posts i would add, don't be so quick to judge, our church doesn't declare saints without thorough investigation, and rest assured, for the good of us all. St. Cyril, pray for us.

  11. Madge Nicholas
    2 years ago

    St Cyril of Alexandria needs to be desainted by the Catholic Church, falling which they condone this murderer and the blood of innocent people which stains the hands and soul of this so called "Pillar of the Church." Because of the sainthood bestowed of this evil man by them the Catholic Church lacks any moral credibility. Cyril was no better than Hitler or Stalin. The Catholic Church needs to desaint him to regain its credibility and apologise to the world for the Alexandrian killing fields Cyril created. Jesus was a loving man and to associate him with a killer like Cyril is just wrong and distasteful.

  12. Maxine Biddle
    3 years ago

    I recently saw the movie, Agora, on showtime and I, too, was a bit shocked at the antics of "saint" Cyril. But I've concluded long ago that whereever you get a group of humans together, bad stuff can easily take off. Jesus foretold as much. As someone reminded us, it was a MOVIE, therefore probably not verbatim truth. Like about Hypatia - if she was as lovely a character as portrayed, we can certainly ask for her help from heaven. The Catholic Church has endured to this day not because of people, but in spite of them. Somehow, the Lord still uses His Church to reach out to us and connect with us, so, please God, I'm with the Church to the end.

  13. Joseph Mathew
    3 years ago

    The sanctity of St. Cyril of Alexandria cannot be assesed on the basis of a movie or a novel. The fact that he has been declared a doctor of the church after a gap of nearly 1400 years shows the immense clarity of his thinking, learning and his zeal in defending the church. St. Cyril of Alexandria, please pray for us!

  14. ROSE
    3 years ago

    even if i did not watch the movie, which i did! i read up also on him and i have also read what some of u put up on behalf of his defence, even if the jews did some cruel things to us it does not condone us reacting like them, we r suppose to live our life like christ and this was not an example of christ like behaviour. we need to ask ourselves is this what christ would have done in his place, the answer is no, when he was being tortured did he ask for us to take revenge or war no he did not. i am not one to judge, but i will give my opinion! he may have had strong beliefs in our church but his ways are questionable, and he will answer to god for all his actions.

  15. J. Dainty
    3 years ago

    Sadly, many of our religious forbears were more products of their cultures than creations of Christ. It is patently obvious that the violent Roman and cosmopolitan Alexandria was different from the places in which any of us live today.

    However, it is equally sad that, just exactly like our forbears, many today are willing to take the lives of others simply for their disagreement on some religious principle or philosophical point.

    If you are willing to take the life of another over his religious stance, it is high time you examined your own ... closely.

  16. EDenney
    3 years ago

    Forget about the movie. Cyril was no st. He was a murderer like other Catholic prelates, Borgia, innocent iii, and too many others who have raped, pillaged, eschewd science and now ruined hundreds of childrens' lives while the church covered up their vile sins. So what else is new? Hepatia stood for the Jews against Cyril's antisemitism and was skinned and burned for her actions. She is the saint.

  17. Maria
    3 years ago

    The most unbelievable part here is how intelligent people will follow the teachings of Hollywood before those of the church. Well of course Cyril was a murdering bastard. Didn't they make a beautifully acted movie about it? Jesus himself could arrive today and unless he looked like Brad Pitt and dressed like George Clonney no one would pay him any mind. Agora is a MOVIE! Seriously, I feel ill reading the comments about leaving the church over a piece of cinema. So sad.

  18. Ignacio
    3 years ago

    I just watched the movie Agora and just read this article if half of what I have seen is true it is preposterous that such a man could be considered a saint,it is very sad indeed, He was a servant of the devil not of God " Religion is embraced, not enforced".

  19. Rose
    3 years ago

    Jon, it is a shame you knew so little about your faith before you rejected it. If you had done some research, you would have discovered a very different story. Christians were violently persecuted during St Cyril's day, especially by the Jews. They murdered many Christians in Alexandria before the Christians retaliated.
    Many false leaders in the church during that time were, with their own interpretation of scripture, changing what Jesus taught. St Cyril did what he had to do to protect the doctrine of the church, as well as the followers of the faith. Christian and Catholic haters will always have their own interpretation of history. It is up to people of independent thinking minds to take what they hear from professors, Hollywood movies, or other sources with a grain of salt. To do their own research from BOTH sides, and realize that the truth always lies somewhere in the gray middle area.

  20. Yvonne Mutuc
    4 years ago

    That a man could be fanatical in his beliefs, albeit morally wrong, can be attributed to the fallenness of man's nature. But to be canonized a Catholic saint despite such atrocities, excuses it, and causes much doubt and aspersion as to the mystic traditions of the Catholic religion. Like Jon, I say Cyril is as far removed from Christ as the east is from the west. Not surprisingly really, because history repeats itself much in the canonizations of many barbaric so-called heads of the Catholic church. In the final analysis, Christians are supposed to aspire to be like Christ, and not masquerade about.

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