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St. Claudia Comments

Claudia was the mother of Linus, who became the second Pope. Tradition has her the daughter of British King Caractacus, who was sent to Rome with his family in chains when he was defeated by Aulus Plautius. Released by Emperor Claudius, one of his daughters took the name Claudia, remained in Rome, was baptized, and is the Claudia mentioned in St. Paul's second letter to Timothy. Another tradition has her the daughter of Cogidubnus, a British ... Continue Reading

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  1. Rebecca
    6 months ago

    What did St. Claudia do?
    What were her miracles?

  2. Claudia Campos
    1 year ago

    I also got pissed about my name's origin, however the history of it, is very vast, St. Claudia was as lame as a lamb,okay?? She attempted 2 talk 2 her husband Pontious Pilate out of torturing & killing an innocent man, Jesus. She was trying 2 give identity 2 other religions, as Pagans, Christians, Druids, Rastafarians, etc....may have have a doctrine 2 celebrate with a oneness and the beauty of what brings us together rather than what sets us apart.
    God Bless you all,

  3. Claudia
    1 year ago

    YAY! I never knew their was a st with the same name as me I am doing a saint project at school and this website has helped me out with some info! I like saint Claudia!

  4. ClaudiaAsCreation
    1 year ago

    lol im Claudia

  5. abby
    2 years ago

    i love this saint

  6. Ciara Hain
    2 years ago

    Help! I need to do an assignment on Saint Claudia but i don't know what she stands for or how she became a saint! HELP!!

    2 years ago

    Hey my name is CLAUDIA too!!! This is soooo cool!!! I can't believe how many CLAUDIAS there are

  8. Ciara
    2 years ago

    so many Claudias!!!!

  9. J Mason Darwen
    3 years ago

    'Claudia' is, [or may be] a pre ordained [thus prophetic] name, set in particular seemingly to link a future 'united kingdom' [Albion] once pagan, ['lame'] [part Druidic, a cult centred in Wales] - with St. Paul, via Linus, the offspring of Claudia [the after effect of that relationship - enabling a regal continuem of St Paul's mission - into the future, to embrace one group of gentiles in particular seemingly] Kingly prisoners from that land [including a daughter, the girl set to be named 'Claudia'] set free - in Rome. Notably after '7 years' by Emperor Claudius. Claudia subsequent to Baptism in Rome, given a 7th day - as a feast day, a 'Twinning' of 7's evident thus, one of the prime hallmarks of Holy Scripture, Christianity adopted by the Britains, ...the 'Lame' healed. This is my understanding of Scripture, and upon reviewing my own mother's name Gladys also, old welsh in origin... Latin, 'Claudia'. A New Kingdom name, latterly. Thus a name to be especially proud of. I hope this synopsis goes some way to releasing all modern day Claudia's from 'old [dictionary] testimony'. Static, obsolete testimony.

  10. jane
    3 years ago

    hey hey hey!!!! thanks sooooo much 4 posting this article. although it didn't help ME much with what I was specificly looking 4, it provided me with some additional information that I KNOW will help me in the long-run.

    by the way: does anyone know what Saint Claudia is/was the patron saint of?


  11. sutris
    3 years ago

    how can i get the life history of saint claudia?

  12. cindy
    3 years ago

    hey my name is cindy, not claudia. but yeah it dosent say anything about how she became a saint...

  13. Claudia
    4 years ago

    my name's claudia too(:
    i'm doing a report about saint claudia but i can't find anything!!
    please help?
    thanks a bunch!

  14. Claudia
    4 years ago

    Hey... My name is Claudia too.. & we should start a group.. Can any1 help me I don't have any information on st. Claudia & I'm doing an essay on her =( ahh & I also hate the meaning of my name .. I can be a lot of things bt I'm not LAME =( bt Noe I Noe that I have a Saint =) .. Bt 4real we should start a group cuz claudia's are AWESOME!! & no one can say other wise... Bye Claudia's
    Thanks. =)

  15. courtney
    4 years ago

    true Claudia it says nothing bout her and why she came a saint

  16. Claudia
    4 years ago

    Yay... my name is Claudia too...i didn't know there was a St. named Claudia. I love it!! because i hate the meaning that i get every time i look up my says that Claudia means lame?!? = ( well, now i can say that i was named after a St. = )

  17. Claudia V
    4 years ago

    my name is Claudia tooo!! we should start a group :)

  18. Claudia
    5 years ago

    hey my name is Claudia i am doing a project i love god and saints!!

  19. Claudia
    5 years ago

    heyyy my names Claudia tooooo!!!!

  20. Claudia
    6 years ago

    Im doing a research paper on a saint that is based on my name. i juzt cant find enough information to complete it.
    Can some one help me out?

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