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St. Peter, First Pope Comments

Simon Peter or Cephas, the first pope, Prince of the Apostles, and founder, with St. Paul, of the see of Rome. Peter was a native of Bethsaida, near Lake Tiberias, the son of John, and worked, like his brother St. Andrew, as a fisherman on Lake Genesareth. Andrew introduced Peter to Jesus, and Christ called Peter to become adisciple. In Luke is recounted the story that Peter caught so large an amount of fish that he fell down before the feet of ... Continue Reading

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  1. Pat
    1 year ago

    Thank you Saint Peter for you intercession.

  2. Raj Ambrose
    1 year ago

    Dear Saints, Builders of the Church,

    The Church is in ruins. Please come hurriedly to restore her ancient glory which was achieved on your blood. Transfer that courage and wisdom to the Pope and the Cardinals to rebuild the Church in the face of the paganism propagated by the U.S.A and the Europe. Strike these evil forces down and show to them the power of Christ. Please send more dedicated and saints like priests to tend vineyard of the Lord and make a great harvest. Bless the Mother Church that all those who gone away and build their own church will return to the mother Church. Fill the Church with the Holy Spirit that the evil spirits of the modern day politicians and the tycoons of Europe and U.S.A flee to Hades from where they have come. Grant good health and courage to Pope Francis to root out the evil priests from the Vatican and from the Universal Church. Amen.

  3. PeterM
    1 year ago

    Peter was a widower. There are many married saints; God calls certain people to the vocation of marriage but He calls everyone to be a saint.

    We don't hold to human tradition. Traditions of men are dispensable; the traditions of God, that we received from His mouth, we hold dear.

  4. Joseph Mathew
    1 year ago

    Sts. Peter & Paul, the pillars of the Catholic Church, and whose feasts are observed today, please pray and intercede for us.

  5. christopher antony
    1 year ago

    great saint peter please pray for me and my family 2 Jesus ask him for his blessing
    God bless us all

  6. regan leavy
    1 year ago

    very good info
    love this site

  7. john
    1 year ago

    wasn't peter married in matthew 8 14 didn't it say he had a mother in law. therefore he was married I thought saints don't get married

  8. Bong Revilla
    1 year ago

    You abandon the commandment of God and hold to human tradition." Mark 7:8

    See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the elemental spiritual forces of this world rather than on Christ. Colossians 2:8

  9. bithc
    2 years ago


  10. Jason
    2 years ago

    Thank you St. Peter for your intercession and prayers for making the impossible the possible. I thank you my Patron Saint! Glory to Jesus Christ our Lord!!!

  11. Genesis
    2 years ago

    Thank you St. Peter for helping remove blockages from my life and turning my not-so-good luck into great luck!
    I appreciate you and everything you've done on my behalf!

  12. Nweke JoyRITA
    2 years ago

    St Peter pray for us

  13. Joseph B.Bryson
    2 years ago

    The Second Vatican Council did not "WORK" ?.....This is an uninformed, absurd statement !The Catholic Church could not have survived into the second millenium as smoothly as it has without the changes of the Second Vatican Council........Surely all of the changes have not been perfect but they did move a more informed Church out of the Middle Ages.

  14. Jan
    2 years ago

    Having read all about Peter, I am utterly convinced that he was bitterly jealous of Jesus's love for Mary Magdalene. His attitude has contributed to the Vatican 'keeping women down' for the last 2000 years.
    Jesus teachings are all that all that matters as He is God's Love.For all you know, God may be Female.
    The next 2000 years will see the Catholic Church and all its man-made doctrines turned on its head.

  15. Blake
    2 years ago

    St. Peter -please intercede for my with that she would repent and come back to Jesus and our marriage and Family. Please intercede for me, Blake, to have a stronger faith, belief, and RUN to Jesus when things look like they'll never get better. Also that my daughters Madison and Olivia's hearts would soften and return home. Thank you and bless you St. Peter.

  16. Carlos Medina
    2 years ago

    Great article with excellent history back ground. I will pass it on to friends.
    As St. Peter is know to be the patron Saint of feet. I pray to you St. Peter to heal my left foot.
    In the name of Jesus I thank you St. Peter for healing me.

  17. Joseph Mathew
    2 years ago

    St. Peter, the head of Apostles, please intercede for me and my family in your prayers.

  18. John Campbell
    2 years ago

    Why is this Wikipedia material included on a CATHOLIC website - or at least not edited?

    Firstly, it contains misinformation. Not all of St. Peter's remains are beneath the alter in St Peter's Basilica. His skull resides above the alter in St John Lateran Cathedral in Rome along with the skull of St Paul.

    Secondly as a Catholic, I'm interested in the teachings of the Magisterium of the universal CATHOLIC Church. I love my separated Protestan brothers and sisters, but I'm not particularly interested in revisionist history, or Protestant heresies as outlined in the Wikipedia article. These may have their place elsewhere, but on a CATHOLIC website?

  19. Doris
    2 years ago

    Dear St. Peter, You were a righteous man, and yet, you encountered temptation, fear and lackness of faith, like a normal human being . Nevertheless, you repented and served the Lord throughout your life. Jesus has appointed you as the Leader of the Church, the rock Jesus referred to. Having been in this seat, as the first Pope in the Church in Rome, we look up at you as the implementor of Catholicism, with our Lord Jesus, as the Founder. Please intercede for us in our prayers of guiding St. Benedict XVI and all the bishops and clergies to teach what pleases you. Dear St. Peter make me an instrument in propagating the Catholic Faith. Amen.

  20. Mona
    2 years ago

    Dear Saint Peter, please pray for Jacob that he finds the right path and for his parents that they find the strength and wisdom to lead him. Thank you.

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