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St. Germaine Cousin Comments

When Hortense decided to marry Laurent Cousin in Pibrac, France, it was not out of love for his infant daughter. Germaine was everything Hortense despised. Weak and ill, the girl had also been born with a right hand that was deformed and paralyzed. Hortense replaced the love that Germaine has lost when her mother died with cruelty and abuse. Laurent, who had a weak character, pretended not to notice that Germaine had been given so little ... Continue Reading

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    1 year ago

    St Germaine Cousin, you were neglected and the Lord Almighty kept you in his warm and loving care, you experience make a sad reading, only through prayer will one get the truth from God, Intercede for me that i be simple, humble, forgiving, alms giving, fear of the Lord, Love people who are against me,Show us you ways as you showed them to this world. you are now in Heaven in full glory with our Lord Jesus Christ and all the saints. please intercede for me for protection from any evil, intercede for me to be healed, saved and to be freed. sweet saint you are one amongst others. i truly admire you and you are one of my favourite saints. I ask for kind intercession. i make this prayer through our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

  2. Marianne Grill
    1 year ago

    Just happened to check the EWTN channel today in time to hear the story of St. Germaine. Born and raised a Catholic, educated in Catholic schools, I had never heard of her before. This then made me curious and found your site after reading her story online. Her life made me cry and and feel anger at the same time. How could such abuse be allowed and tolerated, even in those days. Well this precious soul withstood all of her emotional and physical pain and abuse and turned it into love, love for God and other souls. It made a big impact on me and made me realize that without God and Saints like Germaine I would have nothing to model myself after. She will be my special Saint and I will pray for her intercession with God for my own needs. Bless you little Germaine, be a guiding light in my life.

  3. Robin Springer
    1 year ago

    Dear child St. Germaine.... your story brought me to tears; I didn't know of you until today. So many Lord's Blessings to you! Please & thank you for helping to protect those abused....

  4. Joseph Mathew
    1 year ago

    St. Germaine Cousin, Pray for me to be instilled with the gift of forgiveness, and to be compassionate with others, wherever I am.

  5. Argrenia
    1 year ago

    Last week my grandchildren were put in foster care, since I have learned that even in foster care, my granddaughter has not received proper care for her skin condition that propted me to call social services. I fear for my grandchildren, I had hoped that she would be taken care of properly. I ask St. Germaine to look out for all children in the home in which she is in, because if she is not receiving proper care neither are the other. Thank you God for being this Saint into the world to help others like my grandchildren. Those who read this please pray for all children in care of those children in need of help from others that aare not there own. Thank you.


  6. Raj Ambrose
    1 year ago

    Dear Saint,

    Kindly enlighten me to the power of suffering which grants endurance and strengthens one's faith in Christ. Grant me the heart and mind to suffer in life patiently and lovingly. Help me to forgive everyone who caused me suffering, mentally and physically. Pray for me so that I receive forgiveness from those people whom I have caused suffering through my thoughts, words and deeds. Bless all the children who are undergoing suffering and are being treated cruelly. Enable me to help as many children as I can to have a better life. Bless my children too that they may grow up to be worthy slaves of Christ. Amen.

  7. Sylvester George Fernando
    1 year ago

    Oh Good Heavens!
    In every heart you keep a Saint -
    And Lo, the little Germaine,
    What a humble life?
    So innocent
    So fragile
    So compassionate
    So forgiving
    So selfless
    A Monster,s heart -
    Transformed by intercession
    By all her love of God
    Through a life
    Of austerity and prayer
    Into a fragrant blossom
    Unto her mother's hands
    A miracle
    Afresh yet
    To every mother
    On earth for ever and ever
    Amen, O Germaine!

  8. jude ssabayinda
    1 year ago

    This was so incredible and may you or holly ,,,st,Germaine Cousin . may you pray for me so that my heart may not decay so that it may glorify the good lord each de till the day of revelation.......

  9. Trinbagonian
    1 year ago

    Beautiful St. Germaine, help me to spread peace when confronted by hurt and violence. Help all of us. Your help is needed to help bring about peace in the world. As you did when you were alive, teach us how.
    So many of us hurt others!
    It is easy to become angry when we are wronged. It is easy to think bad thoughts against the people who wrong us. Help us to react according to God's Will. Don't let us fight back when this is not needed. Help us to be as you were, beautiful and childlike in the eyes of God (where it matters). Help us to be Christ-like, please. Teach us your simple, little way. I long to know it.
    I love you. I believe in your prayers. You are a saint. Pray for all of us, please. Pray for me.

  10. Manya
    1 year ago

    St. Germaine, My grandson has had to endure 13 years of having to spend time with an abusive father. I pray and humble myself before you asking that you watch over Grant and give him wisdom. I ask that you rescue him and bring him safely home to his family immediately.

  11. Jill
    1 year ago

    I came across St. Germaine when I was looking for my patron saint when I was going through RCIA. At the time, I had a lot going on in my life. My 20 month old son had a brain tumor and wasn't expected to live, I had fallen out of my parents lives because I broke away from their religion and chose to become Catholic, my disabled oldest brother passed away and I didn't find out til I was given a copy of his obituary by a friend, and I was dealing with my own issues having grown up in an abusive home myself and when I came across her name is the seemingly thousands of saints I read about, something clicked. I felt a connection to her, and to her suffering. I always felt the ugly duckling anyway, and when I read about her, I felt as if, any saint would be good, but someone who actually KNEW how I felt, would be best. So I chose her. I wish more people knew about her. She's truly a special person.

  12. Germaine Clem
    2 years ago

    My mother and father had been trying for several years to concieve a child. My mother read a story about St. Germain Cousin and was so touched by it that she made her a promise. If she would intercede on my mother's behalf to ask the Lord to bless her with a child, and if that child was a girl, she would name that child after St. Germaine. I am that child. I was told this story from the time I could understand what it meant. From the time I was a small child I have had a very special relationship with St. Germaine. Whenever I had asked her to intercede for me, my special intentions were always granted. I never asked for anything for myself...only for others. Then came the day that I was trying to concieve myself and it was not going well. My mother-in-law, knowing of my special relationship with St. Germaine, asked why I didn't ask for intercession from her. I explained that I didn't ever ask for anything for myself. To which she replied that having a child impacted more than just impacted my entire family. She was a smart lady! I asked for intercession and 11 months later I gave birth to my daughter, Sarah Germaine. I love St. Germaine as if she were a member of my family. She means so much to me and I often don't feel worthy of her name. I am 54 now and I still call on her often to intercede for me...she still answers the call...every time. It's not always the exact thing I request but it is always the exact thing I need....because only God knows the REAL needs of my soul. I hope to continue to spread the word of St. Germaine and her beautiful, holy, inspiring life. God Bless!

  13. David Bissonnette
    2 years ago

    What a beautiful saint. I came across the trailer to a movie short produced by Our Lady's Tears Productrions. Are you aware of this 28 minute short about her life? The trailer can be viewed ON YOUTUBE. See the hyperlink below. I purchased the DVD to show to confirmation-1 classes at our parish. It is short enough to be able to use it in class discussions. It is an edifying movie and frankly they did a pretty good job for a small Catholic movie companie. Here is the youtube link which I think your viewers might enjoy

  14. Marie
    2 years ago

    Germaine was the middle name I was given at birth, at 14, 2 years after my older sister took confirmation I was curious about the saint of my birthday and I found out that my name was the same as the name of a saint.I am proud of my name and of St Germaine who has endured so much.I have little faith in many things and I am often full of doubts but I hope that I would one day have a similar amount of faith that came from one so young.May my actions be guided with faith, forgiveness, humility and love so they would spread to those around me.

  15. agnes bemoe
    2 years ago

    i was born under St. Germaine Cousin's feast day. And i am extremely proud of it.

  16. jennifer gelderbloem
    2 years ago

    Thank you for sharing this very inspiring story with displaying the greatness of GOD in the weak and wretched of the world that HE is there for them and for us all if we only but believe.

    Gracious LORD...thank you for the revelations YOU give us through the lives of these saints to inspire us to come to know, love and serve you despite all the obstacles that come our way. Amen

    St Germaine ...Pray for all the children of the world especially the unborn.

  17. Mary Vickoren
    2 years ago

    As an abused child, orphaned at age 10, in and out of foster homes, I know in a very small way the feelings of being unloved and unwanted that this poor girl went through. Now I am watching as my drug-abusing daughter beats and starves her kids, denying them even the simple necessities of life like clean clothes, baths, and medical care. Please, St. Germaine, pray for my grandchildren that they can be returned to us so that they will be loved and cared for and never have to endure another day of their mother's torture. Amen.

  18. Elodia U. Hartnett
    2 years ago

    I also had never heard of St. Germaine, what a sad live she had. No wonder she is a Saint, the way she forgive and the way she handle her life. Saint Germaine Cousin please pray for us and help us to be like you, what we have in this life does not even come close to what you suffer. Pray for our daughter, and her children. She lost her husband in the line of duty. It has been 10 years, she and her daughter and son are still having it very hard.

  19. Elle Smith Fagan
    2 years ago

    This Saint is still being abused - the writing of the first version is horribly done - illiterate. Fortunately the Wikipedia versions are easier. Please fix this injustice on the poor saint.

  20. Mona
    2 years ago

    Please Saint Germaine Cousin, please pray for Jacob that he finds the right path and for his parents that they find the strenght and wisdom to guide him. Thank you.

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