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St. Rita of Cascia Comments

Augustiniannun, also called Margarita. She was born in Roccaporena, near Spoleto, Italy, in 1381, and expressed from an early age the desire to become a nun. Her elderly parents insisted that she be married at the age of twelve to a man described in accounts of her life as cruel and harsh. She spent eighteen extremely unhappy years, had two sons, and was finally widowed when her husband was killed in a brawl. Both sons also died, and Rita, still ... Continue Reading

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  1. Rod
    2 years ago

    St Rita please pray for my wife as she is going through some very difficult times.

  2. Nkem
    2 years ago

    Praise Report!

    Posted on this website some weeks ago asking for Saint Rita to intercede that my marriage be restored in addition l had a 9-day novena to Saint Rita. And our Almighty Father heard our prayers and restored my marriage. All the problems are not solved yet but we are back together and working the issues. One of the miracles God performed in our marriage is that for the first time since we got married, we held hands together and prayed to God as a couple.

    I am so grateful to God and my heart is thankful for where we are in our marriage now and l am believing God to perfect all that He has started in our lives and Marriage.

    Join me in praising God.

  3. elizabeth
    2 years ago

    sta rita pray for me please my partner and me want to desperately have a child together. I want to get pregnant before i get any older & not able to conceive. Please intercede this request with god and bless us a healthy baby soon.

  4. wendy
    2 years ago

    St. Rita pray for my brother who is in prison. He is a family man with three little children and needs a lot of prayers to be brought out clean from all the mess that he is in. I believe that Our Lord Jesus Christ is a merciful God and that through your powerful intercession my brother will be granted bail today and all charges against him be dropped. I thank you in advance for your powerful intercession.

  5. Shopgirl
    2 years ago

    Thank you St Rita for answering my prayers and please help me in my latest request

  6. Stacy
    2 years ago

    Most gracious St. Rita I come before you to seek your intercession as I seek to to be enrolled in a Development Program here at work. I pursued this endeavor 2 years ago of which I met all of the established criteria however my efforts were compromised by my jealous co- workers/boss deeds of no good. I was devastated that the opportunity was taken away from me because of there insecurities and there dissatisfaction with my success, however although extremely hurt I eventually moved on. St. Rita I have prepared academically for the past years by completing my Associates, Bachelors, Masters and most recently my certification in my desired field. What's missing now for me to move further is hands on experience. This Development Program will provide this missing component for me to grow further in my career. As I pray to God that this time around the process is fairly done, I ask that you intercede for me so that I am given a fair shot of this opportunity this time around. Many thanks St. Rita! I LOVE YOU!!!

  7. lexther2828
    2 years ago

    Sta. Rita, our patron, please pray for us

  8. AR
    2 years ago

    Dear St. Rita, I pray and ask you to intercede for me to our Lord because you too suffered at the hands of an abuser. I have been in a difficult and abusive relationship for many years. I'm so deeply in debt and tied in so tightly with finances that I cannot afford to leave. My fears have me consumed: that I will have to leave my children, that I will not be able to afford a lawyer, that I will become even more depressed and unable to take care of myself and my family, and that I will be alone. Or that I am actually the problem. I'm scared to talk to others. I'm afraid to file for order of protection, to separate legally, or to divorce because I don't want to hurt my children, or even this man who seems to hate me. I'm scared of lawyers and police officers. The history has been with the police officers not to do anything despite being called during physical abuse to our family. I beg for God to make him decide to leave on his own, for some event to bring me the clarity I need and the strength I must have to proceed. Please help me, St. Rita. Please allow that I be able to stay in my home safely with my children without the angry and abusive person in our lives.

  9. Michelle
    2 years ago

    Dear Saint Rita of Cascia, saint of impossible cases, I beg you to pray on my behalf as I am faced with financial difficulties. My home is going through the process of foreclosure, the home that my Mother passed away in 8 years ago. I know I am only 28 years old and have made many mistakes but I am begging you for a miracle. Please don't let me lose my home dear Saint Rita. I beseech you to pray for me so that I dont have to leave my home that I shared with my Mother and that my financial situation gets better. I pray to you Saint Rita, my heart believes in the miracles of the Lord Jesus Christ. Please answer my prayers. in this I pray to you and the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

  10. Nkem
    2 years ago

    I beseech you Saint Rita to intercede to our Lord Jesus Christ on my behalf. I am desperate for a change, overwhelmed and almost loosing hope. I ask thee oh saint of difficult cases to intercede that my marriage be restored. You as a fellow woman, wife and mother know what it is like to be in a difficult marriage but because of your patience, humility and faith in God, you were able to turn things around in your marriage. I implore you to please intercede that my prayers to our Lord Jesus Christ will turn things around for good in my marriage and my life. That l will find peace in my heart and that my husband and l may forgive each other for all the wrongs and pain we have caused one another. That the love we once shared for each other return and never leave. That we may live together as husband and wife under the same roof in peace, raise Godly children and grow old together. Amen.
    I promise to post my praise report before the end of my novena. Please give me a sign that yo have heard my request and interceeding on my behalf. Thank you Saint Rita.

  11. Chris
    2 years ago

    St Rita nswered my prayers for my family

  12. V & F
    2 years ago

    Dear St Rita, an Augustinion Father told me to pray to St Rita Advocate of the impossible after I told him about our son's drug addiction and how hard and painful it is when it hits a person,I wanted to know more about you and read your story ,I can understand how you felt as only love can keep you going on and what does not kill you makes you stronger,but there comes a time when it is too much ,our son lost his feelings,compassion and all the things which makes a person to be loved.ST RITA I BEG you to interced to Our LORD so our son gives up this bad habit to rehab and will be back to normal,drugs effected his brain and it takes a long time to return to normal as,we were losing hope he will ever recover.ST Rita you are our last hope as we have been 4 years helping him,we suffer so much silently ,not everyone can do it,he wants so much to be his old self, I trust him in your hands and if he recovers all the family owes you a big thank you and Praise your name. I strongly believe you can light our flame again. Thank you so much.

  13. Alyn
    2 years ago

    Dear St Rita of Cascia,my friend told me that you are the Saint of impossible, please intercede
    and pray that my mother Teresita heal for Parkinson disease she suffered so much because of pain. also pray and help my daughters to her studies,give all of them wisdom,knowledge,good health and a God fearing daughters. In Jesus name.Amen.. Thank you so much.

  14. Gladys
    2 years ago

    St Rita, please help me in my dire needs. Please intercede for my temperamental and abusive partner. Please heal whatever inner wounds he has and please touch his heart so he will be a changed man and we can protect our family from separation. Please mend his heart and give him a clear mind to realize that what he did is not good for his family, for my family and for our son. Grant my prayers and make me stronger in the face of trials like this. Protect us from harm and falling into the snares of the devil. Guard our family.

  15. emma
    2 years ago

    i must share this with you. i have recently found out about st rita and read her story. im going through marital problems just now . my husband has filed for a separation and also moved out. i prayed to st rita and asked her to give me a sign that she heard my prayers . i got my sign :) i also met a nun who gave me a framed picture of st rita and some other things of this blessed saint. i then got into praying the rosary so i kind of neglected my daily prayer to st rita. today i prayed st ritas chaplet and asked her forgiveness for neglecting her. then a woman came in and said she wanted to give me something of st ritas ! unbelievable. while the situation with my husband is getting worse i know that st rita is there for me giving me strength to continue with my life on the right path .

  16. allison
    2 years ago

    saint rita is my favorite saint now ! she is awesome

  17. anagaby
    2 years ago

    St. Rita of Cascia, Saint of the impossibles, I only had to pray to you once and you answered my prayers. I got hired at the bank, when I thought I wouldn't get the job. I left everything in God's hands, and I have so much faith in you and other saints. I feel so blessed. I encourage everyone that if you ever feel like something is impossible for you to accomplish, just pray. Never lose hope, but most important FAITH. Don't lose that faith. Pray, pray, pray, and offer something in returns. Remember, with God EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE.
    Thank you St. Rita, I love you.

  18. Ella
    2 years ago

    Dear St Rita, please pray for me. Please assist me with my difficulties, you know what they are. Please please please help me I beg you

  19. REGINA
    2 years ago


  20. Chris
    2 years ago

    St Rita pray for my husband and I who desperately want a child. I suffer from endometriosis which led to my infertility. Please intercede with God and grant us a miracle healthy baby. In Jesus name I beg you. Amen

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