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Our Lady of Guadalupe Comments

Our Lady of Guadalupe December 12 (USA) When we reflect on the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe we learn two important lessons, one of faith and one of understanding. Missionaries who first came to Mexico with the conquistadors had little success in the beginning. After nearly a generation, only a few hundred Native Mexicans had converted to the Christian faith. Whether they simply did not understand what the missionaries had to offer or whether ... Continue Reading

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  1. Jim
    1 year ago

    It's always hard to believe. This happened many many years go and nothing sense that time. Why? Now in this day and age people need the Virgin Mother and Jesus but yet there is nothing at all that the people can see? nothing like Fatima/Lourdes/Guadalupe, nothing at all and why. This world is in dire need and Mary/God/Jesus should see that but yet nothing At all.

  2. Marcia blanco
    1 year ago

    Dearest Mother,
    Please grant healing and physical health to me, my husband, parents and relatives. Please allow us . Live long abundant lives free of disease and illness. Please are allow my mothers testing as well as my doctors apt yield wonderful results. I pray for the conversion of my husbands soul and a strengthened more unified marriage with Christ as our center. I pray for my children that they may be shielded from the evil one and always be centered in Christ and lead happy healthy long lives. I pray for all the holy souls in purgatory...may the be united with our Lord. I pray for Sherri that her illness not continue to afflict her...and for the intentions in my family, relatives and friends well as my own. Please let the Lord know I want to grow closer to him....and serve Him better...I ask all of this in Jesus name....Lord Jesus. ..thank you for hearing my prayers.
    all the angels and saints please help me.

  3. rose rozario
    1 year ago

    Thank you r lady of guadalupe for hearing n answering my prayers all d time...i have received her medallion n my prayer were answered,..started 2 do r lady of guadalupe novena last week and answered my prayers before the ninth day..,she is r mother n knows r heart before we coukd have asked her...juz belive n if it is aligned with gods will it eii be done....

    Be with us mama mary along the every step we take...lead us to jesus ur loving son come with us mary come...

    Thank you god the father, god the son n god the holy spirit....

    Bless us always ahd keep us always covered in the manrle of you love n mercy...

    God bless our family n everyone

    Please take care n bless my husband , kids n r loved ones

    Protect my husbands from the perils of d seas n enemies

  4. kevin
    1 year ago

    To You, Mother of the Lord, Our Lady of Guadalupe, I am here seeking Your mercy that Our Lord Jesus Christ help me through my application. I am praying with You, Our Lady of Guadalupe that I may get a call and job offer. Please. Through my heart, here my prayer. Amen. Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us.

  5. Eustace
    1 year ago

    My mother please pray for me as we enter into the next year that i may achieve all i desire to do and the rest in my heart that i should be able to look after these kids and my family, pray for me that i may be able to achieve all i wish to do as main focus on my children, i make this humble request through our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

  6. Allarie Landron
    1 year ago

    Holy Lady of Guadalupe...Ty :-) for coming to my dreams early this 12/12 mornings...Please Bless me and my Son Aaron Sanchez we have so much coming up in our lives and I con't to pray for Guidance and Strength mostly Faith.. we trying so hard to stay strong in our daily lives, please Guide Aaron my son in the future He has a Very important Exam ACT coming up and he needs guidance to pass this exam so he could Graduate.. he feels really down and wants to give up please give him all the strength and be his eyes and guidance with this Exam! everyday to make him a strong young man with for challenges in life, I want him to be able to be strong and please all his fullfill events, with every decisions he needs to make, guide him in his path and as a mother to my son guide me in doing RIGHT with helping him find his ways to better his life with his career my career and Holy Lady Guadalupe He WANTS TO SING, let him SING!!!SING!!! he sounds so Good and he LOVES TO SING!!! guide his path make his voice strong let him stand out when he sings..Aaron Sanchez SINGS 4Life.. God Bless all my family and friends Amen Amen Amen ..

  7. Cathy
    1 year ago

    Dear Blessed Mother Mary, Our Lady of Guadalupe,

    I feel so fortunate that my birthday is on your feast day. Please let my little son, Anthony, know that I love him. He was called home to be with you and your divine Son a few short weeks ago. I wanted him to be here with us but he was so sick and the doctors tried to save him. I thank you and God for all the answered prayers and continue to pray for us as we miss our youngest son. In loving gratitude, your daughter, Cathy.

  8. Joseph Mathew
    1 year ago

    Our Lady of Guadalupe, I surrender my whole self and my family members to your loving care and protection, today on your Feast day. Please guide us through the labyrinth of this world by maintaining purity of thought, word and deed.

  9. Gioconda
    1 year ago

    Virgencita de Guadalupe, dame fuerza de seguir adelante, el dolor me esta matando,disculpame porque no podre cumplirte, Ayudame a seguir adelante y sacar este dolor, Bendice a mi familia y guiame por esta oscuridad. Enseñame la luz, mi vida esta sin sentido te pido de corazon me ayudes o muero.

  10. Natalie
    1 year ago

    Dear Lady of Guadelupe, you revealed to me the beauty of being a woman, an expecting woman devoted entirely and unconditionally to our Lord Jesus. Please keep my baby and me close to your mantel. My baby and I are eagerly waiting for the day in which he/she will share in the splendor of life. We both offer up to all expecting women and unborn our discomfort, fears and pains. May this time serve me as preparation just as it did for our Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus.
    With all our Love,
    Baby and Mamma 💕

  11. cecylia muhalia
    1 year ago

    Our lady Guadalupe, intercede for me and my fiance to your son Jesus as we prepare to culminate our love in holy matrimony this coming December 20th 2013, May all our challenges be turned into blessings. That any closed doors may be open to us so that we don't lack a thing. Pray for us to have a successful wedding and happy marriage thereafter. Also pray for me as i prepare to do my exams that i may pass with good grades.

  12. helen
    1 year ago

    pls help pray for the fast healing of my sister's finger wound. thank you

  13. Stanley
    1 year ago

    Bunda Maria yang baik hati kami memohon dengan sangat kesembuhan lahir dan bathin bagi saudara kami / anak kami Antonius Soeharto Tandi dari sakitnya yang aneh dan tidak sembuh sembuh, dan kami juga mohon BerkatMu bagi Hubungan cinta kami agar direstui oleh orangtua dan keluarga kedua belah pihak dan agar kami berdua bisa segera menikah dan bisa memulai usaha baru dalam Berkat dan Perlindungan serta Bimbingan dari ALLAH BAPA,TUHAN YESUS, BUNDA MARIA, SANTO YOSEF SERTA SEGENAP PARA KUDUS DISURGA, karena hubungan cinta kami ditentang dengan keras oleh orangtua dan saudara saudara dari pihak keluarga perempuan Secara khusus juga kami memohon Berkat bagi saudara kami / Anak kami, Bernadus Albert Soetanto agar diberkati dan diberikan dan dipertemukan dengan jodoh yang baik dan Diberkati Tuhan, Kami juga Mohon BerkatMU bagi semua Orang yang telah meninggal Dunia, Khususnya Papa Thomas Hasan Tandi, Michael Kurniawan Tandi, Jovita Nurmalina, Lukas Wahjudin Salim, Daniel Kurniawan, Nyonya Trisnawaty

  14. Carrie
    2 years ago

    Please with highest off much do respect, only with much sincerest off, I ask for much relief in desperation, off much essence that has been a taken away, without permission. It's only crucial that have such only off opportunity, to acclaim back what has been so abruptly taken, without given off permission. My very essence only asks off kindness in request, for such an issued off property, belonging to my very off state. Much adoration

  15. EeTerrica Reeves
    2 years ago

    Dear Lady of Guadalupe, Please Pray that I get accepted in Our Lady of The Holy Cross College as a transfer student. I would also ask that you pray for me and the courtship that I am in now with M.D.A to turn into a long prosperous and fertile marriage filled with love and devotion.Lastly I ask you to pray that have peace in my life .In the name of the Father ,The Son,and The Holy Spirit .Amen

  16. Carrie
    2 years ago

    Most valued reasoning, with most sincerest off valued off much integrity, and most sincerest off most generous.

    Please do allow my very off higher conscious, the very right to strive, at only the highest off my higher off, very conscious potential, within all reasons.

    Please do allow my higher off conscious, the very right to much great level off most, at highest most sincerity.

    My very higher off so conscious has been deeply declined off complete unjust.

    My higher off self has been declined, at the very most off my very conscious. Please allow for generous off healing, sincerest

  17. Carrie
    2 years ago

    With only highest off most do most respect, at the highet off level, please do allow my very highest off conscious, the very highest level off rights, as a civil citizen, to be allowed endeavor at the higher level, off my higher off conscious.

    My higher off conscious has been badly declined, the civilized right to equality at the heightest off level.

    My higher off conscious, has been blocked and repressed, from that off injustice and that off ignorance.

    My higher off conscious is here for a much dignified reason. The injustice, that has blocked my higher off conscious, has depleted my higher rights at all levels.

    My soul has been declined and denied the higher off civil rights, to have access to dignified rights, on all levels.

    My higher off conscious has been clearly declined the civil right to strive, and yet to fulfill my higher off conscious at the highest level.

    Please do allow my higher off conscious, the right to evolve forward, towards it's fuller life extent. With sincerest off dearest, regards

  18. Carrie
    2 years ago

    With only most encouraged, off that off inspired invites, please do allow for highest off, and only extended off privileges, at the very off best.

    Please do help to only inspire, and most deeply encourage, at the most finest.

    Please do welcome most privileged off very finest endeavors, at the very best.

    Please with highest off only most sincerest off greatest endeavors, please allow for greatest off most finest off most inspired invites, at the very best. Most off Sincerest

  19. Eustace Singine
    2 years ago

    Our mother Mary, i thank you for all the intercessions you have done for me, i give thanks and praise to our Loving Father Almighty and your Holy son Jesus Christ, Mother watch over me and my family and protect from any evil either visible or invisible, bless us that we all follow the goods ways of your holy son ways. Heal me from all diseases that i may have and i will always show and give testimony to your miracles to me. Always keep on eye on me and my family so that no harm may come through us, i also pray that you intercede for my children to grow into God fearing and let them reach their advanced age to come to know our Father Almighty better and the best way. Mother continue to intercede for me as you have always. Show me your face where i do not expect to see you mother. you will always remain a caring and loving mother to me and that i treasure so much and with deep love for you. Amen

  20. Carrie
    2 years ago

    Please help me to understand at the highest off level, why such understated and unreasonable challenges, to that off my very soul.

    Please help me understand the higher off reasoning, for all these unreasonable challenges, to that off my very tried, but inner and outer off deep conscious.

    My inner and outer faith has been tested to the very most off my abilities.

    Please allow me the inner most gateways, to the higher off answers, with deepest off most warmest off sincerity

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