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St. Expeditus Comments

At one time there was much talk of a Saint Expeditus, and some good people were led to believe that, when there was need of haste, petitioning Saint Expeditus was likely to meet with prompt settlement. However, there is no adequate reason to think that any such saint was ever invoked in the early Christian centuries; in fact it is more than doubtful whether the saint ever existed. In the "Hieronymianum" the name Expeditus occurs among ... Continue Reading

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  1. david and april
    3 years ago

    We thank you god for every day and for all of your help with the saints and the angels you guide us we thank you . Saint Expedite we thank you for coming to our aid for bringing us customers we thank you in Jesus name. Amen

  2. Latesa
    3 years ago

    I thank you St. Expedite for coming to my aid in a hurry and your willingness to help me. I thank God for your intercession and intervention on my behalf. My thanks to you St. Expedite

  3. Kenny
    3 years ago

    St. Expeditus, I pray that you intercede in the granting of my petition. In the name of Jesus our Lord Amen.

  4. Sheila
    3 years ago

    Dear St. expeditus words can not express the thanks and gradtitude I have for you in help me getting assistance in my financial situation...I will continue to pray and honor you. Thank you again.


  5. Paula
    3 years ago

    Thank you Saint Expedite for prayers granted. It was a tense 9 days and you really helped me through it. Thank you!

  6. nmm
    3 years ago

    thank you St Expeditus for your intercession,my wish and request was granted...Thank you LOrd for everything...

  7. pae
    3 years ago

    Dear St. Expedite...I would like to thank you in advance for helping me to get a high score on the nln exam.

  8. Bandana Das
    3 years ago

    I really thanks a lot Saint Expedite..I am very thankful for his blessing in my life which was previously full of financial crisis.(job, debts).He help us out from all loss..Now I m having a job and my husband having a job and we are able to pay out our debts..So always be with us...when we call your name all problem is sorts out..I really love you st.Expedite..

  9. Jane
    3 years ago

    St. Expeditus, a very special "Thank You" for the financial help yesterday. You really do work fast. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  10. Wyatt
    3 years ago

    When i was growing up we were taught that when st. Expeditus came through for us we were to leave him a slice of pound cake 9 shiny pennies a glass of water and red flowers as well as spread out his name either in the paper or now online.

  11. Nathalu
    3 years ago

    My St. Expeditus, please pray for me and grant my petition. Help me pass my US tourist visa interview and help me obtain and grant me a US tourist visa for me to be able to visit my mother and my siblings and their family in California to spend quality time with them even in a short period of time. I ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ with the Holy Spirit, Amen!

  12. mike
    3 years ago

    saint expeditus to me is very powerful answered prayers to my family. thanks saint expeditus.

  13. Kim
    3 years ago

    Thank you Saint Expedite for granting my petition to you. I will will always be grateful to you and hold you near to my heart as my patron Saint.

  14. Monica Stone
    3 years ago

    On May.25, I started praying to St. Expedite so that my daughter who is a single mother with three children, would find a better paying job so that she wouldn't have to struggle any more. I found out from my daughter today that she got a better paying job making $2.00 more an hour than her old job and with better hours. When I started praying to St. Expedite, it only took 6 days for him to respond to my request. Thank you, St. Expedite! I love you!

  15. pete
    3 years ago

    thank you, ST. EXPEDITE, for interceding on my behalf to OUR LORD AND SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST....Thank you

  16. karel
    3 years ago

    Thanks a lot st.expedito for your prompt help with a new are great!!!i would like to say to anyone who is in need that he is powerful mate on your best!!! thanx a loads.

  17. Swapna
    3 years ago

    St. Anthony should be called on for all lost things, but especially those things dear to you. He will never fail in bringing the item back to you - never. 'St. Anthony, St. Anthony, please look around - there is 'something' (name your item) lost that must be found'. He is wonderful! Even my protestant friends are amazed by his help with this (he is also the Saint for miracles). St. Anthony Rocks!

    Thank you St.Antony for all favours recieved.Thank you for helping me to get my lost luggage..A saint for missing things and people.

    Swapna Joy

  18. swapna joy
    3 years ago

    Public Thank you to St. Expedite for granting our wishes

    Swapna Joy

    Saint Expedite is the Patron Saint of:

     Emergencies
     Shopkeepers
     Dealers
     Examinees
     Schoolboys
     Sailors and Navigators
     Everyone who needs a quick solution for their problems.

    St. Expedite is invoked in urgent causes and for prompt solutions, especially in the settlement of business and legal proceedings. Many people say he is also a big help to people who wish to overcome obstacles that are in the way of their financial success.
    Because Saint Expedite is associated with quick solutions, some people in the computer tech field have adopted him as their own patron saint. There are many in that industry that get paid only for software and hardware “solutions” or upon completion of their task. Lots of times they have to wait for payment to come well after submitting their completed work. What better Saint to intercede on their behalf than St. Expedite, as in "Hurry up and deliver this."

    Thank you St.Expdedite for helping me and my family.He helped me twice.
    St. Expedite will help people who need quick assistance in very difficult situations.


  19. Mary Joy Lim
    3 years ago

    no comment as of yet.

  20. Terri K
    3 years ago

    Novena to St. Expeditus

    Advocate in Urgent Cases
    As much as possible, recite this Novena before the Most Blessed Sacrament.
    Saint Expeditus suffered a lot during the time of Diocletion. He is holding a cross in which is inscribed "Hodie" (Today) while he is stepping on a crow which is crying "Cras" (Tomorrow) in order to remind us not to doubt even for a single moment the great mercy of God, and not to postpone for tomorrow the devout and trusting prayer but to call on him always as our advocate by the side of our Blessed Virgin.

    Act of Contrition
    My LORD Jesus Christ, Father of endless charity, I am heartily sorry for my sins. Grant me, therefore, pardon of my sins and the grace I ask of You thru the merits of the sorrows of Your loving Mother and the virtues of Your martyr, Saint Expeditus.
    Prayer to Saint Expeditus for Each Day
    Oh Saint Expeditus, my protector, in you I place my hope that my petitions may be granted if they are for my own good. Please ask Our Lord, through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin, for the forgiveness of my sins, and the grace to change my life, particularly the grace ... (mention here the particular grace desired) and I promise to follow your examples and will propagate this devotion to you.

    O Glorious Martyr, Saint Expeditus, through the lively faith which was granted you by God, I ask you to awaken the same faith in my heart, that I may also believe wholeheartedly that there is God, but most particularly that I may be saved from sinning against Him.
    Three Our Fathers in honour of the Most Holy Trinity then the concluding prayer.
    Concluding Prayer for Each Day
    Remember O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that any one who fled to thy protection, implored thy help, and sought thine intercession was left unaided. Inspired with this confidence, I fly unto thee, O Virgin of virgins, my Mother. To thee I come; before thee I stand, sinful and sorrowful. O Mother of the Word Incarnate, despise not my words but graciously hear and grant my prayer. Amen.
    One Hail Mary in honour of Our Lady of Sorrows.

    My Lord Jesus Christ ...
    O Glorious Martyr, Saint Expedius, through the eviable hope given you by God, pray that those of little belief may be penetrated by some rays of hope so that they also receive eternal things; please pray that ardent hope in God be also given me and hold me steadfast in the midst of sufferings.
    Three Our Fathers then the concluding prayer.

    My Lord Jesus Christ ...
    O Glorious Martyr, Saint Expeditus, through the endless love which Our Lord planted in your heart, please remove from mine all the shackles tied by worldliness, that without them I may love only God in all eternity. Amen.
    Three Our Fathers then the concluding prayer.

    My Lord Jesus Christ ...
    O Glorious Martyr, Saint Expeditus, who knew fully well the teaching of the Divine Teacher to carry the cross and follow Him, ask Him for the graces I need that I may fight my own passions.
    Three Our Fathers then the concluding prayer.

    My Lord Jesus Christ ...
    O Glorious Martyr, Saint Expeditus, through the bountiful graces you received from Heaven that you may conserve all your virtues, grant also that I may get rid of all the feelings that block my way to Heaven.
    Three Our Fathers then the concluding prayer.

    My Lord Jesus Christ ...
    O Glorious Martyr, Saint Expeditus, through the sufferings and humiliations which you received for the love of God, grant me also this grace which is very pleasing to God, and free me from anger and hardness of heart which is the stumbling block of my soul.
    Three Our Fathers then the concluding prayer.

    My Lord Jesus Christ ...
    O Glorious Martyr, Saint Expeditus, you know that prayer is the golden key that will open the Kingdom of Heaven, teach me to pray in a manner which is desirable to Our Lord and to His Heart, that I may live only for Him, that I may die only for Him, and that I may pray only to Him in all eternity.
    Three Our Fathers then the concluding prayer.

    My Lord Jesus Christ ...
    O Glorious Martyr, Saint Expeditus, through the clean desire that reigned in all your feelings, word and actions, please let them guide me also in my endless search for the glory of God and the good of my fellowmen.
    Three Our Fathers then the concluding prayer.

    My Lord Jesus Christ ...
    O Glorious Martyr, Saint Expeditus, who was so much loved by the Queen of Heaven, that to you nothing was denied, ask her, please my advocate, that through the sufferings of her Divine Son and her own sorrows, I may receive this day the grace I ask of you; but above all the grace to die first before I commit any mortal sin. Amen.
    Three Our Fathers then the concluding prayer.

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