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Casimir grew up in a world where his life was not his own. As a prince of Poland, the second son of King Casimir IV and Elizabeth of Austria, his life was scheduled to cement his father's authority and increase Poland's power. Casimir realized from an early age that his life belonged to someone else, but to a much higher King than his father. Despite pressure, humiliation, and rejection, he stood by that loyalty through his whole life. ... Continue Reading

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  1. Joseph Mathew
    11 months ago

    St. Casimir of Poland, please remember us in your prayers.

  2. Claire
    1 year ago

    I am about in the process of being confirmed and looking for the Saint of the Day on my birthday I found this saint although I am female and I hadn't known of him before I looked it up online it strikes a cord in my heart more than St.Cecelia and other female saints that I have been looking at. His inspiring story is just what I hope to be like and what I struggle to be and though it is a male I hope to be like him.

  3. Joseph Mathew
    1 year ago

    St. Cassimir, Please pray for me to remain firm in my faith towards the Lord as you always did.

  4. Raj Ambrose
    1 year ago

    Dear Saint,

    Kindly pray for the conclave to elect a Holy and Christ like Pope who can lead the faithful, especially the youth, to God. Enable the conclave to listen to their conscious and the prompting of the Holy Spirit so that we have a Wise Pope by Easter. Amen.

  5. Lourdes
    1 year ago

    I am about to apply for a job and decided to look to see who is The Saint of the Day is so that he or she might guide my hand and clear my head as I submit my resume. Imagine my delight to see that March is the month of St. Joseph, whom I have been asking for help in my job search for 2 years!

    Truthfully, the story of St. Casmir is new to me, however his tale has hit a raw spot for I applied at and took a job at a nonprofit a month ago with which I had moral questions and quandries as a Catholic. It was a temporary position - 30 days, contract to possible hire. My contract was not renewed last Friday. As I read how St. Casmir's men deserted him, allowing him to leave a confrontation he did not want to start I understood his relief completely. I needed the paycheck at this job and would have stayed in a morally queasy place to ensure my parents and brother worried less, to stop living hand-to-mouth, etc. Thankfully, the decision was made for me. I could not be more at peace spiritually this morning bcs now I can answer to my Father. This is not to say that financially, I am nothing but frantic - but somehow I will find a way.

    Even the cold / flu that I have had for a solid month has abated.

    What truly made me gasp in wonder at St Casmir's story however is that a job opportunity has presented itself to me with another nonprofit dedicated to curing lung diseases - the very thing that the holy man died from at such a tender age.

    I am a long time skeptic, never one to see "sign and wonders" where none belong. But even I feel a sense of blessing and and a sense that the path before me is better than the one left behind. Especially for my soul.

    Thank you St, Casmir, Bless you St. Casmir!

    God is Good!

  6. Mona
    1 year ago

    Please pray for Jacob that he finds the right path and peace, for his mother that the doctors can slow the progression of her dementia and for all cancer patients that we deal with our disease with grace and dignity. Thank you.

  7. general unknown anonymous usnf ****
    1 year ago

    4th mar 2013:st casimir pray for us!

  8. janet
    1 year ago

    Saint Casimir,
    What a joy to read your story, please pray for me to follow the lord and resist all temptations.
    Please pray for my human spouse with his material assests that they do not govern his life. Help us to help others. Please pray for the world to do the same. Thank you :) and thank you to all the saints. Please pray that I always make god proud to be my father

  9. emmanuel
    2 years ago

    oh St. Casimir pray for me to do just wat it is Right? amen

  10. Linda
    2 years ago

    My beloved father, whose first name was Casimir, died recently at the age of 93. A lifelong Catholic, he also lived a life of dignity and possessed charm and character. I was happy to learn about his namesake. But the two articles above did not really "synch" very well in all areas.

  11. Joseph Mathew
    2 years ago

    Dear St. Casimir, please coninue to pray for me to be loyal and steadfast to Jesus in whatever I do.

  12. christie
    2 years ago

    St. Casimir, pray for us dear saint of Poland and Lithuania. I am humbled to read of how you could renounce power, position and high earthly office. Pray for Victoria Gonzales today in the presence of the Blessed Trinity, that she may enjoy eternal happiness in the company of the angels and saints. Give me the courage to do what is pleasing to her and fulfill her wishes always. Bless my little gandchildren too. Give them heavenly protection and guidance. Free them from all harm. Amen

  13. Robin Bate
    3 years ago

    Great web site, very interesting, lots of points to move on for further study. More on the history of the Church and how the early 'Vatican' councils shaped current thinking, also details on the significant changes to Catholic dogma in face of 19th Century science, and in particular Charles Darwin. Also I note that the individuality of the people canonised where very Gnostic in there understanding and not quite the children the modern Catholic Church would wish its faithful to be. Aslo more on Aristotle and how the Church still use some of his teachings and Thomas of Aquinas - the Father of modern Catholic philosophy, It would help the Catholic church a lot if a deep and accurate understanding of the history and politics of the Church was known by all the faithful. Remembering that niether Christ Jesus nor his 12 Apostles were of any Christian denomination, they were Christian, denominations came later.

  14. casimir krolak
    3 years ago

    I cannot expect to display the emotions that fill my heart when I enter my church St. Casimir"s in Elmira , NY. I served at Masses from the 6th Grade until told that at 16 years we just didnt show the excitement new altar boy recruits was needed. It was later in life that the need for us oldies to step in and fill the void left by the increase in sports, I-Pads, etc.Yes, I feel a great sense of euphoria when I assist the priest whenever I can (which is not very often). If you still have the urge totry again, you'll love it!

  15. Thyfault
    3 years ago

    I have been blessed by reading about the Saints. The courage they had to remain faithful to Jesus in extreme sacrifices they had to make compared to me today. Lord help give me the strength and courage from the examples the Saints.

  16. joseph Mathew
    3 years ago

    Our priorities in life depend upon where our loyalties lie. Dear St. Casimir, please pray for me to be steadfast in my loyaty towards God in whatever I do!

  17. Anna
    3 years ago

    Saint Cassimir please help me to have the grace to believe and trust in God that all things are possible with him.

  18. Martin
    3 years ago

    Worth repeating:

    Saint Casimir, help us to remember that our true King is Jesus Christ and always serve him with joy and love. Help us to turn to our true Father for guidance and protection. Amen

    God bless all.

  19. Christine
    3 years ago

    Remind us, St Casimir, that riches and creature comforts are nothing compared to the immense good we can do for our fellow human beings when putting our true King first in our lives. Help us to find again the joy of self-denial that inspired your life and may God bless Poland. Amen

  20. Miguel
    3 years ago

    St. Casimir, I know your feastday is March 4th, can I receive good news regarding the change in schedule when to redo my hands on final exam which was scheduled for March 4th. Please help me do a great job and a good job awaits me.

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