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Francesco, named in honor of St. Francis of Assisi, was born to Giuseppa and Grazio Forgione, peasant farmers, in the small Italian village of Pietrelcina on May 25, 1887. From his childhood, it was evident that he was a special child of God. Francesco was very devout even as a child, and at an early age felt drawn to the priesthood. He became a Capuchin novice at the age of sixteen and received the habit in 1902. Francesco was ordained to the ... Continue Reading

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  1. Arlene Gapo- Tapayan
    2 years ago

    Padre Pio, please help me to pray that i will be able to get pregnant this month. St. Pio, please, please do help me. It is our desire (me and my husband) to have children. Please St. Padre Pio, hear us and grant our prayers. Thank you very much. i am nothing w/o the Lord our God, the creator of all. AMEN!

  2. H
    2 years ago

    Dear padre pio, thanks for all the blessings received, please help my both boys today in their exams, give them the grace to remember and recollect whatever they have learned, let the most diff questions also be easy for them . Help them to speak and not nervous. Let their answer sheet be filled with the right answers. Please help my husband in his job , give all of us good health and the most imp thing is always make mad keep us humble. Thanks

  3. Teresa
    2 years ago

    Dear Padre Pio Please, Please, hold the life of Joseph Enright in your heavenly hands. Please bring him back to robust health. Heal his donated (with so much love) kidney, Heal his heart (that is so filled with love) Heal his lungs that he may breath the sweet freedom of air outside of the walls of his hospital bed. Please Padre Pio I ask that you hear my prayer and grant us this miracle of life to our Dear Husband, Father, Friend Joseph. I have all the faith of this world and the next in you. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

  4. henrietta
    2 years ago

    Dear padre pio , please bless us duringthis day, please take care of my young one who is not well, please bless my elder one , help him to be responsible towards his study. please let him not get distracted with alll the wordly matters, gaming. keep him away from all this. nless my husband to ge all his dues . Padre Pio , please help me in particular, I am not able to understand what exactly you are asking me to do, please show me the way and guide me. i often dream about the church , mother Mary.. pleaase help me . Lately i have not been saing my prayer regularly . i have almost stopped visiting the chapel which i use to do on a regularly. please bless me with wisdom so i can understand the things he way you want me to. please help me. thank you.

  5. Michael
    2 years ago

    Padre Pio please hear my prayers and interceade for me. thank you.

  6. Maureen
    2 years ago

    Please pray for our unborn baby Matthew who has a heart condition, please heal his little heart making the left side grow strong and healthy, keep a watch over my lovely family keep them safe always. We have great faith in you please help us, we light a candle and pray to you everyday we love you Padre Pio your always be in our lives.

  7. Henrietta
    2 years ago

    Dear Padre Pio' thanks for all the blessings received, please take my family as your spiritual family, dear saint please help me daily to guide my children, bless them with god fearing friends, I have a lot of plans for my elder son and I have faith and confidence that I can achieve it with your help. Please help my sons and bless them with good he although , bless them in their coming exams, bless my husband with good health, help him in his job, help us in our financial decisions, . And thank for the blessings received. Please always make us humble. Thanks

  8. henrietta
    2 years ago

    Dear Padre Pio , i trust in you, please help me in my preseent situation. please help me to guide my boys, please help my elder son to be a responsible boy towards his studies, please keep him away from bad company, please also keep him away from getting distracted whille studing. this is a very inportant year for him.please take him as your spiritual son. and i have faith everything will be ok. please bless all oof us with good health, bless us in our financial decisions, let them all be for your greater glory. thanks for all the blesings received, thanks

  9. Jackie Santos
    2 years ago

    Padre Pio, pray for us that we may seek God's love. I ask through your Divine intercession that God's love is always everywhere and that He hears my prayer. That my broken heart would heal, that He would take away all my worries, hatred, anger and pain. I also pray that He would bless me and the person that I love that he may found God and that he will find his way back to me. Help me pray to our Father that inspite all the things that we've been going through, will held each others arms once again in God's time. I ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

  10. Henrietta
    2 years ago

    Dear Padre Pio, please bless me and my family today, please help my boys in their studies, their exmas are nearing, please guide them, let them not get distracted , please always help them to find godly friends, please bless my husband with good health, and keep us safe today. please help my eldest son who requires you the most, please protect him rom all evils, i leave him in your hands, thanks

  11. Henrietta
    2 years ago

    Dear Padre Pio, thank you for coming into my dreams, till then i was not aware of you, i feel blessed, once you came into my dream and i ignored you, then the second time again i dreamnt of you and i realised and i had to find out more about you, then through the internet i got to know about you, now i feel very blessed, please forgive me for my sins, and guide me, please take me as your spiritual child and also my family, and help me in everyway in my day to day life, please keep allof us from sin. thanks .

  12. George
    2 years ago

    Dear St. Pio---Please help me to convince my four adult children to return to a practice of our Catholic faith. All of them are victims of the materialistic, hedonistic culture which pervades our once wonderful United States of America. They have never really learned the Faith beyond their grammer school years. I try to help them become CONVINCED Catholics, but so far to no avail. But with your prayers for them, they will take to heart what I try to imbue in them, namely that the Catholic faith is the true faith founded by Jesus Himself and is necessary for their salvation.

    Thank yoou St Pio

  13. Evarlyn
    2 years ago

    St Pio i pray through you by the power our Lord Jesus granted you to help me over come the evil spirits in my life which am batteling with for the last 15 years and they have caused me a lot of rejection bad luck failures etc so through you i need answers

  14. Frank Provenzano
    2 years ago

    Padre Pio, please help my friends brother Tony with his pain & suffering. Please heal him. Help him get out of his condition & become well real soon. Thank you in Jesus name be blessed. I want & need your intercession to become healthy to be with Frank again at home.
    I do this for Frank... as he does NOT have access to the internet much. Thank you for any & all help you give these two brothers.... amen

  15. Maureen
    2 years ago

    Dear Padre Pio. Please help me along with your asking the Blessed Mother also for her help. I recently lost my beloved husband, Joe and I am in such despair. I feel like I cannot go on. This feeling is getting worse instead of better. I am being consumed by guilt that I did not help Joe with picking the right doctors, having a procedure in an office that should have been done in the hospital, and being so consumed with his horrible, agonizing death with noncaring doctors. I need to move on from this or I don't think I will ever be able to have a life. Please pray that I can accept Joe's death, even if it should not have happened, that God's will was done. I am so not there. I have never lived alone before and I don't know that I can. Please help me to understand why God took away from me my wonderful life and left me with such pain. I just want to have less pain. Thank You. Amen.

  16. armando mario perlo
    2 years ago

    santo padre pio te pido con toda el alma un milagro de cura para liberarme de mi afeccion (ela)en el tiempo mas breve posible, muchas gracias desde ya y que siempre bendito seas amen.

  17. Maureen
    3 years ago

    Dear Padre Pio, My husband and i are expecting our 4th child and we were told that he has hypoplastic left heart. Please heal our baby's little heart and make the left side grow please save our baby. Our kids are our life, all i ever wanted are my kids and my husband, please pray for us and our baby boy I put my trust in you. xxxxxx

  18. Mike Ekwomadu
    3 years ago

    Dear St. Padre Pio,
    I know that I was lost but found by Jesus. Please pray and interceced for me to glorify Jesus always so that all my thoughts and actions will be examplary of the unquatifiable price He purchased me. Help me to always be a blessing to my family and to all those in contact with me - AMEN.

  19. B
    3 years ago

    St. Padre Pio,

    Please intercede for me that my relationship with S is restored during this lent season. I pray to God that we may reconcile and start communicating and have an even better relationship and be guided to holy matrimony and have a blessed marriage and children. I pray that i may also get a job that glorifies God and my father does too. May you intercede for us St. Padre Pio and my sisters in our needs. Thank you..... and thank you Lord for the answers to my prayers, AMEN.

  20. Stanley
    3 years ago

    Thank very much GOD, Virgin Mary and Saint Josef
    I'll tell about my Big Brother, actually we are four brothers,
    but one can 't born, 42 years old a go, may be 1969 and
    this is my Big Brother, He was born and died at the age of pregnancy
    the my mother I was about three months, There is No Name and No his Tomb,
    still a Fetus at that time and now we wanted to give this a
    little name and commemorating / Memorialized the day his
    My Big Brother Birthday, at Once Commemorating the day of his Death.
    But there is no man who know when she was conceived and when he died
    because My Mother Pregnancy and Miscarriage, Finally we to give it
    a Name and For dedicate it, God, Virgin Mary, St Josef, Saint Michael, Padre Pio
    and the All Saint in Heaven, to give it a name and in
    The Name of Father Son and Holy Spirit, Amen.

    : Michael Kurniawan Tandi

    Date of birth, at once commemorating the day of his Born and Death,
    The Feast of Guardian Angel Day
    : October, 02 1969

    We with the hope that Michael Kurniawan Tandi to be happy and
    blessed in sides the lord and become prayers, Protector for Family and
    The World
    Please prayers with me and family for my Big Brother, Michael Kurniawan Tandi
    to be happy and blessed in sides the lord and become prayer for family,
    Thank you Very Much. And God B less You
    Granting Name him we would do in front of the cave of mary with a simple ceremony,
    My Mom and my younger brother Antonius, who is sick will do it in the cave Virgin Mary,
    Jatiningsih Jogjakarta, of Indonesia on Monday February 13, 2012, to turn on the candles
    in front Virgin Mary and pray there we will for Michael Kurniawan Tandi

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