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St. Callistus I Comments

Imagine that your biography was written by an enemy of yours. And that its information was all anyone would have not only for the rest of your life but for centuries to come. You would never be able to refute it -- and even if you couldno one would believe you because your accuser was a saint. That is the problem we face with Pope Callistus I who died about 222. The only story of his life we have is from someone who hated him and what he ... Continue Reading

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  1. Joseph Mathew
    1 year ago

    St. Callistus, your life was crowned with the holy martyrdom for professing faith to Jesus. Please continue to remember us in your prayers in this Year Of Faith.

  2. Jill Hudson
    1 year ago

    What a fascinating character Callistus was, and such an inspiration! In our age, when the Church is so often regarded as more judgmental than forgiving, full of more dogma than grace, Callistus points the way to redressing the balance. As he said, the church will always be a melange of saints and sinners; it isn't our job to weed out the wheat from the tares, but God's! Remembering this can set us free from endless controversy over what kind of behaviour is acceptable in Christ's followers and ministers. Saint Callistus, you're a star!

  3. Mary C. Damon
    2 years ago

    Another reason to check out the facts and always remember gossip hurts, not only you but others around you. “Imagine that your biography was written by an enemy of yours. And that its information was all anyone would have not only for the rest of your life but for centuries to come. You would never be able to refute it -- and even if you could no one would believe you because your accuser was a saint, or pillar of the community”. “Being in power doesn’t make you a saint nor a pillar of the community”.

  4. Joseph Mathew
    2 years ago

    Pope St. Callistus, Your story offers a ray of hope to poor sinners like myself, who are more prone to sinning, than doing good.

  5. Joseph Mathew
    3 years ago

    Dear St. Calistus, please pray for me to overcome the troubled situations in my life. Thank you.

  6. Justin
    3 years ago

    No one has the right to judge. The only judge is God for he sees all things including the heart.

    @Billy: Everyone is a sinner. But personally I wouldn't say 'sinners interest me' and that somehow churchgoers need a 'reality check'. I lived in a developing country where kidnappers and murderers would do anything to get money, and then I saw nuns who had nothing yet helped the poor. From my observation, the nuns and the churchgoing volunteers were the most loving.

  7. BJ
    3 years ago

    ......Those who don't believe me, find your souls and set them free
    Those who do, believe in love, as time will be your key...........


  8. Billy Jones
    3 years ago

    I can relate to this saint as i don't live my life as most saints......the sinners interest me....often times in todays society, it's the churchgoers who need to look in the mirror and have a "God check".....i did not create this, i just observe it. i will continue to live my life will all credit going to God and not living to the expectations of the church.....things might change but until the church looks at all things involved with a person and their beliefs besides them being coined a sinner, then i might be a little more cozy with the church. there's hope i believe!

  9. YouAreSoBeautiful
    3 years ago

    ..." There's hope for all of us then!"

    There is always hope. Thank you for sharing this incredible story. Pope Callistus seemed to have tremendous depth and empathy....heart and soul! I love people like we all come from somewhere and have a bit of history.

    Pope Callistus is interesting!! A nobleman, kind, decent and honest.

    Hippo (wallowing in the mud and muck) is another his past was littered with interesting tidbits which he conviently covered up in an effort to re-create family history. Spin control.....untruthful from the beginning-ancient history. The cover up and superflous flourishes run deep.....what people do to protect their children is disgusting. We must pray for our family and friends so that truth can prevail.

    3 years ago

    How lovely is the story of St.Callistus 1's biography.Really your enemy can lift you to holiness,but only if you pray for them.

  11. christie
    3 years ago

    St. Callistus, I recommend to you my prayer request. Bless and bring about a true Christian commitment to all caregivers who are responsible for the old, infirm and the bedridden. Through your intercession, help the most vulnerable.. the old, sick and suffering, children, the handicapped and mentally challenged persons. Dear Saint, during your lifetime you were vulnerable and criticized. However, you overcame obstacles of birth and status. With God's Grace you triumphed to become God's merciful Pope. Intercede for us today. May your intercession be heard and answered by Jesus Christ. Amen.

  12. christie
    3 years ago

    Dear St. Callistus, I am truly privileged to read and know about your courageous life in the defense of sinners who repent. You bore the most terrible scar and stigma of having been a slave. God chose you to lead His Church and through your discernment you gave the Church true forgiveness, mercy and compassion. It is not surprising that you faced a formidable foe you the person of Hippolytus, who himself was a pope. God's ways are not our ways. But what is clear is that St. Callistus faced harsh and cruel criticism on account of his mercy.
    Holy and loving saint and pope, I am enthused and joyous by the saint we honour today. The question was clear to you. "Was the Church going to hang on the the rigid rules of previous years and limit itself to those who were already saints or was it going to embrace sinners as Christ commanded?" There is hope for us in God's bountiful mercy. Pray for us sinners. Help us to respond to Christ's calling, the "Hound of Heaven", who will not rest until He finds us. Amen.

  13. Dr. Norman White
    3 years ago

    I have an affinity for this Pope of the 3rd century. He seems to be a lot like the character House on TV. As most of you know, House is a brilliant doctor, but is not big in following conventional rules. Pope Callistus (I believe) was also a brilliant man who did not follow all the traditional rules, but followed his heart.

  14. John
    3 years ago

    Recently I was looking for an illustration for a topic in an online course for High School Health entitled "Stress" and the story of Callistus paralleled the struggle through the dark side of health, whether we deal with a handicap physically, stress mentally, emptiness socially, misunderstanding emotionally, or unfairness in the balance of the spiritual life: welllness under stress.

  15. John
    3 years ago

    Underneath his exterior lay the motivating force: Christ. No-one can move one step without Christ.

  16. julia
    3 years ago

    What a hope... to know that saints and popes... could have the same feeling... the desire to kill themselves... always hope... and faith... it is the key for heaven...!!!

  17. melvin ogden loveless
    4 years ago

    this is a lesson for everyone. it showed how one person went through every trial that could be brought before him and in spite of envy, he became God's Pope. All fate was on his side.

  18. richard lewis
    4 years ago

    even if he made some mistakes (and we can't be sure he did make mistakes), he was nevertheless able to discern heresy from orthodoxy, which isn't always easy. for that we owe him a debt of gratitude.

  19. william
    4 years ago

    As a toc of carmel,when i offer prayer thru a saint i must see who they are,it is like giving your possessions away to a holy man,you like to know them first,especially when i fast on their feast.
    Thank you for being here...wm w

  20. Catholic lover
    6 years ago

    One of the most caring popes ever: PRAISE BE TO GOD!

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