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St. Michael the Archangel Comments

St. Michael the Archangel - Feast day - September 29th The name Michael signifies "Who is like to God?" and was the warcry of the good angels in the battle fought in heaven against satan and his followers. Holy Scripture describes St. Michael as "one of the chief princes," and leader of the forces of heaven in their triumph over the powers of hell. He has been especially honored and invoked as patron and protector by the Church from the time of ... Continue Reading

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  1. Michael
    3 years ago

    I believe that I am writing this to you all through the power of Michael the ArchAngel. For the leading of the new age of the heavenly relms.

    The is one Almighty God, my God. For I am Michael a creation that has the power to create and be written into the architecture of God. I am here to make you all saints and allow you all to see a new horizon and understanding of God.

    Daniel 12:1

    For this is the time of the next coming and you will slowly see that I am not lying down anymore. I have a creation to create and remove the evil from upon this earth and allow it to return to it original state of harmony and peace.

    For the Michael units all created beings large and small. This is a new creation and allowing the creation of the Michael to be created by

  2. Claudia
    3 years ago

    Thank you, Saint Michael!
    Light 3 white candles on a white plate and put sugar all around it. Ask the archangels for 3 wishes: one for business, one for impossible and one for love. Do this petition for three days. On the third day publish this prayer.

    St. Michael, St. Gabriel, and St. Raphael, please be with me today. Please hear and answer my prayers with your divine grace, intervention, and kindness, I love you all, please help me so that my prayer requests all come true quickly, Amen.
    [mention your request here]
    Heavenly Father, you have given us archangels to assist us
    during our pilgrimage on earth. Saint Michael is our
    protector, I ask him to come to my aid, fight for all my
    loved ones, and protect us from danger. Saint Gabriel is a
    messenger for the Good News, I ask him to help me clearly
    hear your voice and to teach me the truth. Saint Raphael
    is the healing angel, I ask him to take my need for
    healing and that of everyone I know, lift it up to your
    throne of grace and deliver back to us the gift of
    recovery. Help us O Lord to realize more fully the reality
    of the archangels and their desire to serve us. Holy
    Angels pray for us. Amen

    Say for 3 days and see what happens on 4th day.

  3. Bobby Mc
    3 years ago

    Almighty Father, Blessed Virgin all the Angels & Saints & especially Archangel Michael.
    From the bottom of my heart ALLELUIA, Deo Gracias for the safe arrival of our second child, 1st son, Michael Gabriel Jozef this morning (20-12-2011).
    After loosing my father (Michael) just 14months ago baby Michael has lit my mother again.
    When I held her and told her the great news this morning she wept & said "our prayers have been answered"
    Please be a constant presence & guide us through life.

    Praise be to God.

    God bless the Pope.

  4. JS2
    3 years ago

    Dear Saint Michael, In my greatest hour of need you have always come to my aide. through your intercession I have been protected in the past. At this time, please hear my prayers, you know of our recent difficulties, you know my shortcomings and my defects. Saint Michael my Archangel, you have always protected me from the enemy. You know the injustice that has been done against me & my husband. Please avenge us, right the wrongs done to us. You know the people I speak of, and the crimes they are guilty of against us. Be our avenger, guard us and protect us like you always do, always protect my family, our home, our possessions, our business. Please avenge us against these people who are malicious, vengeful, spiteful, greedy, evil people. Avenge us and let the courts see the deceit these people have committed against us, as well as against our honor and our souls, and Almighty God. I call upon you at this time to vanquish the evil around us professionally and personally. Please fight this battle for us--we are but of simple human strength -- you are our avenger most Blessed Archangel. I ask you to be my advocate to Jesus for my salvation. Come to me in my prayers and meditations, take me to a higher understanding and knowledge. Oh Dear Saint Michael open the doors to personal and professional fulfillment in my life, and to let go of the things I cannot control so that I may lead a more spiritual and loving life. Please intercede for us. Thank you for your protection.

  5. Peter
    3 years ago

    Saint Michael, I implore your protection. As you know, I suffered a powerful spiritual attack in June in the form of a New Age book and it completely distorted my connection with God , Jesus and the Holy Spirit . Please Michael, I hope you can offer assistance to me in my hour of despair. Thank you.

  6. bob
    3 years ago

    i love u

  7. given
    3 years ago

    Dear Saint Michael, thank You for helping me with every wish however stupid and small it might been. Thank You for giving me health, strength and optimism to pursue my goals. And thank You for... well, You know what, we'll not discuss it here :D.

  8. Saint Michael Onwuemene
    3 years ago

    Lord, I really thank you, from the core of my being, for the wonderful gift of your Angels, particularly St. Michael, the Archangel, to guide, guard, defend, protect, direct and preserve me. The Light of God surrounds me, the Love of God encloses me, the Power of God protects me and the Presence of God preserves me and is always with me. Whereever I am God is manifest!

  9. js
    3 years ago


  10. stmichaellover223
    3 years ago

    st. micael help me get threw this project about you xoxoxo

  11. annie
    3 years ago

    Saint Michael, the Archangel, Please pray for me and my family. I desperately need your prayers for safety and health of my two angels that God has blessed me with. Also I need God's constant blessings on my family be it work or in my personal life. Please help me and pray for everything to go well in my life.

    Thank you God and all Angels and Saints for everything that I have been blessed with so far...

  12. Jorge
    3 years ago

    thank God for him

  13. brianna
    3 years ago

    thank you foralwys being there arch angel michael

  14. ozzie
    3 years ago

    Archangel St. Michael, Please protect me today. Stay by me, I am scared and alone.

  15. Sally F
    3 years ago

    Michael my archangel, you have always protected me from the snares of the enemy. You know the injustice that has been done agianst me, for no fault of mine. Please avenge me, right the wrongs done to me. You know the people I speak of, and the crimes they are guilty of against me. Be my avenger, guard me and protect me like you always do, but also avenge me this one time. I have never asked you to avenge me, always protect me, but this one time, these people have comitted a huge travesy against my honor and my soul. My soul is in pain constantly, please avenge me.
    Also give me wisdom to recognize who is good for me and who is abd, and guard me against the evil ones in the future.
    Please avenge me Mike, just this once, please avenge my honor and dignity. You are my brother and my family, please avenge me against these heartless people. I trust you will not fail, as you never have and never will.

    Thank you.

  16. Lourdes Michelle
    3 years ago

    Thank you, Michael...for always be there whenever I need.

    3 years ago

    Praise be to archangel Michael heis my savior and my help.
    he has saved me countless time
    All Praise to HIM.

  18. nichaele
    3 years ago

    I love all the information you have on St. Michael! I wish you would post his prayer. Thank you.

  19. Selina F
    3 years ago

    St Michael, you have protected you from birth. I know you always surround me with your grace and protection. I implore you to recognize my situation, and realize that I have only truly loved M with all my herat and soul. I knwo he is bound due to family and other duties, but I never meant to be in the way. I just fell in love and you know it. No man is going to be perfect, as I am not perfect. i see pain and sorrow in M's eyes, all I ever wnated was for him to be happy. I hope he sees that, and realizes what makes him truly happy. I will always love him,as we are bound eternally in God's pure love. My love for him is very real and will always be, help him to recognize my true love for him, and to gain the strength to come to me and be with me. My intenions were never bad, as I always wish M well. I only pray you give him guidance to see how much I love him, and remove all the confusion from his soul. Give him strength Mike, to overcome this, and see that he is meant to be with me.

    Help him and his family to overcome all the problems they are facing right now, he is in much pain. I see him so burdened and unhappy, I dont wish to be an additional source of a problem for him. I hope him and eventually his family can see me for who I relaly am.

    ALso, protect me as you always have, I know I have held a grudge against you, for bringing M in my life, but I never regret getting to knwo M and loving him, and I will always love him. Guide him Mike, to see my true and pure love for him, and give him strength to break the bonds that bind him, and bring him back to me. You know the situation very well, please help us in our time of need. I have decided to let go for now, my heart and soul are with him, ashis are with me. Please open his eyes and his soul Mike, and let M see my love for him.

    I trust you will do what I desire, and I know you will always watch over us.

    Thank you.

  20. damah mburu
    3 years ago

    Am very happy to learn about St Micheal Archangle,and as we pray together and destroy all the work of devil and pray to St Micheal to help us,we will stay calm and the Holy Spirit will upon us always.All Glory to Jesus.

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