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St. Gabriel, the Archangel Comments

The name Gabriel means "man of God," or "God has shown himself mighty." It appears first in the prophesies of Daniel in the Old Testament. The angel announced to Daniel the prophecy of the seventy weeks. His name also occurs in the apocryphal book of Henoch. He was the angel who appeared to Zachariah to announce the birth of St. John the Baptizer. Finally, he announced to Mary that she would bear a Son Who would be conceived of the Holy Spirit, ... Continue Reading

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  1. Flora
    1 year ago

    12/28/13Praying for intercession of Archangel Gabriel for my family with Jesus Christ to bless us with financial blessing, to get married in church with my husband and to bless my children with bright future.

  2. Pat
    1 year ago

    Thank you St. Gabriel for helping my fiancé. We really needed your assistance.

  3. Omendra
    1 year ago

    An astrologer lady said that St. Gabriel is my Principal Guardian Angel.
    Can this be true?

  4. nanthini
    1 year ago

    This year has been a very challenging year for me, but from the moment i've been informed that you have been watching over me for my entire life (41) years suddenly i felt that everything is going to be ok.
    thank you

  5. Carrie
    1 year ago

    St, Gabriel, Only a a frail young innocent female who has civil dignified rights as a Canadian. I've been violently raped and molested, as a frail young innocent female. I'm shaken, from shock to my central nervous system. With civilized humanity, as an innocent frail, young discarded off female, who can't fend for herself anymore.

    Please send my heart and soul highest off healing at the most deepest and highest off level, at the very best. My heart needs deepest off healing from the painful indepth off the level off the pain, to that off my very human soul, and higher level.

    Please do send much needed deep healing. Only with sincerest off much kindness, with sincerest off regards

  6. tamrat
    2 years ago

    greetings to you all,

    i had almost deleted twice what i have written since i couldn't find the perfect words to thank St Gabriel for what he has done for me, my family and for all that i prayed for all my one can imagine the blessings i had , the guidance i got and the security i felt from him time and time again even while writing this....i am a 35 years old Ethiopian where i have been brought up by both an orthodox and catholic family " .as of childhood, we learned we all have guardians from god on our right side and we can personally choose in our minds and prayers any of the saint we were spoken of , prefer or came across happenings along our life time so i have mine accordingly in relation to my childhood history" the archangel" ...St Gabriel never failed me for any demands and always took care of me in times of danger, stress and worry where in recent times he saved my company through my prayers not because of any other explanations for those who think differently like i have seen above in the comments .....but i don't blame anyone since unless they pray and see the outcome they can never testify for his million works everyday on earth ,for all that need his help like me and who couldn't thank him enough to satisfy their minds.....i can never thank enough also this web for giving me the chance to express my feelings for him and will write more and on routine basis as of next week when i will still get his miracles performed for a second time on my company since i am sure he will....are you?if so please testify like me .....

    kind regards and thank you for reading..

  7. marial
    2 years ago

    Archangel Gabriel thank you for helping me with my prayer. I'm very gratefull to you and know you will always be there when i need help. Thank you so much.

  8. Jessica Rose
    2 years ago

    St Gabriel assisted me with a prayer request and I would like to thank him publicly, along with St Michael and St Raphael.

  9. michael
    2 years ago

    Please send a copy of the prayer for St. Gabriel. Thank-you.

  10. Michael Varger
    2 years ago

    My Dear Archangel Gabriel,

    Today, Friday 25 January 2013, is my mother's birthday. Mama Stanislava was born in Serbia in a middle of a bitter winter in the early hours of Wednesday, 25 January 1938, in a small mud house. The village of less than 200 people is located in the mountainous region of Serbia, near the Bosnian border.

    I visited the irreparable mud house in 2009 and the only thing it is fit for are the chooks and a handful of roosters. I wanted to spend a few hours alone to meditate and soak up the atmosphere of the site, a site where my mother breathed her first breath. Out of the eleven born only fouur lived past their teens. Death claimed seven of them before they reached their teens due to lack of medical facilities and the scourge of war, summary executions. My grandfather (mum's dad) and her two brothers were to dig their graves and shot. In fact, it was NAZI policy to liquidate the male population in partizan dominated areas.

    Mama Stanislava survived the war with her three sisters and all three are still alive. Two are in Serbia and the other lives in Vienna, Austria whereas mum is the only one living in Australia. Life has been very harsh for my mother and she harbours many memories of severe deprivations and mens cruelty to men. Mama Stanislava managed to survive the many trials and tribulations of life.

    We came to Australia in 1970 and we've never looked back. This is our home and here is where we want to dieand be buried, and be covered by the Australian soil. What greater gift can a son give his mother for her birthday than the invitation to you, Archangel Gabriel, to pray for her before the Throne of God.

    In God We Trust

  11. Sara
    2 years ago

    Thank you, St Gabriel, for hearing my prayer.

  12. margaret gray
    2 years ago

    I am amaze u are my guardian angel,alway beside me...please stay with me and guiede me alway in the rigth path of my life..thank u....; )

  13. Teisy
    2 years ago

    please my saint help me, my boyfriend and family not suffer in eternal flame...Amen

  14. lavi
    2 years ago

    St Gabriel bless me and my family, bring one good job for me.

  15. cesar
    2 years ago

    I came here to chose gabriel as my confirmation name which is this coming week. i also have to do a report on him but i need to know WHAT he did to become a saint. please help me and bless you all.

  16. chet bas
    2 years ago

    happy feast day St. Gabriel. please protect us from the devil. thank you

  17. feven getahun
    2 years ago

    blessed st.Gebriel thank you for being their for me through all my life protecting from bad times and always makes my day bright. you are the true protector. thank you for all things i got. this time i need your help like always please am in a big problem and am very much worried please make things right help me.make my brother reliefed from his worieness please.

  18. krystal lynn
    2 years ago

    I have been told that u are my gaurdian angel! it scared me because i have not been to church in 9 years. I was never baptised but i welcome ur love and guidance in my life. This has been a terrible year for me but for some reason at this very moment i feel that its going to become better. Im 25 years old with no children nor married and yet i feel now that you will help me through my hard time and struggles. wen i recieved the email stating that you have been watching over me for going on 26 years, i was shocked being as ive never been a religous person. I am greatful to have u watching over me!

  19. TheTruthBearer
    2 years ago

    Praying to angels?? HOW DEMONIC! The angels themselves would NEVER tell NOT to pray to them, because they not only enjoy the attention but they know that praying to them is a complete sin!
    Take the Archangel Raphael, for an example! This demonic piece of filth masquerades as a holy healer and encourages delusional christians into thinking that it's OKAY to pray to him and the rest of the angelic race, but in reality, he's a fallen angel and has fooled mankind FOR AGES! And even the rest of the Archangels are NOT that holy---because otherwise they would have told the Saints and the Catholics to NEVER to pray to them!
    So keep praying to these bird-winged bats and you'll see where your faith in angels, these SO-CALLED holy beings, will take you---and it won't be to heaven.....
    By the way, Raphael is gay.

  20. Vicky
    2 years ago

    I know you came to me thank-you. please come again soon.

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