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St. Bridget of Sweden Comments

Saint Birgitta was the daughter of Uppland’s Lagman, Birger Petersson and his wife, Ingeborg, who was a member of the same clan as the reigning family. Birgitta’s family was pious; her father went to confession every Friday and made long and arduous pilgrimages as far away as the Holy Land. Birgitta’s mother died, leaving Birgitta, ten years old, Katharine, nine and a newborn baby boy, Israel. The children were sent to their maternal aunt for ... Continue Reading

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  1. Joseph Mathew
    3 years ago

    Dear St. Bridget, please pray for us.

  2. Michael J.Holloran
    3 years ago

    ...Happy Feast Day Saint Bridget of Sweden ! I'm starting up, again your 15 Wonderful Prayers ! God has surely Blessed you, Please Pray for me and my Fallin' away Family ! ...Amen and Amen...MJH.

  3. Josette G.
    3 years ago

    Hey Anna wrote:

    November 13th, 2010 1:33 pm

    If Birgitta left Sweden in 1349, she can't possibly be the great-grandmother of anyone living in this day and age, for Heaven Sake! What an untruth! I'm sure she never existed. So many of the saints are made-up characters used merely to keep Catholics in line or frightened while they molested children. Fakery and fraud reigns in the church.

    You should not project what YOU are...

  4. Prosper tubulo
    3 years ago

    I personaly have been blessed by her prayers esp the seventh prayer thats: inflame in our hearts the desire to tend towards perfection & extinguish the rule of flesh, worldly adour

  5. mary cuffe
    3 years ago

    i made my cofirmation on friday the 17th of june 2011 and my saint name was bridget
    i'm 12 years old and i like gravy

  6. Nicole
    3 years ago

    To anyone interested I hand make St.Bridget Chaplets. I do these in my spare time and I make them free of charge. There is a story behind them, a story I may never fully understand but I strongly feel I have been called to do this. 15 years ago I was sleeping, it was a typical night when I suddenly awoke. But this was different, I reached for pen and paper and wrote down the name St Bridget and drew a picture of what looked to me like a rosary. Everything had to be laid out in a certain order. I did not understand why this happened to me, at the time I did not know who this St Bridget was.... The next day I set out for beads to try to create what I had seen and when I did I still was unsure what to make of everything. Also in this dream I had seen myself at a small table making some kind of jewelry...again I asked why? Why was the color and the order of these beads so important? And why did I dream this? In my search for answers I came across some information and everything clicked. The number of beads, the order they needed to be in and the colors I had seen in this dream all matched in perfect order to St Bridget of Sweden and her 15 prayers received by god. Still after this I was unsure what to do, I even went to my church but still no answers. 15 years have now gone by and these papers and original beads were still in the bottom of my desk... Until this week, something changed, I'm not sure why or how but something I can't explain is different. I feel that these need to be shared so that many more people can pray these 15 prayers. This is why I am hand making these Chaplets free of charge. I may never know why me or what was so profound about this dream to wake me up and write every detail down but I don't believe these should be at the bottom of a desk. If this is some kind of message from above who am I to question it? If anyone would like a chaplet with prayer booklet please contact me at my work e-mail and I will be happy to make you one. I will also have a new web page running soon

  7. natalie
    4 years ago

    she is the patron saint of Failure to it says.

  8. Lisa
    4 years ago

    What is the publication or copyright date of this article?

    Thank you!

  9. Anna
    4 years ago

    If Birgitta left Sweden in 1349, she can't possibly be the great-grandmother of anyone living in this day and age, for Heaven Sake! What an untruth! I'm sure she never existed. So many of the saints are made-up characters used merely to keep Catholics in line or frightened while they molested children. Fakery and fraud reigns in the church.

  10. Bridgette Allen
    4 years ago

    My daughter is doing a report on St. Bridget, however I was not aware there was one of Sweden, I thought it was of Ireland. Can someone help me so I don't confuse them and make sure she has the correct information for her report. Thank you

  11. Linda Kachur
    4 years ago

    While I struggled with my daily pieta prayers in 1992, I was favored by a life saving miracle. After mass on a late afternoon in November, I darted across the street when the lights turned and a car swirved into a left hand lane. All I remember was standing directly behind the two people inside the car who were busy talking to each other and failed to see me. Next, I was lifted up encased in a neon blue purple bubble feeling very smug and safe. It seemed as if I were mocking a world that could never hurt me physically. When I came to, I was taken aback by the sounds of the shock and awe from the crowd of people witnessing what just happened. I was also standing on the sidewalk as if I'd never crossed the street. And an elderly and eccentric gentleman, known for never speaking with anyone, was shouting at me, and I remembered how wide open his mouth was. I felt somewhat guilty for putting the people through such a fright and after walking for a few blocks my legs gave way as I felt a faint coming on and I soon found a place to sit down. November is always depressing to me especially as I live in the Pacific NW. Earlier while on my way to Mass, I prayed that God would take me that night as I didn't feel I had much to live for. I went to Confession, received Holy Communion but did not wait for the final blessings at the end of the Mass. Though I felt depressed earlier that evening, I was then energized and hoped to join my favorite aerobics dance class starting soon. As soon as I stepped outside of the Cathedral a loud interior voice began to mock me saying: You can't die. You haven't said your Penance yet.

    My life was spared I believe because of the Pieta Prayers which I did complete within a year.

  12. Rudyanto
    4 years ago

    Hello , my name is Rudyanto. Due to the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and Blessed Mother Mary , I have finished translating two books on revelation and prophecies of St Bridgitta, Sweden. As I was doing the translation from English to Indonesian, I was filled with awe and felt thrilled at what our Lord Jesus Christ and Mother Mary said in the revelation. As it was conveyed in the revelation that we should distribute and transmit it to as many people as possible, then I contacted local publisher Kanisius at Jogjakarta , Indonesia. I felt sad because the publisher said it was not profitable for the publisher and they are afraid there will be only few readers and they need donations for subsidizing the publication. Brothers and sisters pls kindly pray that Our Lord Jesus Christ , Mother Mary and Saint Birgitta touch the people in charge of the publication. thanks . Love , Rudyanto , translator in Bali .

    4 years ago

    I have really enjoyed praying St.Bridgets 15 prayers. They have truely helped me grow as a Christian......I hope to visit her birthplace and resting place in the near future.

  14. Jim Corcoran
    4 years ago

    I know that they have "The Revelations of St. Bridget" online. If someone could Email me the link I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks and God Bless!

  15. Carmen Burton
    5 years ago

    My sister told me about St Bridget and the 15 prayers. I would like to have a copy of the 15 prayers and have been unable to find a copy. Can you help me

  16. marianne
    5 years ago

    did she ever have a favorite saint? i need to find out.

  17. Bridget
    5 years ago

    I love St. Bridget, I think she is amazing

  18. mary-beth
    5 years ago

    i like saint Bridget that is why i chose her to be my patron saint for school and right a paper on her.

  19. ddepasquale
    5 years ago

    i love st bridget

  20. cherry mae o. bunda
    5 years ago

    i really love st.bridget,because i thought that she is my first i didn,t even know him,but there was a time that i always saw her in a picture,so i began to love her.she is my favorite saint....

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