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St. Scholastica, sister of St. Benedict, consecrated her life to God from her earliest youth. After her brother went to Monte Cassino, where he established his famous monastery, she took up her abode in the neighborhood at Plombariola, where she founded and governed a monastery of nuns, about five miles from that of St. Benedict, who, it appears, also directed his sister and her nuns. She visited her brother once a year, and as she was not ... Continue Reading

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  1. John-Camillus
    1 year ago

    St. Scholastica, please pray for peace in my family and Divine protection against the forces of darkness. Also pray for exam and journey mercies for me.

  2. Joseph Mathew
    1 year ago

    St. Scholastica, please continue to remember us in your prayers.

  3. Carmen
    1 year ago

    On the feast day of St. Scholastica, our priest told us a brief summary of her life and the power of prayers. Inspired by this story, I made a special prayer for my beloved aunt Annie who was ailing from January 2014 praying for her recovery but she passed away on the very next day. I now pray for the repose of her soul. May she find eternal peace and know that she was loved by her family. I also take this opportunity to pray to St. Scholastica for her husband who is also ailing and bed-ridden. Please intercede for him. Thank you

  4. Td
    1 year ago

    This is prayer of thanksgiving to you,St. Scholastica for a healthy baby and safe delivery today, your feast day. We had picked The name Benedict for your brother as I was led to him through St Edith Stein, or St Teresa Benedictus. How fitting that this little man should be born on your feast day. This baby is #11, just like Edith Stein. He is so blessed to have such powerful advocates in Heaven. Thank you and your bother Bendict, and Edith Stein for your beautiful intercession

  5. Carmel
    1 year ago

    St. Scholastica, our priest talked about you this morning at Mass, and highlighted your love of discussing spiritual matters with your twin brother. This struck a chord with me as just in the last week I have started coming to grips with the difference between living a human life loving God, and living a spiritual life constantly connected to God. I had sensed that I was missing a dimension to faith and not till this last week really understood how to live a spiritual life (i emphasize the beginning of understanding).

    I also have a love of talking with other Christians about spiritual matters and understandings, as it seems you did with your brother. So much time is wasted in conversation in life, yet we rarely seem to want to talk about the truely important eternal matters. I have almost come to being tired with general conversation and chit-chat, and only want to speak to share love and understanding of God.

    I ask you St Scholastica to pray for me that my journey into the spiritual life continues, and God the Father expands my mind to understand things from His point of view. May His will be done always.

  6. Inusa Victor Anthony
    1 year ago

    Dear St. Scholastica, you call on God and he stop your brother and his companions from leaving you with miraculous wind & thounder storm. Please beg him to pull the hands my enemies out of my life and give me a very good with a very rich salary in the oil & gas industry. Pray God for me in Jesus name Amen.

  7. Jeffery
    1 year ago

    Dear St Scholastica. On this your feast day I pray to you to restore my health. I took up the wine in the procession of the gifts at Mass this morning on the occasion of the memorial of your life and apostolic works. St Scholastica pray for me and my family.

  8. veena sivaprasad
    1 year ago

    My Dear St. Scholastica,please pray for me.Thank you for your blessings

  9. Scholastica Nwosu
    1 year ago

    Dear St Scholastica please pray for me to overcome trials in time of trouble.

  10. Ebomuche Scholastica
    1 year ago

    My Dear St. Scholastica, pray for me.

  11. Everistus
    1 year ago

    My cousin, Scholastica Ozor died whilst maltreatment 4rm her mum after an unfortunate pre marital sex resultd in pregnancy. Kindly pray 4 her soul dt she may find favor in d sight of God.

  12. chet bas
    2 years ago

    happy belated feast day St. Scholastica. please help me in my studies. thank you

  13. Raj Ambrose
    2 years ago

    Dear Saint,

    Teach me to pray and trust in the Lord wholeheartedly as you and your brother did. Enable me to lead a life worthy of His Grace. Amen.

  14. Chris
    2 years ago

    St. Scholastica,
    Today would of been my wife's 61st birthday, and i ask all the Angels and all the Saints to bless her on your feast day,through Christ Our Lord i pray. Amen

  15. Andrea Mahlalela
    2 years ago

    St Scholastica, i wish to thank you for giving your life to God and to the Church and i ask u that you interced to God for our youth so that like you they may be able to give thei life to God. I ask you also that through your prayers and intercesion i may persevere to my calling to the end, like you did, this i ask in the name of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ Amen

  16. Joseph Mathew
    2 years ago

    St. Scholastica, please continue to pray for us.

  17. Mona
    2 years ago

    Please pray for Jacob that he finds peace and the right path, for his mother that the doctors can slow the progression of her disease and for all cancer paients that we deal with our disease with grace and dignity. Thank you.

  18. Michael Varger
    2 years ago

    Good Afternoon St Scholastica,

    I see that few write to you and that it was two weeks since I last wrote you about my Mama Stanislava and her 75th birthday. Tomorrow is Sunday, 10 February 2013, and it is your birthday (Feast Day) which I look forward to immensely. You hold a very special place in my heart and my life is so much more colorful and fragrant with you in it, and what a treat it is to share my life with you and for you to share your place in heaven with me.

    This afternoon we will travel to Healesville, Victoria where we will enjoy a sumptuous dinner at a lovely little Thai restaurant the local folk rave about and you will be our guest of honour (in spirit, of course) and I will have the privilege of selecting a top range bottle of Australian white wine to enjoy with our meal. After dinner we will retire to our hotel where we will thank God for His ambundant love and protection, and we will sleep soundly throughout the peaceful night.

    On your Feast Day (tomorrow) we will attend the 10:00 am Mass at the Tarrawarra Abbey and enjoy afterwards tea and buscuits with the Cistersian monks. They are all very friendly and eager for a jolly chat so it will be a grace-filled and chatty morning. The newspaper weather forecast for tomorrow will be clear skies and sunny day, and what more could we hope for.

    LOVE is ALL

  19. Michael Varger
    2 years ago

    My Dearest St Scholastica,

    Today, Friday 25 January 2013, is my mother's birthday. Mama Stanislava was born in Serbia in a middle of a bitter winter in the early hours of Wednesday, 25 January 1938, in a small mud house. The village is located in ther mountainous region of Serbia. I visited the irreparable mud house in 2009 and the only thing it is fit for are the chooks and a handful of roosters. I spent a few hours alone meditationg and soaking up the atmoshere of the site, a site where my mother breathed her first breath.

    Out of the eleven born only four lived passed their teens. Death claimed seven of them before they reached their teens due to lack of medical facilities and the scourge of war, summary executions. My grandfather (mum's dad) and mum's two brothers were forced to dig their graves and shot. In fact, it was NAZI policy to liquidate the male population in partizan controlled areas.

    Mama Stanislava survived the warwith her three sisters and all three are still alive. Two are living in Serbia and the other in Vienn, Austria whereas mum is the only one living in Australia. Life has been very harsh for my mother and she harbours many memories of severe deprivations and the mens cruelty to men. She managed to survive many trials and tribulations of life.

    We came to Australia to start a new life in 1970 and we've never looked back. This is our home and here is where we want to die and be buried, and covered by the Australian soil. What greater gift can a son give his mother for her birthday than the invitation to you, St Scholastica, to pray for her.


  20. ananda
    2 years ago

    I have to use this saint for a report and this really gave me a lot of information so thank you so much

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