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St. Peregrine Laziosi Comments

Peregrine Laziosi was born of a wealthy family at Forli, Italy, in 1260. As a youth he was active in politics as a member of the anti-papal party. During one uprising, which the Pope sent St. Philip Benizi to mediate, Philip was struck in the face by Peregrine. When Philip offered the other cheek, Peregrine was so overcome that he repented and converted to Catholicism. Following the instructions of the Virgin Mary received in a vision, Peregrine ... Continue Reading

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  1. Elaine
    4 years ago

    Dear Saint Peregrine Please pray for my mother, she's been fighting lung cancer that has spread to her lympnodes for over five years now. She lost the use of her hand and arm due to treatment. I believe, these past few years have been miracle years for her, please give us another miracle year. Even though she was innocent of this lung cancer I believe no one deserves this pain no matter their lifestyle-smokers or non smokers, no one deserves such tragedy. please pray for doctors to find us a cure for all cancers.

  2. Peter
    4 years ago

    Saint Peregrine

    I pray to you with all my heart and soul that you will intercede and give my wife Judith strength in her fight agaist breast cancer. To rid her body of this devestating disease and prevent it from spreading and allow her to be the fantastic mother and wife she has been for many years to come.
    I humbly make this request of you in the name of the father and of the son and of the holy spirit.

  3. Diana R Laughlin
    4 years ago

    Dear St. Peregrine, please pray for my mother who was diagnosed with breast cancer yesterday. Allow her to be at peace and to face whatever may come with great courage and faith in God. I also ask that you pray for blessings on our family, to keep sadness and depression away, and in particular for my father, who was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma last year. I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord.

  4. Raiza
    4 years ago

    Dearest St.Peregrine,Please get rid of my classmate's cancer. please! .

  5. Nicole
    4 years ago

    Dear Saint Peregrine, I ask that you bless my husband and give us a miracle. He is so young and we have just started our lives together. Please be with us as we pray each day that the cancer in his liver and stomach will go away. I know I ask for a lot but I turn to you for the hope I will be able to have my husband for as long as possible.

  6. Timi
    4 years ago

    Dear Saint Peregrine: Each day, I Pray to you and Jesus. Please cure my mother and allow her to live the life she planned. I believe in you and know that YOU have the ability to make this LIFE change. I will continue to believe....

  7. nadia
    4 years ago

    Dear Saint Peregrine, i pray that you watch over my father who is currently suffering from stage four lung cancer. i pray that you will help him overcome the illness and that you grace us with a miracle so that he can continue living so that he can be here for my younger siblings because he is very much needed by them especially. i have had the pleasure of having him for 19 years. he saw me graduate and get accepted to college but what about them he needs to be there for them too. so that he can experience those important milestones just like he did with me. they are quite young being 12, 11, and 6. it would not be fair to this family if anything were to happen to him. so i ask you to please help him find faith in you and in our Lord Jesus Christ, i know that he very much needs your help in finding hope when all seems lost. thank you for allowing him to have made it this far and i pray that you will give him more time here with us. Amen

  8. Betty
    4 years ago

    My friend Betty (practically family) is undergoing cancer surgery at this moment. She has a large tumor in her abdominal area and is in dire need of your help. Her family is devastated and just lost their father 3 shorts months ago to a heart attack. Her suffering and that of her family are unbearable to me and I am praying for a full recovery. Please intercede and help her to become well with the help of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  9. Heather
    4 years ago

    Dear St. Peregrine please help me I am a young single mother and have been diagnosed with stage 4 Melanoma. I pray for a full recovery so that I can be here to take care of my children. I also pray for a full recovery for my cousin Larry whom has Leukemia.

  10. Jason
    4 years ago

    Dear St. Peregrine, please help my family. My father has been diagnosed with a very serious form of cancer and we need a miracle. Please help him and ask God to cure him from cancer.

  11. ilham
    4 years ago

    Please St.Peregrine heal and cure somebody i know..........

  12. Jaime
    4 years ago

    Dear St. Peregrine

    Please give us a miracle. Please heal my mom. She hasn't been responding after having most of the cancer in her brain removed. Please help her to make a full recoery and heal the rest of the brain on her own. If it is her time, please let her die with grace and dignity and let her not feel scared or alone.

  13. Michael
    4 years ago

    Dear St Peregrine, please make sure that my mums results this Fri coming are positive and that she has beaten this cancer.

  14. Tina Dudley
    4 years ago

    St. Peregrine, please intercede on behalf of my mother Connie Napolitano. She was just diagnosed with rectal cancer. In addition to a very large 7" tumor, the cancer has spread to her lungs. She will be starting chemo next week. Radiation will follow. The tumor must shrink enough so the doctor can remove it entirely and get 'clear margins'. Please let the tumor shrink and disappear entirely. Please ask God our Healer to grant her a miracle and restore her to perfect health. Keep our family strong with hopes held high. We pray to you in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen

  15. amy
    4 years ago

    St. Peregrine, please help my father Freddie and neighbor Yvonne heal from the tumors that were just found in both of them. Please help them through their surgeries and rid their bodies of sickness.

  16. Rebecca
    4 years ago

    St Peregrine, please hear my prayers and the prayers of those who request your intercession. Please help me overcome the cancer of unknown primary that I have, please help me to have more time and to make the chemotherapy work to shrink and get rid of the cancer in me. Please also help our friend Gary who has cancer and my friend Suzy through surgery who will give her kidney to her son.

  17. Patricia
    4 years ago

    St. Peregrine Laziosi, I pray to you on behalf of a friend. She's been told her son, 14 years old, has cancer. It has swollen his knee and spread into his lungs. Please don't let him suffer. I pray for them both.

  18. Gianni
    4 years ago

    St. Peregrine Laziosi I beg you to intercede for my daughter Ava Brianne who has been diagnosed with a terminal brain cancer.she is 4 years old, have pitty of her and with the Blesseed Mother intercede for her in Jesus name and give her a new brain.Heal her I beg you oh Saint Peregrine, work a miracle on my child, dont let her suffer.

  19. Karen
    4 years ago

    Dear St Peregrine please heal my sister in law who has been diagnosed with liver cancer. She has battled breast cancer in the past and I don't want her to die , I am very frightened , please help her.

  20. Lumia
    4 years ago

    I sent you all courage and strength in your fight! My mum is recovering from breast cancer. Be as naturally to your close ones,Don't let him/her feel that she is ill, Don't treat your close one as someone who is ill. Love you all, sending you my blessing, may god be with you. St. Peregrine, please protect my mum and my family from cancer.

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