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St. Dymphna Comments

Dymphna was fourteen when her mother died. Damon is said to have been afflicted with a mental illness, brought on by his grief. He sent messengers throughout his town and other lands to find some woman of noble birth, resembling his wife, who would be willing to marry him. When none could be found, his evil advisers told him to marry his own daughter. Dymphna fled from her castle together with St. Gerebran, her confessor and two other friends. ... Continue Reading

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  1. Stephen Palko
    3 years ago

    Saint Dymphna is a very powerful saint. She has been my favorite saint for the past 37 years and she always stays with you no matter how large the problem. Have faith in this saint.

    I recommend St. Dymphna for anyone with emotional problems or any large difficulty.

  2. Tony
    3 years ago

    I am sorry to write this but it would save a lot of time if the people were introduced at the beggining such as Damon. Damon is mentioned in the second sentence. I had to read other paragraphs to find out who Damon was. Otherwise the article is very good.

  3. Muneet paul singh wazir (Robin)
    3 years ago

    St Dymphna plz pray n help me be healthy and free from my mental illnesses especially OCD as soon as possible

  4. K
    3 years ago

    Dear St. Dymphna,

    Can you please pray for our family. Schizophrenia and depression are highly dominate in our family. My mother has been living with mental illness most of her life. I especially ask for you to pray for her. Also, can you please pray for the children in our family? It breaks my heart and it is overwhelming for me sometimes. I am especially asking if you could pray for the children. Please dear God and St Dymphna keep them safe, healthly and free from mental illness.

  5. Momd
    3 years ago

    St. Dymphna please pray and help my son. Although 26 yrs old, he suffers from ADD and mental problems which has caused him great problems with severe bad decisions in life. He has a good heart and wants everyone to like him; but at what cost ? Please intercede and pray with God's help to guide him to a better, calmer life and to help those who love him handle the situation. Thank you.

  6. Mom
    3 years ago

    St. Dymphna, please help my daughter to heal her mind as it is affecting her life terribly. She is depressed and anxious and suffers from racing thoughts to the point where it is getting hard to function. Please intercede on her behalf and bring some healing to her beautiful soul. thank you for what you have done.

  7. Xiaantin
    3 years ago

    Saint Dymphna, my mind is open to healing that is needed. Intercede to calm my heart and bring comfort and rest to my mind. My heart is true to love and light, push the darkness back as I ask for freedom from depression. I am not Catholic or really even Christian, intercede to clear my mind so I may make the right choices - now and forever.

  8. Alisha
    3 years ago

    Please help me st. dymphna with my anxiety and bad thoughts

  9. christie
    3 years ago

    St. Dymphna, I am surprised that I've never written a prayer to you, although I know that I need your wonderful and speedy intercession for all who are mentally ill and nervous. For me, that condition of my grandson is of much grief, as he has many symptoms of nervousness, including seizures. Pray for him dear St. Dymphna, and may he be healed miraculously of developmental delays, speech delays and seizures. Amen,

  10. Caroline
    3 years ago

    Please help me with this crippling anxiety. Please ask the Lord to give me peace, as well as for my sisters, and those i take care of. I am overwhelmed with fear. Please do not let my mother die, please help me put these affairs in order. Please, please give me peace and rest.

  11. peter
    3 years ago

    Saint Dymphna, please help me with my anxiety and give strength to my wife who must bare the effects of it.

  12. Bernadette
    3 years ago

    Saint Dymphna, please intercede on my behalf. Please pray for me.

  13. Mary Ann
    3 years ago

    My dear beloved friend John has recently had a panic attack and now suffers from constant debilitating anxiety. I have been praying for him and will now add prayers to St. Dymphna on his behalf. St. Dymphna, and our Blessed Mother Mary, please pray to our Heavenly Father to give John the courage to face his daily stresses and heal him of this strickening disorder.

  14. laurap
    3 years ago

    I don't understand why Dymphna is a saint. All she did was refuse to be a victim of incest even if that meant dying instead. There are probably countless girls who were murdered by their fathers when they made the same decision. Also, why is she a patron of mental illness? From this story, her father seems to have the mental illness, not her. None of this computes. Could someone please help me grasp this. Thanks.

  15. david meek
    3 years ago

    dear st.dymphna please if you could pray and ask THE LORD and OUR LADY to please intervene please for all people with mind and body illnesses please that we and our families can have some peace and rest please through these hard times so that we can be refreshed and carry on please and overcome these illnesses to do OUR LORDS will as best and freely as we would like to thank u . I pray this will be possible as THE LORD heals us all and does THE LORDS best and LORD to u and ur heavenly family who work so hard and know who we are glory to thee O LORD , OUR LADY. and st.dymphna to thee and all saints ,angels praise and honour and to you all u r appreciated. blessed be GOD forever and LORD please bless thy earth with your healing power and for whatever LORD thy loving self knows best. Love to all in heaven and please LORD please for your calming peace on earth :) LORD JESUS in your loving selfless gentle forgiving selfs name i please pray . thank you . bless you st.dymphna and all of heaven and thank you .

  16. josie
    3 years ago

    St Dymphna please pray for my mother as my father passed away 3 years ago at the early age of 65 my mother is very outgoing and is very yonge at heart but after all this everyone has basically turned away from her and she feels very alone and depressed i have taken her in with us to live but i feel im ruining my marriage because i feel sorry for her and im getting depressed because she goes no where so i make excuses not to be with my husband i know this is not right and she doesnt realize im doing this but i think she needs a companion (god i hope my dads not angry with me for thinking this but i need HELP) pllease give her the strength and make her realize what shes doing to me and help her find the way to companion or group that she can enjoy herself im not selfish and am trying everthing possible but i cant do this by myself and need your help and guidance to help her with this depression and fear and nervousness that she has and takes it out on all of us or anyone who shes with she can become rude and very demanding and she thinks shes always right and that everyone is against her PLEASE HELP HER AND GOD BLESS YOU FOR ALL YOU DO

  17. Don
    3 years ago

    St. Dymphna, Please help this family. Pray for me to be restored back to sanity. Ask Jesus to lift me from this depression and to keep these unwanted thoughts from affecting my life. I want my wife and son to be happy, joyous and free. Please pray for us. Amen

  18. Rudy Hendra
    3 years ago

    Dear St. Dymphna, I have mental illness since 1996. One doctor told me that I have Schizophrenia. Now, doctors tell me that I have a Bipolar Disorder. I take medications everyday and now I feel fine. Jesus Christ, I thank to my family and my friends who was taking care of me when my mental illness recurred, to all of my friends and family who had visited me in mental hospital. I pray to You, Jesus, and I also pray to St. Dymphna, so that one day my mental illness can be cured totally. I also pray for those who has mental illness or disorders, so all of you can be cured totally, and can enjoy this life again. May God bless you all who care for me, and may God bless you all who has mental disorder like me. Jesus Christ, have pity on me.

  19. Adelaide
    3 years ago

    St Dymphna please heal me and help overcome this illness

  20. Frederick Chong
    3 years ago

    Dear St. Dymphna please cure and relives me from my seizure attack.

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