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St. Dymphna Comments

Dymphna was fourteen when her mother died. Damon is said to have been afflicted with a mental illness, brought on by his grief. He sent messengers throughout his town and other lands to find some woman of noble birth, resembling his wife, who would be willing to marry him. When none could be found, his evil advisers told him to marry his own daughter. Dymphna fled from her castle together with St. Gerebran, her confessor and two other friends. ... Continue Reading

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  1. Claire O Connor
    3 years ago

    I have just discovered St. Dympna and am deligthed that I have found a new irish friend and being irish myself, i feel especially i have found a kindred spirit. I am sorry you lost your life, but almost glad you did not survive to endure the devastating effects of incest/abuse/rape/breakdown. The conflict of wanting to be like those untouched by it, the denial of accepting it happened, the intimidation from the abusers being all around you, feeling like walls closing in on you, the delusions , hallucinations which maybe a way to escaping horrid memories, knowing those closest to you devioulsy want to harm you in such ways without regret, and who will continue to lie repeatedly and brand you all sorts of terrible things, the loss of potential to enjoy Gods beautiful world and people, the loss of lives of babies born to rape/incest , unacknowledged, the pain of making bad decisions and even forgiving these people only to find they will restart their reign of abuse at any time, the illness of anxiety, depression, the loss of ability to live and function at all, the unbelievable suffering and loss of faith in human nature, almost hatred for what they can do, and almost jealousy for those free to enjoy a life you will never feel part of, For all those who are suffering please pray and selfishly for myself , I am fighting for freedom and wish I had your courage but I am alone, I have no priest friend to risk life to protect me, noone to protect only the angels, saints and Our Lady , our Lord, who i trust know my suffering and reasons why, pray for the menal illness of abusers that they can be cuerd so that it ends, pray for the conflicts of goodness against evils and please help me find the strenght to regain the strenght and health to liev positively without my anger, hate , rage affecting others , to walk in the shadow of our lord, Pray for Us and Thank You.

  2. michael varger
    3 years ago

    Dear Dymphna, I testify from my personal experiences that your power of prayer and love of souls, more so those souls who are lost and unloved, souls without hope for a better life. Timmy is such a soul who is lost and unloved, and he is living from day to day without any hope for a better life. Timmy is sadly a heroin addict living his life from the benches of public parks in Sydney. This is heartbreaking because Timmy is very intelligent and incredibly gifted in woodwork, carpentry, painting, restoration of classic cars and even tailoring which his mother taught him from early age. Timmy needs you, Dymphna, to pray God to save his life from heroin hell he has to live every day. Where There Is Life There is Hope is a famous quote so please help Timmy escape from his hell, and live life again as he once did with his family and loved ones. We all miss the Timmy he once was. AMEN

  3. pascale
    3 years ago

    ST Dymphna please offer my plea with THE Blessed Virgin Mary that God may
    free me and ALL those who suffer from nervous illness. Im tired and worn out
    and at times despairing at being in this self made prison. I am so desperate to
    to be given my wings back so l can fly again. Take the shackles off my feet l beg

  4. Lori
    3 years ago

    Please St. Dymphna- Help my daughter, Sara. Another saint (should have been!), Dennis, left a card with your information on it for us, years ago. It is only now, in total desperation, that I finally remembered to look you up & to pray to you. Sara is a beautiful soul, crippled by mental illness & like you, by a step-father who wants her like a man wants a woman, and does not love her life a father. I have done all I can to protect her, but she is 25 years old & is delusional that I am the harmful parent. St. Dymphna- PLEASE! Interced one her (and my) behalf- Dennis loved her like a father REALLY SHOULD. He always tried to guide her & was there for her in every way a dad should be. Please, Dymphna, please- perform a miracle- save her from this mental illness & this confusion/ delusion that she needs to protect herself from me- the mother who loves her & is truly there for her- and please, please help her see- give her clarity about how unhealthy her relationship with her step-father is, and please give her the strength to let go of that. Thank you Dymphna!

  5. Karen B.
    3 years ago

    St. Dymphna, please pray for my son Michael. Please ask on his behalf to recieve grace and peace in the name of our saviour, Jesus Christ. He is depressed, unstable and under attack from the enemy. Please pray for his soul.

  6. Lynda
    3 years ago

    Dear Saint Dymphna, Please help my son Jared. He had major depression in his early 20s and is now suffering from a Manic Episode. He has been off from work for over six weeks now and I pray for your intersession to Jesus. He is a good boy and wants to work. I fear that he has full blown bipolar disorder now and that he will suffer from this for his entire life. His grandfather (my dad) was bipolar and he ended up taking his own life. Please dear holy saint take pity on us and intercede to God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.
    Please give us a miracle so that my son can get on the right meds and this illness can be controlled and he can continue working. He needs to work so that he can have medical coverage etc. Please, Saint Dymphna, help my son to get better if it be God's will.

  7. Rose
    3 years ago

    St. Dymphna, I think you're a great saint. For the people who say you shouldn't be a saint, they're wrong you have the right to be a saint, just as all of us do. I picked you for my confirmation name because you heal people. I ask that you keep helping those who ask for you're help more than ever now because of how the economy is right now, a lot of people are suffering fron emotional and mental illnesses. I'm sure at one point everyone's prayers will be answered.

  8. Carrie
    3 years ago

    Dear dympha your the very saint I've been drawn TOWARDS. I've heard many miracles of your healing, with deepest despair~Dark~depression~ABUSE~NEGLECT~incest by family members in abract ways, and violence out of pure rage TOWARDS frail daughters who are to frail innocent to fight back. Dympha you help~ with {{"horrid harsh male violence"}}~ against a young innocent WOMANS will when, she is to frail to fend for herself.


    I call on you to heal the shock that has travelled through my badly inflamed nerves overnight. I'm filled with fright/terror/shock"~trauma~VIOLATION TO MY ENTIRE "SACRED FEMALE {BODY/SOUL"}~ON ALLL LEVELS. PLEASE SEND ME MIRACLES OFF HEALING ON ALL LEVELS~via inflamed nervous system~inflamed ovaries from abuse and shock.

    Chronic dark depression from being violated by evil male figures who have abused their power off authority~when I was sobbing through the night.

    THEY KNEW VERY WELL MY SITUATION AND LEFT ME HANGING, knowing the seriousness off my situational circumstance. They know I'm frightened/SCARED/Traumatized/Shocked/TERRIFIED~and don't care to help.

    Please asking you St.Dympha~ I come before you, and ask for your~help and hand in this overwhelming situation. I'm broken down and scared. IM FRAIL AND SENSITIVE AND MIGHT NOT MAKE IT TO MUCH LONGER.

    I'm human life and need your help. In tears suffering.

    PLEASE HELP ME ATTAIN THE RIGHT MEDS I NEED AT THIS TIME FROM MY Psychiatrist~or doc whom are both aging games. THEY ARE BOTH GREEDY AND ONLY ABOUT THEMSELVES. please help teach and guide them if possible~ to show them proper humility in this serious situation.

    I'm to frail to have to play docs games and that off other negative influences that are causing me to suffering. PLEASE ST.DYMPHA HOLD MY HAND AND SHOW ME HOPE WHEN IT ALL SEEMS HOPELESS AND DIM AT THIS MOMENT. I BOW BEFORE YOU, as I have heard miracles. Please hold me in your hand~ give me strength~ deflect all darkness away from me.

    Show me hopewhen their is despair~show me light when I have given up. Please send me miracles via protection from abuse of power~protection from despair~strength and prayers to attain the right meds I need. I'm to frail for many meds. I need those in higher up to realize how serious this situation is.

    Please Dympha pray I'm given what I need fast. They know what that is.

    Please pray all abuse will stop, pray nerves will heal on all levels~ please pray despair depression will lift. Please pray shock~fright~TERROR~INFLAMED NERVES WILL HEAL~ WITH YOU LOVE UNIVERSAL HEALING~AND THE MEDS I BEGGING FROM THE UNIVERSE FOR MY FRAIL NERVOUS SYSTEM. PLEASE SHEILD ME WITH YOUR ARMOUR, AS I'M VERY WEAK WITH FRIGHT/despair. Love carrie

    St.Dympha please help me attain the meds I need, without evil darkness interference. IM HUMAN LIFE, and don't deserve to be treated like litter. please pray they will come around show display humility, and give me what I need, as I'm in a terrible state off being.

  9. John in NY
    3 years ago

    St. Dympha,

    Please pray for my soul. I grew up Catholic, alter boy..the whole bit. I still am Catholic but have not been very perfect. I have for as long as I can remember, been afflicted with aniexty, that rolls into depression. I hate it so much. Please pray for me and interceed on my behalf to my Lord Jesus Christ. I need it.

  10. Jennifer Lazenby
    3 years ago

    Dear St Dymphna

    I've suffered with depression since i was 15 years old. It has caused me to make some very bad decisions. I live with the guilt of my decisions every day but have come to accept that i was not in my right mind when i made these decisions. Please, i pray, help me to gain the power over my body, so that the depression no longer controls my judgement, so that i may live a life full of grace and virtue and to enter the kingdom of heaven.

    3 years ago

    My Trurest of True=Truth
    Dear Jesus My Lord Savior
    Last Year ,yr2011 I started lukewarmly Worship Other Gods.I Will Say Not Worship,bUT lOT's mIND time

  12. Annemarie
    3 years ago

    Dear St. Dymphna......Please help my son....he has delusions and I suspect hallucinations again. He doesn't think he has a problem and he is not on medication. He did respond nicely to meds several years ago but he weaned himself off. This cycle has happened a couple of times. Once the meds clear his mind, he thinks he is fine and wants to come off them plus he gains weight and says he can"t think straight. He is a wonderful person, works hard and is very caring. I fear he will end up hospitalized again. Give him your strength and wisdom to understand he has a chemical inbalance and with a little medication he will function so much better.
    This is an awesome website.Thank you!

  13. Carolyn Keith
    3 years ago

    Dear Saint Dymphna: I am bipolar and so is my son . My son who passed away was also bipolar--and so was my mom and grandmother. My daughter is exibiting strong signs of bipolar, so I asked her to see doctor--she got so angry at me because of this, she quit speaking to me and now I can't see my grandchildren. Please pray for me, as my bipolar symptoms are returning after six years of peace. Please pray for my son--he drinks and his medication can't help him. Please help my daughter to seek help and speak to me again. I am asking for a miracle--but you have been known to provide such! I pray to you every day.I love you, St. Dymphna.

  14. D Guerra
    3 years ago

    Saint Dymphna, please help Cassi, my 15 year old granddaughter who has just told her mother (my daughter) she is feeling very depressed. My daughter is a single mom. Help Cassi to grow strong and well in her mind, body and soul. She is a very good girl and does very well in school. She has always attended church. She does not have any close friends. Her best friend started doing drugs at the beginning of the school year and that has really upset her. She stopped seeing her except at school. Please, please help her.

  15. Paula
    3 years ago

    Dear St. Dymphna, I have suffered from clinical anxiety since my first child was born over ten years ago; while the nature of it has changed, the pain that it brings is relentless. Please help to strengthen my faith so I can better understand God's plan for me. I know there is a reason, and I want to use it to better my life and my relationship with Him. I would loved to be healed from it, but if this journey is meant for my good in the long run, let it be His will, but I pray for understanding. Amen.

  16. Paula
    3 years ago

    Dear St. Dymphna, I have suffered from clinical anxiety since my first child was born over ten years ago; while the nature of it has changed, the pain that it brings is relentless. Please help to strengthen my faith so I can better understand God's plan for me. I know there is a reason, and I want to use it to better my life and my relationship with Him. I would loved to be healed from it, but if this journey is meant for my good in the long run, let it be His will, but I pray for understanding. Amen.

  17. Mary
    3 years ago

    Dear St. Dymphna,
    Please intercede on behalf of my wonderful husband. He has been diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety. Please let him quiet the storm inside of his head, and regain his feelings of self worth. Let him know the love Jesus, God the father, and Our Lady have for him. Please help give me strength as well to be patient and kind, and not be worried myself at the uncertainties this diagnosis has brought to our family. Let him be strong, and know that he will be healed. In our Lord's name I pray. Amen.

  18. Aideen
    3 years ago

    Please Saint Dymphna intercede with our lord and help me heal from long standing anger,, anxiety disorder and depression from which I am finding it increasingly difficult to cope with. Please help me in my healing and and help me find a good husband and have my much wanted child .

  19. Caelin
    3 years ago

    I am posting this message to ask all of you reading this to please say a prayer for my brother AJ who suffers from Bipolar Disorder and is currently experiencing a very manic, destructive episode. As a family, we have all tried to help and support him but have been unable to stop his condition from deteriorating. We recognize that in many ways our support, though well-intentioned, has prevented him from dealing with this illness to the extent that he needs to. As we step back from intervening and hope that he comes to a necessary realization of the impact of this disorder, we pray for an outcome which will ultimately be in his best interest and lead to his recovery. We pray to St. Dymphna for AJ's safety and healing as well as for the safety and peace of mind of our entire family. I offer this with hope and gratitude.

  20. tsainko
    3 years ago

    St dymphna i pray for healing for my son, there is nothing harder than to watch a child suffer from mental illness, please bring healing to his brain, that he may enjoy the life that he deserves, he is a kind and sensitive person, and has dreams, to help others become more healthy and fit, please help us to see those dreams come true for him, he has been suffering for a few years now, let us enter the years of recovery and purpose, have mercy, amen

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